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12 Bar Sink Faucets to Upgrade Your Wet Bar

November 9, 2021
By the Vevano Home Team

A wet bar is a small area of the kitchen that's perfect for prepping alcoholic drinks and mixed beverages. The primary difference between a dry bar and a wet bar is that the latter includes a sink, creating somewhat of a secondary sink in the kitchen. A wet bar sink adds function to the kitchen, and one of its most important features is the bar sink faucet.

Top 12 Bar Sink Faucets

Looking for the perfect bar sink faucet for your wet bar? The good news is that bar sink faucets come in numerous styles and finishes, with single handle faucets being among the most popular. These let you keep one hand free as you operate the spout and sprayer to make it easier to clean glasses or grab water for a drink.

Finished in brushed nickel, polished chrome, arctic stainless steel, matte black, and other eye-catching finishes, and made in various shapes and styles, a bar sink faucet can fit right into your kitchen style seamlessly. Choose from more antique styles or go fully modern with sleek, angular lines.

  1. Franke Absinthe Single-Handle Pull-Out Bar Kitchen Faucet
  2. Kohler Purist Bar Kitchen Faucet
  3. Blanco Empressa Single-Handle Pull-Down Bar Faucet
  4. Delta Trinsic Bar Kitchen Faucet with Touch Control
  5. Pfister Stellen Bar Kitchen Faucet
  6. Cahaba Modern Gooseneck Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet
  7. Delta Mateo Bar Kitchen Faucet
  8. Kohler Artifacts Gentleman's Bar Kitchen Faucet
  9. Franke Pescara Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet
  10. Delta Pivotal Bar Kitchen Faucet
  11. Blanco Atura Single-Handle Pull-Down Bar Faucet Kitchen Faucet
  12. Kohler Simplice Two Hole Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

What Are Wet Bar Faucets?

A wet bar faucet attaches to a wet bar sink in a home. Generally, homeowners use a wet bar for preparing drinks—often alcoholic beverages. The wet bar sink and faucet offer a place for mixing drinks, adding water, and rinsing off glasses and other kitchen tools after use. Some people like them for additional sink space or in an area to get filtered water from in the kitchen.

Compared to a kitchen sink, a wet bar sink is usually much smaller, as it's not designed for washing or prepping large items. Therefore, a wet bar sink faucet is usually more modest in size than a kitchen sink faucet. Still, it functions the same way with a spray head for convenient rinsing and simple-to-use controls to turn the water on and off.

Because of the smaller stature of a bar sink and bar sink faucet, the measurements of these faucets vary from kitchen faucets. Therefore, it's important to follow the installation instructions of your specific faucet carefully to avoid improper installation.

Why Buy a Bar Sink Faucet?

A bar sink faucet comes in sizes that fit the average bar sink, unlike kitchen faucets, which tend to be too big for a bar sink. Their smaller stature sometimes leads to more affordable pricing than a kitchen faucet, too.

Additionally, they're designed for convenience. Wet bar sink faucets come in one or two-handle styles like traditional kitchen faucets. But you can also find touchless faucets that operate when they sense movement near the faucet, allowing you to work hands-free while prepping drinks or cleaning up.

What Size Faucet for a Bar Sink?

Sink faucets for kitchens are normally taller and wider than bar sink faucets and can vary significantly in size based on the wide range of kitchen sink sizes. For two-handle kitchen sinks, the faucet handles sit about eight inches from each other. However, on a bar sink faucet, the holes for the handles are only four inches from each other, making for a more compact faucet.

Kitchen sink faucets run, on average, from 24 to 30 inches in width. In contrast, a bar sink faucet with two handles is usually no wider than 10 to 12 inches. Those with one handle or touchless operation can save even more sink and countertop space.

However, a bar sink faucet can still have some height to it, especially if it's a bar sink faucet with a sprayer. These faucets are made for convenience, and the height allows you to reach in easily and spray things off without bumping them into the sink.

Best 12 Bar Faucets for Your Kitchen

The following bar sink faucet options are some of the best to consider adding to your bar. Vevano's selection proves that your bar sink can have just as many style options as your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom faucet.

The Franke Absinthe Single-Handle Pull-Out Bar Kitchen Faucet is a top-selling bar sink faucet, partly because of its eye-catching, unique look that resembles what you'd find near the sinks of your favorite downtown casual bar. We love it in its matte black finish fit for modern designs, but it's also available in polished chrome, polished nickel, and satin nickel.

This single hole bar sink faucet can save space in the kitchen, too, requiring a small, 2 ⅜-inch hole in your prep kitchen countertop. Standing at just over 10 inches high, it's perfect for fitting underneath cabinets or adding function without overpowering your space.

The Kohler Purist Bar Kitchen Faucet is one of our top Kohler faucets for bar sinks. Its sleek, one-handle, single-hole style saves space on a small countertop but has a stand-out look that can bring your bar sink to life. The lever handle allows for convenient one-handed operation of water flow and temperature.

The gooseneck swing spout design rotates a full 360 degrees to accommodate larger pots and pans when needed. Another unique benefit is the ability to turn the faucet on at the same temperature you left it when it was last turned off, thanks to temperature memory control. Choose between vibrant polished nickel, polished chrome, and matte black for the faucet's finish to fit within your design scheme.

