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Modern Office Furniture for Home and Work Office Spaces

By the Vevano Home Team
June 25, 2021

Office furniture—for both work and home office spaces—has come a long way over the years. Home offices used to be uncomfortable and cramped, and work offices used to have standard run-of-the-mill furniture. But people are discovering the power of furniture for better productivity and comfort. After all, if you enjoy your workspace, you’re likely to be more creative, think clearer, and get more done. This is why Vevano offers a unique line of office desks and chairs for a variety of modern styles and tastes.

As much as possible, an individual workspace should accurately reflect the personality and preferences of the person working in it. Thankfully, drab home and work office spaces can be a thing of the past with the variety of furniture options available through Vevano.

If you need some new office furniture to turn your workspace from blah to hoorah, consider these desk and chair options:

Modern Office Desk Styles

sampson office desk

1. Modern Cottage Office Desks

If you have a modern cottage home or office setup, you’re sure to love one of these options that put an updated look on a traditional cottage style.

Lifestyle Desk in Sundried Ash - This beautiful piece of modern office furniture features reclaimed wood in pine, a leather writing surface, six drawers, and two pull-out writing shelves. The bottom two drawers are extra deep to contain plenty of files. Inspiration was taken from a classic lawyer’s desk for this piece of modern office furniture, and there is enough storage for most everyone’s needs. It even includes an extra semi-hidden storage area on the side!

Irish Desk in Rustic Black Olive - For those who want to add a decidedly country cottage flair to their home or office, you won’t want to pass up on this desk. There are four drawers and two pull-outs for writing. Both bottom drawers are deep, allowing them to easily act as file drawers. The leather writing top lends a sophisticated and professional air to any modern home office. In addition to office spaces, this would make an excellent reception desk, thanks to the file cabinet-style bottom drawers that provide plenty of storage room.

2. Modern Farmhouse/Rustic Office Desks

The modern farmhouse and rustic look have become incredibly popular over the past several years. It takes a special look to truly fit and complete the picture you’re creating in this style. Here are several modern office furniture design options that you’re sure to love.

Sampson Desk in Antique Brass Clad - This desk is ideal for those with a love of minimalist and farmhouse or rustic décor. The simple wood top contains three drawers for all of your essentials, plus room for storage. The clean lines of the legs boast a distinctly modern minimalist feel and contrast perfectly with the rustic reclaimed wood of the entire piece. Brass drawer pulls finish off the look and tie it all together.

Palma Desk in Whitewash - Are you looking for modern office furniture ideas that inspire a sense of rustic, outdoor woodsiness inside your modern home office? If so, this is one of Vevano’s modern office desks that do exactly that. This piece of modern furniture for office spaces looks like it came straight out of a craftsman’s shop. The criss-cross and angled supports give it a distinctly rustic appeal, while the minimal top provides a rustic worksurface. There are two pull-out writing slabs on the ends, but no storage compartments are contained within the desk. This is for those who love minimalist/rustic modern office furniture sets but don’t need a lot of storage space within their desk.

Crockett Desk in White Wash on Acacia - This desk is another win for those who love all things rustic and minimalist. Some might even put it in the ultra-modern office furniture category for rustic office furniture. The Crockett Desk is about as simple as you get. The entire piece is crafted from reclaimed wood and features a solid work surface and simple, straightforward supports. The natural wood is the real beauty here, and the finish makes the entire piece shine. There are no drawers or pullouts, so this is for the office that simply needs a writing or work surface with no storage capabilities.

3. Modern Traditional/Classic Office Desks

Do you love the feel of a traditional or classic workspace but want to update it a bit? If that sounds like you, you’re sure to love this modern office furniture desk.

Cintra Desk in Limestone White - This is one piece of modern white office furniture that you might not be able to live without. This style pairs with any classic office setup and works exceptionally well when styled as modern executive office furniture. Equipped with six drawers, there is plenty of room for storage. The bottom two drawers are extra deep for file drawer storage. The leather writing surface on the top lends an especially professional air to this high-end modern office furniture, making it perfect for any office from supervisor to C-level.

4. Modern Minimalist Desks

A modern office boasts clean lines, a minimal amount of furniture and décor, and a sense that everything in the office has a use. Minimalist office furniture should be functional, well-designed, provide storage, and keep the same clean lines minimalists love. This option fits that bill:

Kelby Desk in Aged Brass - This desk is inspired by the minimalist lifestyle and boasts strong, clean lines. Two drawers provide just enough space for essentials, and brass pulls contribute a modern look to the overall style. This modern office desk is an ideal piece of home office furniture for any modern, minimalist, or contemporary room.

5. Modern Contemporary Office Desks

Those with contemporary offices are sure to find their look completed with this modern office furniture desk.

