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Living Room Furniture

Time to Unwind

Living Room Furniture Worth Gathering For 

Experience style & comfort with our collection of sofas, sectionals, chairs, and tables.

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      Modern, High-quality Furniture to Fit Any Space

      Living room furniture designed with contemporary elegance in mind is what you’ll find at Vevano Home. Our timeless pieces fit any space, big, small, and in-between. Made for the place you go when you need to wind down, gather, or just be still, our living room furniture sets the tone for those moments of pause and relaxation.

      Choosing a living room furniture set to go in a studio or tiny apartment? Try a round coffee table with a swivel accent chair to switch things up. Dress up your small side table with a small picture frame, piece of art or a handmade ceramic creation. Just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you can’t make it meaningful. 

      If you’re leaning into modern trends, try a farmhouse coffee table, leather couch, or a wooden bench to add a rustic, sophisticated feel to your living room. The combination of varied textures and moods can elevate any area, regardless of square footage. 

      Need a statement piece for a large living room? When you’re going beyond functionality, start with a high-quality area rug or a sleek bench to punctuate an empty wall. Prioritize sturdy, durable materials like real solid wood and linen, cotton or wool over synthetic textiles. 

      The couch could be considered the focal point of the living room, so choose one that best fits your lifestyle. If you have guests over frequently, invest in a sleeper sofa that converts easily to a comfy bed. A beautiful armchair by the fireplace reminds us of an era gone by, but gives it a modern twist with a velvet throw pillow or a new side table. 

      Even when your space is limited, it’s still possible to marry form and function. An ottoman coffee table works for both internal and external storage, not to mention a lovely centerpiece for your living room. Try a classic wood coffee table to display books, or use your media console table for the same purpose. 

      When you need a place to relax, a leather lounge chair is the perfect thing to put in that empty corner. You can find solace after a long day while you kick your feet up on the ottoman and read a good book. 

      Sectional sofas are one of the more popular living room furnishings.. Plan to decorate your room around the sectional, with floor lamps, living room area rugs, and small accent pieces that won’t take up a lot of surface area. Some sectionals even come with storage inside the ottoman for extra compact storage. 

      Above all, your living room should feel like you, so invest in quality pieces, from something as simple as a step stool to a more ornamental rattan chair. Add some personality to the space with window treatments, vintage art, or even a square coffee table. 

      Decorating your sideboard? Try some eye-catching coffee table books or a vase. You could even hang a mirror above the sideboard for moments of reflection.