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New and Improved Toto Washlets You Don’t Want to Miss

By the Vevano Home Team
May 11, 2021

Toto is a well-known brand lauded for its innovative restroom products, which combine eco-friendly, hassle-free functionality with cutting-edge, modern aesthetics. Recently, the company upgraded some of their most popular products—including the Toto Washlet C100 and C200—with sleeker designs and brand-new features.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Toto product transitions.

What Toto Products Are Changing?

Toto introduced new and improved versions of the Washlet C100, Washlet C200, and Washlet K300. Now under a new name, these bidets feature the same great elements users love, but now with additional functionality and a more compact design. Below are the names of the new products:

Washlet C2 is the newest version of the Washlet C100.

Washlet C5 is the newest version of the Washlet C200.

Washlet K300 has retained its name.

Toto washlet c100 vs. new toto washlet c2
Toto washlet c200 vs. replacement toto washlet c5

Below are some of the other improvements to watch out for in Toto’s new products—particularly the Washlet C2 and C5.

New EWater+ Cleaning Feature

The most notable upgrade to each of the new washlets is the addition of an innovative cleaning technology called EWater+.

Simply put, the EWater+ feature mists the washlet’s wand and toilet bowl with electrolyzed water after each flush. This electrolyzed water is a proven, safe, and eco-friendly disinfectant to reduce stains, odors, and the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. EWater+ also auto-cleans the wand and mists the bowl after 8 hours of unuse, further ensuring a more hygienic toilet.

Compact & Streamlined Design

Users loved the Toto Washlet C100 and C200 for their versatile features, including adjustable water temperature, warm air drying, automatic deodorizer, and easy installation process. The newest versions of these budget-friendly bidets, both the Washlet C2 and C5, retain the same functionality but with a slimmer, more comfortable profile, 1.57” shorter!

Design of new Toto washlet c5 vs. toto washlet c200

In addition to a more compact design, both the Washlet C2 and C5 have reduced the gaps between the washlet's fitting to the toilet and the uneven slant in the lid, giving the washlets a more simplified look. The C2 and C5’s newly designed seamless seat also mitigates the build-up of dirt and residue along the seat, ensuring an easier cleaning experience.

Easier Cleaning with One-Touch Removal

Along with the seamless seat, Toto introduced other features to the C2 and C5 to ensure a more sanitary bathroom experience. Most notably, the new one-touch removal—which simplifies the process of detaching and reattaching the washlet to the toilet— makes it easier to clean previously hard-to-reach areas.

Washlet+ Versions of the C2 and C5 are Available

Both the Washlet C2 and C5 are also available in the Washlet+ model, which retains the same features as the Washlet C100+ and C200+ but include all the same updates to their design.

Other Updates to Watch For

Like its predecessor, the C100, the C2 has a gentle dual action spray, but now offers both an oscillating and pulsating features. To simplify functionality, both the C2 and C5 deviate from their previous counterparts by offering only three air-drying temperature settings instead of five.

toto washlet c100 vs. c2 and toto washlet c200 vs. c5 comparison chart

New Washlet K300

Although the sizing and features remain relatively the same in the K300, the newest version of the Toto Washlet K300 includes the cutting edge EWater+ technology, a proven disinfectant that auto-cleans the wand and reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

Where to Buy Your Toto Washlet

The latest editions to Toto’s washlets deliver an eco-friendlier and more sanitary bathroom experience, balancing cleanliness with conservation and overall comfort. If you’re looking to take your bathroom to the next level, Vevano has you covered.

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For more help finding the right products for you, check out our Ultimate Bidet Buying Guide—or give us a call at 855-483-2629. Our customer support team is eager to answer your questions.