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17 Rustic Living Room Furniture Pieces to Complete Your Cabin or Farmhouse


September 16, 2021
By the Vevano Home Team

A rustic design aesthetic has many advantages for a living room space. It implies a lived-in level of familiarity and comfort and invites family members and guests to slow down, relax and enjoy the moment. With both comfort and simplicity at its heart, a rustic style can make your living room a cozy, inviting space where people connect with one another and make lasting positive memories.

With the right pieces, ranging from seating to tables and more, you can pull together a decor that is both modern and comfortably rustic, creating a space that’s beautiful and functional for years to come.

Top 17 Rustic Living Room Furniture Pieces

A rustic design approach is ideal for any living room space. It isn’t fancy or fussy, and it invites your family and guests to sit down, relax, and stay a while. Cozy, natural, simple, welcoming, charming—these are all terms that come to mind when considering the benefits of a rustic decor. But here’s what rustic interiors aren’t: outdated, country, fussy or heavy. Instead, the rustic design sense can manifest itself in ways that are remarkably contemporary and sophisticated.

Think reclaimed doors combined with avant-garde salvaged architecture and wrought iron, all overlaid with sumptuous layers of fabrics in varying shades of neutral. Rustic furniture choices can lean from the overstuffed and luxurious to the whimsical and modernly tailored, and can even incorporate modern home office furniture. When you really think about it, rustic living room ideas are essentially limitless.

And whether you’re adding to existing rustic decor or transforming your living area into something new and inviting, Vevano Home has the pieces you need to create a chic, warm, and rustic haven for your family and guests.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top furniture pieces we offer than can help you pull your rustic and stylish living room together.

The Augustine Chair adds both comfort and style (plus a swivel base) to your modern rustic living room decor. With its luxurious materials and warm color palette, this chair represents a more modern take on a classic library chair, invoking images of a library setting straight out of Jane Austen. But with a contemporary pattern, the Augustine appears as both trend-forward and elegant, leaving your family and guests feeling pampered as they survey your rustic living space from all angles, thanks to the swivel.

As a modern take on the classic Adirondack chair, the Brooks Chair brings an air of relaxed style to your rustic living room decor. Reminiscent of a mountain or beach retreat, the Brooks chair offers comfort and style with thick, top-grain leather cushioning and a hand-distressed wire-brushed oak finish that features a naturally weathered patina. If your cabin or farmhouse offers a sensational view, position a selection of Brooks chairs to face outside—all you’re missing is a cup of tea or glass of wine and a book to complete the Zen tableau.

With its tailored look, patterned largely after sophisticated modern menswear, the Copeland Chair adds a touch of contemporary elegance to a rustic retreat. Its slim frame, made of brushed oak, provides the base for sumptuous, velvet-like upholstery and boasts an added pillow for just that extra layer of comfort. And its unfussy silhouette echoes the simplicity and comfort that are inherent to a rustic design. A set of Copeland chairs facing each other in a nook, in front of a set of windows or by a stone fireplace makes a cozy and personal conversation spot.

If you tend to gravitate toward natural materials as part of your rustic decor, look no further than the Marina Chair. Made with natural rattan framing and light, lounge-ready cushioning, the Marina helps bring an airy, outdoorsy, and rustic feel to your living space. The Marina is equally comfortable in a rustic beach house and an airy mountain chalet, with its natural materials, texture-rich style, and modern shaping.

The rustic interior design sense is, at its core, about comfort and creating a sense of welcome and invitation within a space. And nothing invites relaxation and calm more than a chaise. In particular, the Habitat Chaise features neutral-toned upholstery covering shelter arms and an oversize pillow-inspired cushion.

Whether napping, reading, binging Netflix, or enjoying fellowship with one another, family and friends will relish reclining on a Habitat Chaise within your rustic living room.

Its beautiful form and visually interesting details also can elevate your rustic decor well beyond what’s expected.

With its clean lines and simple design, the Aspen Bench feels right at home within many different types of rustic design schemes. It’s a fresh take on Windsor-style seating, featuring a sculptural silhouette and a sandy finish that highlights the oak’s natural luster.

At home, in a ski chalet, or a mountain cabin, the Aspen Bench is simplicity and fine craftmanship at its best, lending your rustic living room a sense of refinement and timelessness. Place it in an entryway to provide an elegant and functional spot for putting on and taking off skis, snowshoes, rain boots, and more.

Displaying a natural vibe in both texture and tone, the Shona Stool boasts russet mahogany framing that strikes a low-profile pose. Vintage cotton rope is woven into an ultra-organic seat that hearkens back to its Indonesian roots.

Simple yet sophisticated, the stool echoes the natural, unfussy aesthetic so often associated with a rustic living space. Sprinkle a few throughout your rustic living room to offer extra seating and dial up the welcome factor in your home.

The versatile Cooper Ottoman features an airy, rounded beechwood frame with woven cane paneling that supports linen-blend upholstery in a textural off-white. Highly functional, the Cooper Ottoman is a perfect piece for accent seating in your modern rustic living room or as an extra surface when topped with a tray. Its neutral color palette and visually interesting mix of textures means it’s right at home in any rustic living space, while also making a clearly modern design statement.

