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11 Bathroom Projects You Can Complete: Each Under $1,000

By the Vevano Home Team
November 2, 2020

A bathroom’s purpose is very straightforward, however, adding small flairs and upgrades has become a popular way to make the water closet more appealing and comfortable. While some renovations can cost big bucks, there are plenty of updates you can make to transform your bathroom under a much smaller budget. Even little changes can alter your bathroom in a big way.

The following are renovations you can make to your bathroom, each for under $1,000. You can pick and choose what changes you want to make, where you want to splurge, and where you want to save in order to optimize your budget.

For the Vanity

Fancy Up the Faucet - One affordable way to update your vanity is by changing up your faucet. If you want a different finish or material of faucet, that alone can shift the look and longevity of your vanity sink. We recommend faucets with a ceramic valve for durability. The optimal spending range for longevity, style, and budget is between $90 and $200. This is a potential budget-friendly renovation, especially if you want to DIY install the faucet yourself. As with any plumbing, you may want to consult a professional, but if you can follow instructions or have done any plumbing before, you can likely manage in changing up the vanity faucet yourself.

Light It Up - Proper lighting is essential for a bathroom vanity. Vanity lighting fixtures come in many affordable designs in vanity bar or sconce styles. Wall-mounted lighting is ideal for vanities, and a range of lights are available at different price points. Sconce lighting in particular is a bit more budget friendly as a single sconce can be bought for under $50. We recommend a pair of sconce lights to sit parallel at eye level on either side of your vanity mirror for optimal personal care lighting. Combined with materials for installation, adding or updating the lighting in your vanity is another low-cost update to your bathroom.

Get a Handle On It - Changing hardware, such as knobs, pulls, or handles on your vanity cabinets is a simple and inexpensive way to update your bathroom vanity. A new finish or material for your cabinet handles can transform your vanity in a subtle yet distinct way, and it won’t put much pressure on your wallet. It may even be helpful to upgrade those squeaky hinges or other hardware for a softer, quieter close.

Change the Reflection - Changing up your mirror(s) is another way to update your vanity on a budget. Adding more mirrors in general can further brighten up the room and make it seem bigger. If you want to get fancy, LED vanity mirrors add a dose of task lighting to evenly light your daily routines.

How About a Brand New Base - If you’d like a new vanity altogether, there are all-inclusive freestanding vanity cabinets that cost less than $800. This would be a major bathroom upgrade without the major price tag.

For the Shower or Bath

Change the Spray - Like the vanity, the faucet can be an affordable update for your bath or shower. Updating the faucet on your shower can include the shower head, the handles (called the trim), and the water mixing valve that handles the hot and cold water and the pressure. You could also upgrade the tub spout, diverter, or hand shower. It depends on if you want a shower or bath only set, a tub shower combo set, or just a showerhead. You can usually find good quality shower/bath faucets in the range of $15 to $250. The most affordable materials for a faucet are iron and aluminum; however, stainless steel, brass, and copper are more durable against the moisture and water pressure. Brass and copper also inherently have antimicrobial properties as a bonus. This is one update where it may be a worthy investment to purchase a shower/bath faucet that can withstand all the waterworks over time rather than a lower priced option that you may have to replace much sooner.

Add a Hand Shower - Installing a hand shower, with a shower head spout and metal hose for easy cleansing, is another way to affordably upgrade your shower or bath. Budget-friendly options for hand showers can cost as low as $50 and go up to $100 - $300 for the higher end options.

For the Borders

Affordable Flooring - Yes, you can absolutely set your bathroom up with a beautiful new floor on a smaller budget. The determining factors will be: the chosen flooring type, bathroom size, and if professional removal or installation is needed. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is both durable, affordable ($2-7 per square foot), and comes in easy-to-install tiles that can look like wood or stone. LVT comes in all kinds of designs, so you can find a look you like that’s much more affordable than tile or hardwood. Laminate is also an affordable option for your bathroom ($1-5 per square foot), though it may need water-proofing reinforcement through the subfloor or underlayment. Like a solid shower faucet set, bathroom flooring is an update where you want to find quality materials due to the high-use and moisture in the room.

A Different Shade - Get out the paint brush and choose the color you want. Painting your bathroom walls is another way to affordably update the space. Aim for a water-resistant paint or at least a waterproof sealant to paint over because of the moisture that can potentially sit in your bathroom. A satin or semi-gloss finish should help protect the walls more fully.

Cover with Wallpaper - If paint isn’t your style or you want to jazz up your bathroom walls further, moisture-resistant wallpaper (with vinyl coating) is also an option to update the walls on a budget. Wallpaper can be super affordable and, given the usual small dimensions of a bathroom, it shouldn't cost much to update. Peel-and-stick wallpaper options are now available, making for easy installation as well.

Handy Hardware - To add further functionality to your bathroom, there is a host of other bathroom hardware that could easily enhance your bathroom on a lower budget. These could include: grab bars, shower curtain rods, robe hooks, and towel bars, hooks, or rings. Consider what kind of functions you’d like to have, then pick a material and/or finish to match your desired style. You may need some tools for installation, but overall, these are inexpensive updates you can make to your bathroom.


As you can see, there are multiple bathroom projects you can manage on a $1,000 budget or less. The important thing is to consider what needs updating and what you want your bathroom to be like, both in functionality and design. You don’t always have to do everything at one time, so you can plan it out and budget accordingly depending on what is most important for you.

Don’t forget that even small bathroom renovations can make a big difference.