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2022 HGTV Dream Home Review + 5 Ways to Get the Look

By Jessica Grimaud
December 7, 2021
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Every year, HGTV designs and gives away a dream home as part of a sweepstakes. Set in the forested mountains of Vermont, this year’s HGTV Dream Home combines the best of mid-century modern silhouettes, rustic textures, and industrial accents for a visually stunning design.

Unfortunately, only one family can ultimately win and live in the HGTV Dream Home, but you can still bring elements of the design into your own home!

Our Vevano Home designers break down the design of this year’s HGTV Dream Home and how to create the look in your own space.

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1. Nature-Inspired Color Palette

Taking inspiration from the surrounding landscape, this year’s HGTV Dream Home boasts a color palette of forest greens, stone grays, and warm autumn hues. Most notably, the kitchen opts for all-color, olive green cabinets, a choice that’s on-trend considering 2022’s color of the year, Evergreen Fog.

dream home green kitchen

Although green plays a prominent role throughout the house, the design also makes use of burnt red and mustard yellow accents, an homage to autumn leaves.

“I liked how those bold autumn colors were sprinkled throughout the house, so it didn’t feel too seasonal,” Andrea, a Vevano Home interior designer, said.

Even the all-black exterior of the house has a natural, organic appeal. Although counterintuitive, our Vevano Home designer Michael said the black helps the home blend with the foreground.

dream home backyard

“When you are out in nature painting a landscape or scenery, they tell you to squint your eyes so that you don’t see the details and can better visualize the color, light, and shadow. At first glance, this home looks like a giant, black, man-made monolith, but when I squint my eyes the home completely disappears,” Michael said. “The whole home seems a perfect balance between being very engineered but also organic.”

For a similar look, Michael and Andrea recommend choosing colors inspired by the local scenery, including a combination of dark accents and bright, seasonal colors. That way, your home captures the full spectrum of nature’s color palette.

2. Earthy, Organic Textures

Keeping with the theme of bringing the outdoors in, the 2022 HGTV Dream Home also makes use of a variety of raw materials, including wood accents and concrete furniture.

Michael remarked that the use of cement material reminded him of the texture of stone. “But the concrete material is still very seamless and engineered, so it has that perfect balance of organic, rustic texture and modern design,” he explained.

Andrea also noted the use of wood throughout the design, including wood open shelves and wood accent walls. A few of the furniture items and wall decor include wicker accents and weaves, furthering the earthy aesthetic.

dream home bedroom

When it comes to recreating the look in your own home, Andrea recommends looking for ways to mimic nature—either through color or texture—in your home design.

“Seek out ways to add natural elements in your furniture and decor. Even leather and wicker can add a lot of earthy tones and earthy textures in the home,” she said.

3. Mid-Century Modern Shapes

Despite the rustic and traditional details throughout the home, the design pulls from a variety of mid-century modern themes. The use of clean lines and geometric silhouettes, in particular, give the home a modern edge.

“There’s lots of bold colors and organic textures, but with modern shapes,” Michael explained. “So you look at the sofas and the chairs and the metal desk and everything has very straight edges. Or, if it has a curve, it’s a very manmade curve. But you still have your wood and stone textures.”

To achieve the transitional organic feel, Andrea recommends using traditional and rustic details as accents and bringing in mid-century modern design with the furniture and wall decor.

4. Symmetry

Andrea and Michael both remarked on the HGTV Dream Home’s interesting use of symmetry, bold focal points, and striking accents to make a statement. Many of the seating areas and designs opt for symmetrical styling and bold uses of color, making for an interesting visual journey in each room.

“It all feels very intentional. Each room has a very clear focal point, whether it’s the size of the chandelier or a massive orange painting. But then your eye wanders around the room and you see all these really interesting accents,” Michael added.

dream home living room

As with any design, our Vevano designers recommend being intentional about the room’s focal point and the accompanying accents. When it comes to arranging spaces like your living room, consider playing with symmetry to tell a visual story.

5. Bold Design Combinations

When designing a new space, it can be tempting to pick one type of design style and stick with it, but as the 2022 HGTV Dream Home design illustrates, some of the most compelling interiors come from breaking the rules and mixing a variety of contrasting styles.

As previously mentioned, much of the design pulls from both modern and rustic elements. Additionally, the home features traditional details (like the cabinet knobs and pulls) and industrial themes (the wrought iron stair railing and cement accents) to achieve an overall transitional, balanced design.

“Industrial and traditional design styles are so different, but the home blends them together in such a way that it feels very balanced,” Michael said.

At the same time, we know how challenging it can be to “break the rules” when it comes to creating a visually interesting interior design.

Thankfully, our designers are here to help! Whether you’re looking to completely renovate your space or want a quick home update, our designers can help you achieve your own dream home design.