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Sideboards, Buffets, & Credenzas—A Stylish Solution to Storage

No one likes a cluttered room, but some items—like a remote control in the living room or placemats and tablecloths in the dining room—need to be easily accessible. On the other hand, an empty room with bare walls can be just as jarring as an overly-busy one.


Thankfully, there are simple, stylish solutions to both problems: a sideboard buffet or credenza. Sideboards act as both decor and storage, elevating the style of your room while also storing household items for quick accessibility.


Vevano Home offers a variety of beautifully designed and highly functional sideboard buffets and credenzas. Browse our selection for the perfect storage solution to your home’s needs, or read on to learn more about the benefits of owning a sideboard or credenza.


What Is a Sideboard?

A sideboard is a long, low-profile cabinet-style item of furniture that has short legs (or sometimes no legs at all) and cabinets or drawers that often extend to the ground. The tops of sideboards often display decorations.


With its drawers and interior shelves, sideboards provide plenty of storage space for place mats and tablecloths, fragile china, and other household items. Sideboards can be found all throughout the house but are especially common in dining rooms and living rooms.


Sideboard vs. Buffet vs. Credenza—What’s the Difference?

Sideboards, buffets, and credenzas are often used interchangeably, but each serve a slightly different purpose.


Though each furniture item features a long, low profile and ample cabinet space, buffets usually have longer legs and are used exclusively in the dining room. They are often taller than sideboards or credenzas.


By contrast, credenzas are usually narrower and lower to the ground than even sideboards. Credenzas may look more formal or decorative, featuring thin legs and sliding doors. Unlike buffets, credenzas can be found all throughout the house, including the living room, hallways, and offices—though the dining room is a popular location for credenzas.


The sideboard is the perfect middle ground between credenzas and buffets, versatile enough to go in every room but robust enough to handle the heavy duties of displaying dishes and food the same way a buffet might. From a design standpoint, sideboards are more likely to forgo legs in favor of floor-length cabinets. 


That all being said, any sideboard placed in a dining room can be considered a buffet, and any buffet outside of a dining room is called a sideboard.


A Sideboard Buffet for Every Style

Because there are so many style preferences, Vevano carries a variety of high-quality sideboards in a range of styles. For help choosing the perfect sideboard for your style, check out the following design tips:


Minimalist & Modern Sideboards

Modern sideboards often have a clean and minimalist look, avoiding extra ornamentation or complicated detailing. This style has straight lines and is typically made of wood, chrome, and glass. Modern sideboards with glass doors provide a clean look, and so you can see inside your sideboard.

If you’re looking for a sideboard with wine storage and tall cabinet doors, take a look at Vevano’s Latte Sideboard in Toasted Mixed Reclaimed Wood.


Mid-Century Sideboards

Similar to modern sideboards, mid-century modern sideboards also come in wood and metal and focus on functionality. However, different from the modern style, mid-century sideboards have very thin legs or splayed legs. This style also encourages the homeowner to embrace negative space and avoid clutter to achieve the mid-century look.


Farmhouse Sideboards

The farmhouse style is defined by practicality and comfort, with mostly wood elements and white tones. A key element to the farmhouse style is that not everything has to match perfectly, like pairing old decor with new furniture.


For a farmhouse style sideboard, take a look at the Cintra Sideboard in Limestone White or the Azalea Sideboard in Dogwood. Both of these farmhouse sideboards provide a warm feel and add to the vintage style.


Rustic Sideboards

When you see a piece of furniture that is made of warm wood grains, earthy browns and beiges, and iron, pewter, or copper finishes, you’re looking at a rustic style furniture piece. The rustic style is similar to the farmhouse style, but has a more of an unfinished look to it.


The main goal of rustic interior styles is to be as natural as possible, shying away from bold color palettes or plastic furniture. A perfect rustic sideboard would be Woodenforge Sideboard in Rustic Natural with its multiple cabinets and drawers that provide generous storage space, its iron hardware, and rustic wood touch.


Industrial Sideboards

Industrial style is uncluttered and practical, but also inviting and laidback. This style relies on incorporating building materials into the room, like brick, concrete, iron, and sheet metal. The industrial style provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing your house with this style.


The main colors of this style are gray, white, and black. For an industrial style sideboard, check out the Yael Sideboard in Sandy Ash, which features a statement geometric design on the cabinet doors and spacious interior shelves.


Why We Love Sideboards

Sideboards, buffets, and credenzas are the perfect combination of style and function. They dress up every room or hallway they’re added to and help you make the most of your space, storing what you don’t want seen so you can better display the items you love. They're one of the best dining and living room storage solutions that exist.


If you need help picking out a sideboard for your dining room or have questions on how to style yours, our Vevano Home Designers will be happy to help. You can consult with our virtual interior designers by calling 855.483.2629 or filling out our contact form. We’d love to hear from you and help you pick out the perfect sideboard buffet!