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What Are the Most Common Sink Sizes?

By the Vevano Home Team
May 20, 2021

It's possible to change the look and functionality of your space with a simple upgrade like a new sink. However, if you want to replace an existing sink in the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, it's important to know standard sink sizes and how to measure your existing sink to find one that fits right in.

Common Sink Sizes

Below are a lists of standard sink sizes for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Each number refers to the sink’s width in inches.

Common Kitchen Sink Sizes

Common Bathroom Sink Sizes

Common Laundry Sink Sizes

When shopping for a new sink to match your new marble or laminate countertops, you might be surprised to learn how many sink sizes and styles are available for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Your sink style can pull a whole room together, so your new sink could wind up being one of the most important elements of your room makeover.

Fortunately, there are many standard bathroom sink sizes, standard kitchen sink sizes, and standard laundry room sizes to help you navigate your search. Knowing which common sizes to look for might lead you to the perfect sink size to fit your countertop opening.

How Are Sink Sizes Measured?

Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry sinks come in a wide range of styles and sizes, so it can be tricky to know how you're supposed to measure yours. This is especially true with oddly shaped sinks, like round pedestal sink sizes or a double bowl sink.

First, it's important to know a few common types of sinks, as they require different forms of measuring. The most common types of sinks you'll find in your home include a drop-in sink, an undermount sink, and a farmhouse sink.

drop in sink

Drop-in Sink

undermount sink

Undermount Sink

farmhouse sink

Farmhouse Sink

A drop-in sink, also known as an overmount sink, is usually in the kitchen, and it gets installed after "dropping in" to your countertop. You'll see the sink lip all the way around your sink above the countertop.

An undermount sink is installed underneath the countertop, so you won't see any lip around it.

A farmhouse sink also has no lip around it and leaves its front exposed rather than covered by a cabinet.

For most sinks, you'll measure from one outer edge of the sink lip to the other lengthwise. For sinks with no lip, like a farmhouse kitchen sink or undermount kitchen sink, you'll measure from one edge of the countertop to the other, also lengthwise. Do the same to measure the width, making sure you measure from lip to lip or from countertop edge to edge, depending on your type of sink.

bathroom vessel sink

Finally, you'll need to measure the depth, which is how far down the sink sits in your cabinet space. To measure a drop-in kitchen sink, measure from the top of the sink lip to the deepest part of the sink. For farmhouse and undermount sink sizes, measure from where the top of the sink meets the countertop to the deepest part of the sink basin. You'll also want to measure the farmhouse sink's exposed front depth.

Round and oval sinks, of course, are a bit different. For these, you'll measure the diameter, or the length across the widest part of the sink. You should also measure the depth to ensure a proper fit when replacing your existing sink.

Take all measurements twice and write them down immediately after taking them. You can then take your sink dimensions to shop for new sinks.

Common Sink Sizes, Options, and Applications

Some sink sizes, like vanity sink sizes, vessel sink sizes, and single bowl sink sizes, may differ from the norm, but you can generally use the guidelines above to measure your new sink. More common types of sinks, like rectangular kitchen sinks and rounded bathroom sinks, have more predictable common sink sizes.

The sink sizes below are some of the more popular sink base sizes for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms:

16 Inches

Bathroom sinks tend to be smaller than a kitchen sink or laundry room sink, so you'll usually find smaller sizes when searching for bathroom sinks. One of the smallest is a 16-inch sink, usually reserved for a small bathroom's limited counter space.

The 16-inch sink is also more common to find with rectangular undermount sinks than a drop-in sink. You'll notice that the sink sizes may vary a little under or over 16 inches, and their depth and width can range significantly to fit your space.

large sink size undermount kitchen sink

17 Inches

Seventeen-inch sink sizes are also most common in the bathroom. This sink size is one you'll most often find on wall-mount bathroom sinks that attach to the wall rather than installed in a vanity or counter space. They're excellent choices for small spaces in which you don't want to take up much-needed floor space with a sink area.

Although commercial wall-mount sinks can be much larger than 17 inches, those designed for home use tend to be on the smaller side with modest depths. They're also one of the most affordable sink types for the bathroom.

18 Inches

An 18-inch sink size is another that you'll also find mostly for bathroom sinks. This is another common size for wall-mount sinks, but rectangular undermount sinks and drop-in sinks for the bathroom often come in this size too. An 18-inch sink is a good sink size to consider for your bathroom sink if you do have limited space for a sink but want something a bit larger than the smallest bathroom sink sizes.

bathroom sinks

20 Inches

Many bathroom sinks range from 20 to 21 inches, making quite a jump from smaller bathroom sinks, like 16 to 17 inches. These sinks are better suited for medium-sized bathrooms with plenty of counter space.

A 20-inch sink is a popular size for pedestal sinks. These sinks are similar to wall-mounted sinks in that they attach to the wall, but they have a stand at the bottom for extra support and will take up some floor space.

