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10 Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Maximize Function and Style

By the Vevano Home Team
June 15, 2021

Bathroom vanities should be seen as the centerpiece to a new build or bathroom remodel. When you’re designing the style for your main or guest bathroom, each element must match to create the look and feel you want. The vanity is a critical part of this process, and that’s why it’s important to dial in on the style you’re going for.

Popular Bathroom Vanity Ideas & Styles

Bathroom vanities come in a wide range of styles to complement any range of bathroom decor and aesthetic preferences. Here's a quick look at some popular bathroom cabinet styles to inspire your next remodel:

hawthrone wildwood antique white 4 door 3 drawer double vanity

1. Wilora Hawthorne Wildwood Antique White 4 Door 3 Drawer Double Vanity

If you’re looking for a white vanity for your master bathroom that offers a comfortable amount of space for you and your significant other, look no further. The Wilora Hawthorne Wildwood Antique White 4 Door 3 Drawer Double Vanity is a sophisticated piece that offers two separate cabinet areas plus two middle drawers to share. With two sinks, there is plenty of room for two people to get ready at the same time. The additional counter space is also a bonus.

2. Wilora Hawthorne Wildwood Saddle Double Door 6 Drawer Vanity

Calling all super-organizers! If you need bathroom vanity storage ideas, the Wilora Hawthorne Wildwood Saddle Double Door 6 Drawer Vanity might just be a perfect choice. It features a large single cabinet underneath the sink with three drawers on either side, for a total of six. Share the drawers with your spouse, split them between two children, or keep them all for yourself. Whatever you decide, this bathroom vanity is an organizer’s dream.

The darker tone of birch wood creates a stunning centerpiece for any bathroom and looks especially elegant when paired with a light-colored interior.

3. Wilora Hawthorne Wildwood Antique White Double Door False Drawer Vanity Cabinet

For those with small bathrooms, such as half baths that serve strictly as guest bathrooms, small bathroom vanity ideas will be what you’re looking for. The Wilora Hawthorne Wildwood Antique White Double Door False Drawer Vanity Cabinet is ideal for a smaller bathroom and is perfectly functional for a guest bathroom. The double door cupboard below the sink will contain everything needed for guests, from toilet paper to cleaning supplies.

If you’re looking for white vanity bathroom ideas that aren’t stark white, this will do the trick. The antique white provides a sophisticated color tone that can match a variety of styles and offer a warm touch to your bathroom.

Cahaba Rustic Walnut Freestanding Vanity

4. Cahaba James Rustic Walnut Freestanding Vanity with Integrated Sink and Countertop

This vanity is a perfect candidate for farmhouse bathroom vanity makeover ideas. A beautiful mix of white porcelain and the look of solid wood in walnut, this single-sink vanity is just waiting to complete any smaller-sized bathroom. The Cahaba James Rustic Walnut Freestanding Vanity with Integrated Sink and Countertop features a double door opening that reveals a spacious cabinet underneath the sink for your storage needs.

If you love the single unit but need double sink bathroom vanity ideas, we’ve got the solution. Get two of these units and space them apart to create your own double freestanding vanity setup. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful, rustic bathroom vanity.

Wilora Freestanding Cabinet with Double Basin Sink and Counter

5. Wilora Park Mill White Freestanding Cabinet with Double Basin Integrated Sink and Counter

Are you looking for double vanity bathroom ideas for your master bathroom? Do you want a double sink vanity that combines a mix of farmhouse and a modern aesthetic? If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to look at the Wilora Park Mill White Freestanding Cabinet with Double Basin Integrated Sink and Counter and see if it matches your master bathroom vanity ideas.

The top of this unit features a sleek light grey Italian marble with a farmhouse-style deep ceramic sink. Two drawers directly underneath the sinks and an open shelf near the bottom provide you with plenty of storage and a fun way to display towels and other decor items for your bathroom. Whether you live in a farmhouse-style home, a modern condo, or a beach house with views of the ocean, this vanity will fit in perfectly.

Cahaba Juniper Dove Grey Freestanding Vanity Cabinet

6. Cahaba Juniper Dove Grey Freestanding Vanity Cabinet

The Cahaba Juniper Dove Grey Freestanding Vanity Cabinet is another organizational lover’s dream. With two sinks, two separate cabinets with shelves, and three drawers down the middle—including one oversized drawer—there is enough room for everything from cleaning supplies to makeup and more. If you’re looking for a makeup vanity, the unique tilt-out drawers in front of the sink will provide the room you need for everything from eyeshadow to mascara. Place a large vanity mirror over the unit and you’ll have plenty of space for two people to get ready in the morning.

This vanity comes in two colors and is perfect for those looking for painted bathroom vanity ideas. Dove grey will fit in with any number of decor styles, and white is sure to enhance any bathroom.

Wilora Dove White Freestanding Vanity Cabinet with Single Basin Integrated Sink

7. Wilora Axel Dove White Freestanding Vanity Cabinet with Single Basin Integrated Sink

Calling all lovers of all things modern! This dynamic single-sink vanity will fit in exceptionally with contemporary and industrial-style homes. The Wilora Axel Dove White Freestanding Vanity Cabinet with Single Basin Integrated Sink features white wood, a marble countertop, a ceramic sink, and a touch of black with the drawer pulls. The drawers offer plenty of storage space with an open shelf at the bottom for more. If you’re looking for a vanity that enhances your modern style with plenty of storage space and ample bathroom countertops, this is it.

