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New cabinets transform outdated kitchens and bathrooms into stylish, functional spaces you love spending time in. We carry a wide selection of door styles, colors, and cabinet organization products.


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Selecting the Perfect Cabinet

Cabinets reign in the chaos that comes with a home, making clutter disappear behind beautifully crafted doors with soft-close hinges. For kitchens, we carry a variety of base, wall, and pantry cabinets to keep your pots, pans, dishware, and utensils organized. Arrange spices, snacks, and cereals so they’re neatly ordered and ready to use at any moment. Stock rags, hand towels, and dish soap safely out of the way until you need them. 

For bathrooms, cabinets create a stylish, functional focal point. Secure soap, shampoos, cleaners, and more to declutter the space quickly and efficiently. Keep rolls of toilet paper and other hygienic products close enough to use, but out of sight. Available in multiple sizes, whether your bathroom is large or small. 

Cabinets also make additions to other areas of the home including laundry rooms, bar areas, theater rooms, and offices. Store everything ranging from papers to towels to refreshments. Stylish cabinet doors add a touch of polish while concealing whatever you need to store. 

Cabinet Styles to Match Your Design Vision

Cabinets are the foundation of style in any room, whether that’s the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Eyes are drawn to the color, cabinet hardware, and the design of the doors. It’s difficult to achieve a farmhouse look in the kitchen or bathroom without the appropriate storage elements. Modern requires sleek lines and an uncluttered appearance. Contemporary is fresh, taking on popular colors and styles. Classic is almost traditional, timeless in appearance and style. Industrial is a practical design, focused on functionality and minimal ornamentation. Transitional is a blend of styles, personalized to your tastes. Each style relies on certain cabinet finishes or colorscabinet door styles, and hardware to make the look come to life. 

Cabinet Color Ideas

What colors do you gravitate to? Does the open, fresh look of white grab your attention? We have multiple shades of white from antique white to bright white to glossy whites. Does the flexibility of gray pull you in? Our selection of grays and dove is for you. Do you love the mood and contrast that dark tones provide? Check out our hues of rich espresso and chocolate. Or, does the natural look of wood cabinets spark your interest? We carry a range from light to dark wood for you to peruse. 

A growing trend is to add more dimension by mixing colors with two-tone cabinets. Can’t choose between white and gray? Love the contrast of dark shades and white together? No problem – have both! The two-tone dynamic works well in kitchens, laundry rooms, master bathrooms, or bar areas. You can do this by having the base cabinets be the darker color with the lighter color being used on the wall cabinets. Another option is to make an island one color while the rest of the cabinets are another. 

We have a cabinet collection for you with a range of colors, hues, and stains to add the perfect touch to your home. Plus, our designers are always happy to talk about color options for your home. Contact us by email, live chat, or call 1-855-483-2629. 

Which Cabinet Door Type is Best?

Our cabinet door types are split into three main categories: slab, Shaker, and raised panel. Here’s a quick definition for each one. 

Slab door – This minimal design is completely smooth and flat, providing a smooth look in a room. It’s also referred to as a European style cabinet door. It’s most often used in modern, contemporary, and industrial styles.

Shaker door – This type features a flat center panel that’s framed by squared edges to add an element of dimension. It’s one of the most popular styles because of its simplicity and design flexibility. It can be used in modern, contemporary, transitional, classic, or farmhouse styles with ease.

Raisedpanel door– At its core, this style means the center panel of the door is raised, while the area surrounding the door is contoured to be lower. Raised panels come in different designs with differences in how much profiling and contouring there is. 

How to Find Cabinets Online

Shopping for cabinets online is always getting easier, faster, and better. Let’s break down how to best find your new cabinets online.  

Browse and Compare Online 

Shop and research when it’s convenient for you without worrying about store hours or waiting in line. Learn about a variety of styles, colors, and cabinet organization options to see what you like. If you're looking to renovate your kitchen, compare the cost of different 10x10 kitchen cabinet layouts. All on your timeline with no high-pressure sales people to bug you. Ask any and all questions you may have, we’ll respond as soon as possible. 

Personalized Design Kit  

Talk with an online professional interior designer about your home, cabinets you like, style you love, and your budget. Our designers will work with you until you love your design. We’ll send you complete renderings, elevations, and a sample kit to see how your new design works in your home before you commit to anything. 

Support Before, During, and After You Buy 

While we can’t be there to install your cabinets, we are available by phone, email, or live chat to provide support to you or to your installer.