21 Inches

A 21-inch sink is one you'll see for some larger bathroom sinks, but it's also one of the most common sink sizes for a laundry room. Laundry room sinks are also known as utility sinks because they can be multi-purposeful, and utility sink sizes need to have some decent space to meet expectations. Laundry sinks come in multiple styles, like a cast iron sink, copper sink, or granite sink, similar to the various style options with kitchen and bathroom sinks.

While farmhouse sink sizes tend to be on the larger side, smaller laundry sinks are typically undermount or drop-in sinks. They're also commonly rectangular sinks that sit within a sink base cabinet.

small-sized laundry sink

22 Inches

Twenty-two-inch sizes are popular for laundry sinks. You can find both 22-inch widths and lengths for different laundry sink styles, including undermount sinks and drop-in sinks, so be sure to pay attention to the measurement specifications of the sinks you're interested in. You'll typically see 22-inch laundry sinks in wall-mount styles, or those that attach right to the wall to save floor space.

For example, Kohler sells single basin bracket-mounted sinks for the laundry area that are 22 inches in length and look sleek in your space while adding functionality.

vessel bathroom sink

24 Inches

A 24-inch sink is one you'll see for a bathroom vanity sink. Often, the measurements skirt right around 24 inches, such as 23.75 inches or 24.25 inches, so it's important to make sure that you find the right sink to fit your opening. Even a quarter or half-inch can make a big difference for a sink.

You can also opt for a vessel sink, which sits above the bathroom countertop like a sink bowl. It offers a unique look and is less challenging to fit precisely into a bathroom vanity spot. This 24-inch vessel sink from Wauld makes for a stunning statement piece in the bathroom.

undermount kitchen or laundry sink

25 Inches

Kitchen and laundry sinks are available in 25-inch sizes. This is one of the smallest sink sizes for a kitchen, often found in tighter kitchen spaces. The farmhouse sink style is common for this laundry and kitchen sink size, but it's also common for a drop-in kitchen sink or a flush mount sink for the kitchen or laundry area.

27 Inches

While somewhat on the smaller side for a kitchen, the 27-inch sink is still one of the more common sizes for small to medium-sized kitchens. Some farmhouse-style sinks are 27 inches, but drop-in sinks are the type you'll usually find in this size. A 27-inch sink can be a single basin or double sink, although a double sink might feel a little tight in this size.

large double basin kitchen sink

30 Inches

As sinks get larger, you'll notice that you tend to have more style options available, like a stainless steel sink, a fireclay sink, or a copper sink. Thirty-inch sinks usually come in many style options for kitchens and laundry rooms, although this size is more typical for a kitchen. Farmhouse kitchen sinks and double basin kitchen sinks are among the more popular styles for this sink size.

31 Inches

Laundry rooms with a good amount of space for a sink area can typically accommodate a 31-inch sink. This sink size is larger than what you'll see for an undermount sink or drop-in sink but smaller than most wall-mount sinks for the laundry room.

Commonly, the 31-inch sink is the size of a double-basin sink that offers one side for washing and the other for rinsing. Some double-basin sinks have one sink size that's larger than the other, while others are the same size.

farmhouse kitchen sink

33 Inches

If you have a large kitchen space and kitchen sink cabinets sizes, you might search for a 33-inch sink. Today, large sinks are becoming more and more popular in kitchen spaces, as they make washing dishes and filling pots and pans used for cooking much easier. A 33-inch sink is a trendy size for the double-basin kitchen sink, farmhouse kitchen sinks, and drop-in kitchen sinks.

35 Inches

One of the largest sink sizes you'll see for a laundry area is the 35-inch sink, although some single-basin laundry sinks can range up to 48 inches. Double-basin laundry sinks are commonly sold in a 35-inch size or slightly longer or shorter than 35 inches. These sinks are often apron-front fireclay styles, but you might also see them in stainless steel or other varieties.

kohler kitchen sink with accessories

36 Inches

Expect to see kitchen sinks reserved for spacious kitchens in a 36-inch size. One benefit of this roomy sink size is that you'll be able to choose from a variety of styles, from drop-in sinks to farmhouse sinks to double-basin sinks. This sink size leaves plenty of space for the installation of garbage disposal and high-end faucets without sacrificing any of your much-needed sink space.

Finding the Right Sink for Your Home

Kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom sink sizes differ slightly from one another. Smaller sink sizes are usually reserved for the bathroom, but you can also find small kitchen and laundry sink sizes to accommodate tighter spaces. Likewise, you can find large sinks to fit within a custom base cabinet in your bathroom.

When you shop with Vevano, you'll notice a wide selection of sinks for your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area. We offer just about every sink size you might need, whether you're looking for offbeat farmhouse sink sizes or more common sizes for a stainless steel kitchen sink. Plus, our selection includes a broad range of sink material and style options to fit any home design, whether you're going for a more industrial look with a cast iron sink or a more traditional look with a fireclay sink.

Shop Vevano's sink collection online, and bring your sink measurements with you! Each sink listing includes a description with all the measurements you'll need to fit your new sink into its space.