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Kitchen Cabinets: Plywood vs Particle Board

By Katie Zumwalt
December 16, 2019

Plywood and particle board are both recommended for the construction of home furniture, but is one better than the other? At Vevano we prefer plywood to particle board for cabinet boxes because of its construction. 

How They’re Made and Why It Matters

Plywood is constructed of thin layers of wood veneer which are bonded together with an adhesive. Each strip of wood veneer is stacked in a way to make the board more durable. These layers are then pressed together under high temperatures and pressures, allowing the glue to create a strong bond between the sheets of wood.

Particle board consists of recycled wood products such as sawmill shavings and sawdust. These materials are mixed together with a resin which is then compressed under heat multiple times to create the tightest possible bond.

Plywood’s unique construction allows it to support heavy loads like countertops. Its cross-grain pattern also assures that nails and screws hold after installation, making it a true contender for cabinetry material. 

Although particle board is more cost-effective than plywood it is not always as sturdy. Particle board is strong in some applications, but due to its composition it can’t withstand the heavy loads that cabinetry requires. This can cause the board to sag or even break. Screws also tend to lose their grip or strip out of holes in cabinets.

Weight and Density

Plywood is not as dense and weighs far less than particle board, making it easier to carry from one spot to the next. Its lightness makes it the ideal material for wall cabinets which are hung. In contrast, particle board is closely compacted in its construction making it heavier. This heaviness makes it more susceptible to sagging due to its weight plus what it’s supporting.

Find Sturdy Cabinets with Plywood Boxes

Now that you know the key differences between plywood and particle board and the best application for both, check out our collection of durable kitchen cabinets crafted from plywood today.