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Our Favorite Lighting Styles for 2020

Our designers share what they’re loving this year as well as some advice for finding the best light for your home.


By RaShea Drake
July 2, 2020

Designer Lighting Picks

We’re halfway through 2020, so what’s on-trend this year? According to our designers: sleek geometric designs, beautiful brass, and mixing metals are in. We asked some of our designers what their favorite light fixtures are and why. Here’s what they had to share.

Soji Light Pendant

Madi’s Pick: Soji Wide Single Pendant in Black and Gold

What drew Madi to this eye-catching design? “I love the unique & modern shape of this pendant! It also mixes two different metals, which is super popular right now!”

Black and brass are a particularly stunning mix that adds the perfect amount of contrast to a room. Inspired by Japanese design, the Soji collection offers simple, sleek lines paired with bold metals for a relaxing aesthetic.


Michael’s Pick: Savvy Chandelier in Antique Brass and Black

When asked what he liked most about this chandelier, Michael didn’t mince words. “What's NOT to like about this fixture? It's a modern brass statement piece that could be the icing on top of any mid-century kitchen or dining room.”

Can’t argue with that! This chandelier features details that become more mesmerizing the longer you look. It features 12 arms with corresponding bulbs and goblet-style glass shades. On closer inspection, you can see how each light bulb has a spiral filament that completes the look.


Savvy Goblet Brass Chandelier
Library Brass Wall Sconce

Andrea’s Pick: Library Wall Sconce in Heritage

Andrea mentioned this brassy yet classy wall sconce, “I love the way they look in a bathroom or a kitchen. It provides light, but also adds so much to the room even though it's a simple design.”

This light is particularly lovely because it’s an easy addition to make. It blurs the line between classic and contemporary, a quality that ensures it pairs well with multiple design styles.


How to Choose the Right Light

With so many lighting styles, finishes, and sizes out there, where should you start to look? Our designers offered some advice when it comes to finding the ideal light for your situation.


What is this light’s main function?

Michael suggested focusing on what function you want the light to serve. “Do you want the light to stand out and be a bold accent piece? Or something that blends in with the rest of the space?"

Likewise, how much light it shines is part of that function, as discussed in our article on lighting principles. Michael adds, “Do you want the fixture to provide enough light for the entire room? Or, are you looking for something that gives off a softer, low-range light?” The best part of this advice is that there’s no wrong answer. It’s all based on your needs and preferences.


Don’t forget to measure.

When shopping for a light, whether you’re looking online or at a physical store, appearances can be deceiving. "Measure the space where you plan on placing the light," Madi advises. "Proportion & scale are just as crucial as the overall style of the light.” This helps ensure that what looks gorgeous in pictures looks just as gorgeous, if not more so, in your home.


Be your own bold!

Maybe you know which light styles you like. Andrea has some words to consider — she encourages you to “try something a little bit different with your design. Sometimes the ones that are a little different are the ones you end up liking the most.” What do you think? Is it better to sometimes try something different? Or stick with what’s familiar?


Ready to Find Your Next Lighting Design?

Now that we’ve shared our favorite lights, we’d love to see your favorites. Start talking to a designer about your inspiration and lighting needs by sending us an email at If you’re ready to buy your new favorite fixture, browse our lighting collection here.