Decolav Charcoal Wall Mount Vanity

8. Decolav Cityscape Charcoal Wall Mount Vanity

For a thoroughly modern yet small bathroom, look no further than this beautiful floating modern bathroom vanity. This wall mount vanity will style any room and look especially elegant when paired with a wall color of the same intensity. The single drawer provides plenty of space and features motion-sensor LED lighting inside for a perfect view of the contents.

Thanks to its compact yet elegant appearance, the Decolav Cityscape Charcoal Wall Mount Vanity is a perfect small bathroom vanity idea for a wide variety of modern, transitional, and contemporary homes.

Jute Linen White Double Door Wall Mount Vanity

9. Kohler Jute Linen White Double Door Wall Mount Vanity

A floating bathroom vanity doesn’t have to lack storage or counter space. The Jute Linen White Double Door Wall Mount Vanity by Kohler offers two pull-out drawers and a cabinet under the sink. The sink is positioned in the middle, leaving plenty of room on either side for decor or the plethora of items required to get ready in the morning.

Solid wood combined with sleek lines creates a perfect candidate for those looking for modern bathroom vanity ideas. Any home that features a modern, contemporary, or industrial style will benefit from installing this vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

10. Wilora Hawthorne Eastland Antique White 2 Door 2 Drawer Vanity

The Wilora Hawthorne Eastland Antique White collection offers a classic bathroom vanity and is one of several bathroom vanity ideas that can be styled with a mix of home styles including cottage, transitional, traditional, or farmhouse. The beautiful white-grey tone inspires a sense of sophistication while combining seamlessly with other elements in your bathroom. This is ideal if you’re looking for a white-toned bathroom, want to create a spa-like atmosphere, or desire a neutral-toned room for adding pops of color via accents, decor, and towels.

These bathroom vanity cabinets are perfect for guest bathrooms but can easily accommodate storage for one to two people, as well.

By determining your style and decor preferences, you’ll quickly figure out which type of bathroom vanity works best for your bathroom. Whether you’re shooting for a modern style, want a vintage or farmhouse feel, or desire a timeless and classic look, there’s bound to be an option that works for you.

How Do You Choose a Style for Your Bathroom Vanity?

You might be surprised by just how much goes into choosing a bathroom vanity. The good news is that the same decision-making process you need to go through for a bathroom renovation is practically identical to choosing new furniture for the rest of your house. Keep these questions in mind any time you’re ready to make decisions about a new piece of furniture or cabinetry.


What is the size of your bathroom? The size of your vanity always depends on the size of your bathroom. A smaller bathroom requires a small vanity, whereas larger, more spacious rooms can accommodate larger pieces. In fact, spacious bathrooms almost always need a larger vanity so that the room appears proportionally correct.

Architectural Style 

What is the architectural style of your home? Unless the inside of your home looks nothing like the outside, you’re likely going to want to stay within the same range of style. Modern vanities would look out of place in a sprawling ranch or farmhouse interior, and a rustic vanity would look odd in a highly modern building.

Decor Style

What decor style is featured throughout your house? This influence is similar to the architecture of your home. Your bathroom should be an extension of—not a departure from—the overall look, feel, and theme displayed throughout your home.

Personal Needs

What do you need out of your vanity? Do you want a lot of storage room, or do you prefer a minimalist feel? Are you an organizational guru that wants as many drawers as possible, or do you prefer a large cabinet under the sink instead? Envision yourself using the vanity and determine your personal needs, such as the number of drawers, amount of storage space, and preferences for the overall look and feel.

Family Size

How many people are using the vanity? Is this being shared between guests and children, you and your spouse, or several roommates? Depending on the answer to this question, you’ll want to consider things like cabinet space, the number of drawers, and the number of sinks.

Bathroom Type

Will the vanity go in your master bath, a guest bathroom, or a children’s bathroom? Each room type will be used differently and require vanities of various sizes and storage capabilities. Determine the needs for each room and choose your vanity accordingly.

wilora paloma white pine cabinetry

Where Should You Buy Your Bathroom Vanity?

Bathroom vanities can be purchased in many places, from big box stores to small-shop custom cabinet makers. While there are benefits to each, we believe Vevano combines the best of both worlds and provides you with a service that simply can’t be beaten.

When shopping for a new bathroom vanity, you’ll find a range of benefits, including:


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Design Service

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Vevano has an extensive resource center with loads of helpful design tips, step-by-step articles, and information on everything from choosing a toilet to measuring for your installation project.

Unique Bathroom Vanities for Every Style

The right bathroom vanity design ideas can significantly improve the look of any bathroom and perfectly tie in the overall decor theme featured throughout your house. Once you dial in your needs and the type of unique bathroom vanity ideas that will work well with your home, it’s simply a matter of choosing the one you like the most.

Maybe you’d like some extra help and working with a designer to figure out your bathroom design is your preferred way of doing things. No matter which path you take, with Vevano by your side, you’re sure to install a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that makes your bathroom look like it came straight from the pages of a magazine.