Homeowners looking to have a stylish bar sink faucet with a contemporary look can choose the Blanco Empressa Single-Handle Pull-Down Bar Faucet, which comes in oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, polished nickel, and stainless steel finishes. The curved faucet lends an elegant touch to the faucet, while the lever handle resembles a traditional bar look.

Control everything with the lever, including water flow rate and temperature, with just one hand. The lever operates like a joystick, allowing precise control. With a 1.5gpm flow rate, this bar sink faucet meets U.S. standards for water efficiency.

For more modern kitchens, the Delta Trinsic Bar Kitchen Faucet with Touch Control is a perfect solution—it’s also ranked one of the best delta kitchen faucets you can own. Available in a stainless steel finish, the polished bar sink faucet brings a classy touch to bar prep—and a whole lot of convenient features.

To use this bar sink faucet, simply touch it anywhere to get it started. Water flows automatically using the settings you've controlled with the lever handle. There's even a color-changing LED light that warns you of hot water before you touch it. Additionally, you can remove the end of the spout to spray water where needed for drink or food prep or washing.

Customers can keep their faucet protected for years to come with a five-year limited warranty covering electronic parts.

If you're interested in top Pfister faucets for your bar sink, consider the Pfister Stellen Bar Kitchen Faucet. This sleek, modern design can work well in industrial spaces, especially in the matte black finish. Customers can also select stainless steel and polished chrome.

This Pfister faucet includes a pull-down spout piece for easy bar prep or washing. It also offers three settings to control water flow from the supply line. The faucet is ADA-compliant and prioritizes ergonomics with its simple design.

The Cahaba Modern Gooseneck Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet is an affordable bar sink faucet with a long, curved gooseneck spout that extends over the sink for easy maneuverability. The simple design makes it fit within almost any kitchen theme, and its brushed nickel finish matches just about any color.


Install this faucet within minutes on your sink. There's no deck plate or extra holes for faucet handles to measure, cut, and work with. The single hole faucet comes with all necessary mounting hardware for a quick, straightforward install.

The Mateo Bar Kitchen Faucet in its Venetian bronze finish adds a truly unique touch to your bar sink and faucet combo. The single-handle design keeps one hand free to use. Control the joystick lever to change water temperature, flow rate, and the type of flow between spray and stream.

This bar sink faucet also lets you simply tap it to turn it on or off, allowing it to stay clean when your hands are dirty. If you forget to turn it off, the faucet will automatically shut off the water after a few minutes. Watch the changing LED indicator light to check the water temperature before touching it.


The Kohler Artifacts Gentleman's Bar Kitchen Faucet is an excellent Kohler bar sink faucet for people looking for a classic pub-style faucet. This option looks like it belongs in a city pub, especially in its oil-rubbed bronze finish, with a lever handle at the top and vintage details throughout. It's also available in a polished chrome finish if you're looking for something a bit more modern.

Temperature memory keeps the water at the last temperature you used it, but you can control the temperature easily with the lever handle. The single hole faucet installs quickly in just a few steps.

The angular, modern Franke Pescara Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet is a must-have in new-age kitchens. This bar sink faucet comes in polished chrome and satin nickel, both of which are standouts in contemporary, modern, or industrial spaces.

The single handle lever situated on the side of the faucet has a joystick design that controls water flow, temperature, and spray settings. With only a two-inch base width, the faucet saves space on your countertop yet provides an eye-catching look for your bar sink.

Modern and industrial kitchens will love the Delta Pivotal Bar Kitchen Faucet. Its curved spout blends with a unique angled shape, creating an attractive focal point at your bar sink. This option is an excellent replacement for your regular faucet if you're looking to upgrade to something sleeker that doesn't take up much space.

This faucet features a removable spout for precise control of water spray. A magnetized head helps pull the spout perfectly back in place. And don't worry about breakdown over time—Delta uses its famous DIAMOND Seal Technology to prevent common leaks.

Blanco's Atura Single-Handle Pull-Down Bar Faucet Kitchen Faucet is an excellent money-saving and water-saving addition for your bar sink. The contemporary-style faucet includes a ceramic disc valve to prevent erosion that stems from high heat and normal wear and tear. Plus, a limited lifetime warranty keeps its parts protected with regular usage.

A pull-down spout adds convenience to the bar sink, while the joystick lever handle allows easy flow rate and water temperature control.

While many bar sink faucet options save space with their one-hole design, the Kohler Simplice Two Hole Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet accommodates sinks with two holes, allowing you to upgrade your current faucet without needing to rehaul your whole sink.

The sleek black finish adds to several benefits of this Kohler bar sink faucet, including a pull-down spray head and docking system, a 360-degree spout rotation, and easy-to-use control buttons.

Find the Best Bar Sink Faucet from Vevano

Vevano offers one of the best selections of bar sink faucets and bar sinks for your home. Find a bar sink faucet to match any style you like best, whether you're building new, renovating, or completing a simple upgrade.

From fixing up your bathroom sink to redoing your kitchen, Vevano can help with any home project. If you're looking to create the bar of your dreams, contact Vevano's design team to get a custom creation that's all your own. Our packages are tailored to your needs and will walk you through every step of the process to bring your vision to life.