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Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your space, or looking to spruce up your living room, you have come to the right place! Living room chairs, which can also be referred to as accent chairs, armchairs, or decorative chairs, provide a comfortable, stylish place to sit.


Because there are so many different types and styles of accent chairs, it is important to take certain details into consideration when selecting an accent chair for your home.


What is an Accent Chair?

An accent chair is often placed in the living room of the home and is a great way of taking up dead space while providing extra seating and mixing up designs and styles in the room. An accent chair is a single seat chair that can become the focal point of any room. Choosing the perfect accent chair doesn’t need to be overwhelming—you’ll just want to understand the basics before selecting yours.


Styles of Living Room Chairs

The great thing about living room chairs is that they come in a variety of styles, so there are many to choose from. Your living room chair should typically match the style of the rest of the furniture in the room, but you can choose something a little different if you’d like it to make a statement.


An arm chair is a popular choice because it is comfortable and provides a classic look. A tub chair is a nice modern accent chair option because it provides a comfortable back rest while still having a place to put your arms. Swivel chairs are great because you can move around in them and switch the direction you’re facing. People love a good lounge chair because it provides comfort but can still be stylish. Consider an indoor adirondack chair if you’re looking for a more rustic look. A wing chair can really look great in any room because you can choose from endless colors and fabrics.


Not only are there different styles of accent chairs, but there is an accent chair for each design style. There are boho accent chairs, farmhouse accent chairs, mid-century modern chairs, traditional, and more.


Important Considerations

Now that you know what an accent chair is and a few of the different styles available, let’s dive into the considerations you need to keep in mind. Each of these aspects will help you determine which chair would be perfect for your space.



Think about the level of comfort you are wanting in your room. Is your accent chair mostly for looks and won’t be sat in very often? You may want to choose a modern wingback chair or an occasional chair. However, if the chair’s primary function will be to provide a comfortable place to sit in, you may want to consider a club chair, a tub chair, or a barrel chair. Comfortable accent chairs provide a welcoming look that invites your guests into the room.



As mentioned above, you’ll want to select a style of chair that will match the rest of your room. Remember, though, that this chair can be a focal piece if you want it to, so you can mix it up a bit if you’d like. One trending style of accent chair is a rattan chair. Rattan is a vine-like palm material that looks like wood and is often associated with wicker furniture. Pair this chair with a white cushion and you’re good to go.



The color of your chair will make all the difference. You can choose a neutral beige, white, or grey so your chair is subtle and blends with the rest of the room. Alternatively, you can select a color or pattern that will really pop in the room and make a statement. Some recommend you choose the color you want before you purchase the chair, instead of shopping for the chair before having picked the color. This will depend on the aesthetic of the room and how you’d like to style it.



The type of upholstery material you select will determine the style and comfort of the chair. Take leather for example. A leather chair may be more durable than fabric, but it doesn’t tend to look as inviting as a fabric lounge chair. The comfort, style, color, and material of your accent chair all contribute to the personality of the chair which adds to the ambiance and comfort of the room.



Keep in mind the brand of the accent chairs you are interested in. A great brand that makes amazing accent chairs is Four Hands. They make almost every style of accent chair, with different comfort levels, colors, and materials. Their chairs are designed to add comfort and style to your living room that feature luxury materials and great colors.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Arrange Accent Chairs?

Whether or not your living room looks inviting and comfortable will depend on how the room is arranged. When arranging chairs, you’ll want to consider if there is a natural focal point in the room, like a fireplace or large window. If so, you’ll want to place your chairs facing these focal points. If you already have a coffee table, you can place the chair around the table so it reflects the location of the sofa. If this is the case, consider having 2 chairs on each side of the table, facing each other. In a living room, be sure to leave room for walking around the furniture so you have enough space to get around the room.


Do the Accent Chairs Have to Match?

Often, two accent chairs are placed near a coffee table or across from a sofa, although many arrangements are possible based on the layout of the room. For a symmetrical look, matching the accent chairs is a must. This will keep the style of the room cohesive and ensure balance. If you want to take a risk with your decor, it can be exciting to pair accent chairs together that do not match. You will need to ensure they are the same size and that the colors and fabrics complement each other and the other furniture in the room. Mixing two different accent chairs is a fantastic way to add more personality and visual interest to the room.


Do Accent Chairs Need to Have Pillows?

Depending on the size and style of the chair, they may or may not need a pillow. If you have a larger chair, like a club chair or barrel chair, the right size pillow can look great and add some comfort and support. However, an occasional chair may look best without pillows, and a chair like a wingback chair wouldn’t necessarily need a pillow because it looks great on its own. If your accent chair is a neutral color, you can throw a patterned pillow on it to add some color to help the chair pop.


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