With its deep, low, luxurious seating, the Bloor Sectional invites family and guests to relax and stay for a while. The sumptuous sofa and accompanying ottoman are upholstered in an a soft, yet durable, woven fabric. And the fact that the sofa is modular means you can arrange it in the perfect combination for any space or living room layout.

The Bloor Sectional’s rich color and texture are right at home within any rustic decor, and its clean lines and just-right sizing keep it from overpowering the room.

If you’re looking for an overstuffed sofa that radiates coziness and relaxation, look no further than the Habitat Sofa. With its shelter arms and oversize, pillow-inspired cushions covered in a durable, comfortable fabric, the Habitat Sofa is prime real estate for lounging. Made with performance fabric, this pet-friendly couch is perfect for those looking for durable yet stylish rustic furniture.

Depending on the size of your living space, the Habitat Sofa can be the focal piece of your living room furniture, or it can serve as one of many comfortable and cozy spots to read, nap, watch TV, or catch up with friends; all with a rustic touch.

Who doesn’t love a library sofa? And this modern treatment features aged bronze nail heads, distressed birch-colored poly-blend upholstery and a whitewash parawood base, adding a sense of elegance, refinement and romance to your rustic living room. Pair the Maxx Sofa with the Augustine chair in a room with built-in bookshelves and watch your cozy, rustic, countryside library come to life.

Nothing says rustic like soft, worn, distressed leather furniture, and the Larkin Sofa delivers it in spades. With its clean, contemporary lines, casual cushioning, and sleek track arms, this sofa is sure to become a family favorite. And it’s all covered in soft, luxurious, cigar-toned leather with antique brass nail head detailing.

It’s the epitome of laid-back, rustic style, and coziness. Inspired by designs from old world libraries, the Larkin Sofa exudes quiet, timeless elegance with any rustic living space. When paired with built-in bookshelves, soft lamps and a crackling fireplace, the Larkin is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a quiet night in.

This table’s layer of grey faux shagreen sets a visually interesting textural backdrop for everything from board games to coffee table books and mugs of tea. Featuring an antique, brass-finished iron frame and low styling, the Shagreen Coffee Table marks a fresh, yet functional, spin on the traditional shadow box. With its luxury materials and harmonious colors, this able adds both storage and elegance to your rustic living room decor.

With its deceptively simple style, this Parsons-like console table features exaggerated dimensions and a subtle herringbone parquet pattern. Adding both storage and style, the Lamar Console Table features luxury materials and harmonious colors that complement any industrial, rustic, or farmhouse themed room. Behind a sofa, in front of a window, or against a wall, the Lamar Console Table is a fresh and functional choice that also can serve as a striking conversation starter.

The Matthes Table’s simple and clean lines help showcase its natural beauty. Featuring mixed reclaimed woods, this table serves as a modern media console, providing an open look with organic vibes that’s at home in any type of rustic living area.

This piece is part of Four Hands' Sierra Collection, which celebrates the rugged beauty of snow-capped mountains and clear alpine lakes with high-style furnishings that give new life to salvaged wood. These beautiful woods also are paired with cast metal hardware for a hand-crafted, unique look that ensures no two pieces are ever like.

The Matthes Table’s rustic look and bold mix of textures and materials makes it a perfect addition to any living space.

Made of Pandan rope and hand-woven in Indonesia, the Pascal Coffee Table proudly displays its natural texture for a simple, neutral look. Its soft curves deliver a subtle modern spin on a traditional drum shape, and the natural fibers of the rope soften and add a sense of rustic authenticity.

Rustic pieces like the Pascal Coffee Table lend a laid-back vibe to any living space, bringing the outdoors inside with their modern lines and natural fabrics. The Pascal Coffee Table’s simple shape and spare lines allow its natural beauty to shine through, making it an ideal rustic element for your interior design scheme.

Featuring reclaimed fruitwood, the Drake Coffee Table plays with inviting angles and offers a broad, recessed top for functional appeal. This is an amazing artisan statement piece to add to your rustic decor, marrying rich, traditional texture with modern design.

The use of reclaimed wood is a cornerstone of rustic charm, so adding a Drake Coffee Table to your living room decor can help ramp up the style factor, especially when used as a focal point and paired with a pair of Copeland chairs or a Larkin Sofa.

Start Your Rustic Living Room Renovation with Vevano

You have so many options when it comes to making your living area a rustic, comfortable retreat. From antique chandeliers and burlap accents to upcycled farm materials and flea market finds, a rustic decor offers a great deal of room to experiment and add your own individual touches. For help deciding on your rustic decor, consider creating an interior design mood board.

With upgrades to flooring technology, you can even debate laminate vs. vinyl flooring and which finish—like rustic wood, stone, etc., best conveys the laid-back, rustic vibe you want. And, of course, when it comes to creating rustic retreat—from the fixtures to the furniture—Vevano can help you find the pieces and combinations that best express your personal style and create the cozy and inviting feeling you’re looking for.