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Living Room Table Guide: Find the Perfect Coffee Table & Side Table


The table you have in your living room is a statement piece that pulls the entire room together. Coffee tables and side tables are a stylish and functional way to upgrade and elevate your living room space. Living room tables provide a place for family and guests to gather, play games, celebrate holidays and special events, and more. Because living room tables play an integral role in family time, you’ll want to make sure you have the right one for you!


We will share with you different types of living room tables, styles and materials, and how to decorate them. We are here to be your guide so you can design your dream living room, pulling it all together with a living room table.


Types of Living Room Tables


Coffee Tables


Coffee tables come in a large range of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect option for your home. . The most common shapes for coffee tables are square, rectangle, and round. They are typically designed to be the height of your sofa or other furniture, so the height often ranges from 16–18 inches.


Coffee tables are commonly placed in the middle of the room, with the rest of the furniture surrounding it. Some have drawers, which gives you the ability to store things out of sight, like a TV remote. This is a great place to display any decorations or special accessories personal to your home. As the word “coffee” suggests, coffee tables are also an ideal place to set down a beverage.


Bunching Tables


Bunching tables are similar to coffee tables but have their differences. Bunching tables allow you to group multiple small tables together. Many love to purchase a couple of bunching tables and put them together, or separate them, depending on how they’d like their room to look.


Bunching tables are typically 20–25 inches wide and, like coffee tables, are commonly found in rectangle, square, and round shapes. The big advantage to them is that they are easy to move around and style; they also provide a more modern look for your living room.


Side Tables


Side tables--a small table placed adjacent to other furniture in the room--are a popular piece of furniture used to decorate a living room. Side tables are great to have by the side of a sofa or chair so that the person sitting there can have essential items within reach—like a TV remote, phone, or a drink. They are a great option if there is not enough space available for a larger table, or you just want something small next to your sofa. Just keep in mind the height of your side table, so that it is not taller than your sofa or chair, or too short.


Console Tables


A console table is a long table that is typically placed against a wall or the back of a sofa. It is about the same height as a desk, and typically is not taller than the sofa. Console tables can be placed in living rooms to display decorations and pictures, and often have drawers to provide extra storage space. Console tables are able to fill in the room and help the wall and area behind the sofa not look empty.


Living Room Table Styles


Coffee tables, bunching tables, side tables, and console tables all come in a variety of styles and materials. Many living room table designs that Vevano Home offers pairs very well with popular interior design styles. All of the materials are high quality and even eco-friendly in some cases. We’ll cover all the styles of these tables that Vevano has to offer.




When we say modern, we mean a simple, sleek and updated look that provides functionality. We like to think of the phrase “form follows function.” Furniture and décor are not only useful but beautiful and purposeful in design and placement. Modern furniture often has clean lines, color shades of neutrals (black and white), and a mix of industrial and natural elements.


Rectangular and square coffee and end tables pair well with modern design. Consider pairing a coffee table with a matching side table that is the same color and has a minimalistic design. An example of a modern coffee table is Vevano’s Four Hands Phillip Console Table in Dark Antique Bronze because of its simplistic design, dark color, and clean lines.




The rustic style is a popular style because it infuses rugged, earthy elements in furniture pieces to create a warm and welcoming design. This rustic style focuses on comfort and warmth. Because of this, wood grains, browns, whites, imperfect lines, and animal furs are all what make a style rustic.


Vevano’s Four Hands Exeter Coffee Table in Bronzed Iron is the perfect rustic coffee table because of its wood grain and natural knots that provide a warm, earthy feeling.




When you think about industrial style, think of raw elements that create a relaxing atmosphere. The industrial style is all about incorporating building materials into a room. This style includes both straight and curved lines, neutral colors with minimal accent colors, and multiple finishes like iron, brass, chrome, and copper. You can take a look at the Cruz Side Table in Antique Rust to visualize an example of an industrial coffee table that could look great in your living room.




Farmhouse furniture offers white shades and earthy neutrals and has an emphasis on wood fixtures, with steel or iron accent pieces. Imagine a clean, warm, and inviting aesthetic. If you’re looking to decorate your living room with a farmhouse style, consider purchasing the Pascal Coffee Table in Light Natural from Vevano.




Lastly, we have the transitional design, which is a combination of straight and curving lines, whites and grays, and finishes with brushed metals, steel, and brass. The transitional interior design is clean and consistent overall, with little splashes of color here and there. Consider the 23.5" Tall Victory Decor Item in Polished Chrome for the perfect transitional side table.


Selecting the Right Size


When selecting your living room table, you will want to make sure that you get the right size. As previously mentioned, you will want to make sure that your coffee or bunching tables are a similar height to your other furniture. Your side table should be at about elbow height when sitting on your sofa. A console table should be about four feet tall.


Before purchasing your living room table, measure the other furniture in your room so you know how tall it is. This will help you know what the height of the table you will be purchasing should be. You will also want to measure how much extra space you have in your living room, so that your new table will look like a good fit. If your table is too small for your living room, it will look out of place. However, if the table is too big, there may not be enough space to get around the room.


For more tips on what to do before purchasing your living room table, take a look at this article.


How to Decorate Your Coffee Table or End Table


When it comes to decorating your living room table, the possibilities are endless! You get to choose how you’d like to style your table. You can make it functional by storing books and magazines on your coffee table, or a lamp on your side table. Or, you can make it for design by putting decorations or picture frames on your console table or end table. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.


Pick the Right One For Your Room


We know there is a lot of information to take in, so don’t be hesitant to contact one of our expert Vevano Home Designers. Whether you need help picking a living room table or designing your room all together, we are happy to help. We wish you luck in designing your living room!