Shagreen Desk in Stainless Steel - This utility-focused work desk is ideal for those looking for a piece of contemporary office furniture with a mix of storage and clean lines. The brown faux shagreen top has three drawers for essential storage, with room for some extras. A stainless steel base perfectly complements the desk, and the matching drawer pulls tie it all together. All you need is a home office chair and you’re ready for work.

6. Mid Century Modern Office Desks

Love the mid-century modern look? These desks will fit right in:

Tucker Desk in Oil Rubbed Bronze - Bring mid-century modern office furniture into your home or work office space with this beautiful floating desk. Five drawers provide plenty of storage space, while the iron legs give it a modern, updated feel. This desk looks beautiful when facing a room with the combined walnut drawer faces and white lacquered desk body.

Lauren Desk in Warm Brown Acacia - Inspired by a lawyer’s desk, this midcentury modern office furniture desk will look amazing in any workspace. Thanks to four drawers and an open shelf, there is plenty of storage that could double as space for a keyboard tray. The floating top and iron legs finish the look for any office space in need of an executive desk.

7. Modern Industrial Office Desks

Modern industrial offices will be perfectly complemented with this piece of modern industrial office furniture.

Shadow Desk in Black - Harmoniously mixing metal and glass, you’re sure to fall in love with this four-drawer workstation. You’ll have plenty of storage space with a deep drawer for files and three more for essentials. Two glass drawers contribute to a unique look and feel second to none.

Modern Office Chair Styles

bryson chair

1. Modern Cottage Office Chairs

Complete your modern cottage office look with this gorgeous chair that will fit right in.

Alexa Desk Chair in Natural Cane - This comfortable chair combines a linen seat base with a back crafted with natural cane inlay. The honey oak arms and frame contribute to a cottage feel, while the swivel base is ideal for modern offices. This is ideal for any home office and pairs well with a wide variety of modern desk options.

2. Modern Farmhouse/Rustic Office Chairs

Are you in love with your farmhouse office desk? This chair is sure to complete the look.

Giada Desk Chair in Toasted Nettlewood - The fabric on this chair is reminiscent of office wear, while the nettle wood base matches with the warm tones of a modern farmhouse or rustic office. A hidden swivel capability adds a functional touch you won’t want to live without.

3. Modern Minimalist Office Chairs

Modern minimalist lovers will enjoy matching the clean lines of their desks and bookshelves with these equally stunning chairs.

Inman Desk Chair in Matte Black - Bring a little mid-century feel to your minimalist office with this neutral grey swivel chair. Matte black iron supports pair wonderfully with minimalist designs, while the swan back style incorporates a bit of warmth.

4. Modern Contemporary Office Chairs

Contemporary style lovers are sure to find space in their home or work office for this luxurious chair.

Bryson Office Chair in Distressed Nettlewood - This makes for an incredibly plush pairing with any number of home office desks. If you want to add some style, this office chair ought to do it. The velvet plush back seems to float between thin oak arms. The swivel coaster support lends an extra degree of functionality. This could easily be an executive chair any boss or C-level worker would be proud to own.

5. Mid Century Modern Office Chairs

Ready to complete your mid-century-style office? One of these chairs ought to do nicely.

Alexa Desk Chair in Black Iron - While this same chair in natural cane pairs well with cottage-style offices, change the frame to black iron and you have the piece de resistance for a modern mid-century office. Natural cane inlay contributes a distinct look, and the swivel base provides an extra layer of functionality to this piece.

Malibu Desk Chair in Natural Washed Mushroom - This modern office chair is perfect for a modern workstation in the mid-century style. Plush top-grain leather gives a luxurious look and feel to this chair while the steel bottom supports offer function and practicality with a caster wheelbase.

6. Modern Industrial Office Chairs

Modern industrial offices will benefit from one of these luxury office chair pairings.

Malibu Desk Chair in Shiny Steel Black or Antique Whiskey - Luxury top-grain leather pairs with a stainless steel base to complete the look of a modern industrial home office, work office, or conference room. Place any number of these chairs around a conference table to create a workspace of comfort and creativity for your team. The caster wheels add a perfect layer of functionality to this piece of modern furniture, making this an excellent task chair for any level employee, from secretary to C-level.

Braden Desk Chair in Stainless Steel - If you’re looking to complete an office setup or need a few chairs to place around a modern conference table, the Braden Desk Chair is an excellent option. The deep top-grain black leather seat is offset by a rich, dark nettle wood frame. The stainless steel base provides a swivel function, in addition to casters. This is an ideal chair if you find yourself needing to stay seated while maneuvering to access a filing cabinet or other part of your office.

A Well-Designed Office Space

Whether you’re an interior designer or someone who simply enjoys a well-designed office space, you’re sure to benefit from changing up your furniture. Boring old office furniture should be a thing of the past, thanks to the dynamic, interesting, versatile, and styled pieces offered through Vevano.

No matter the look or feel you want to create, there are plenty of options to choose from. From mid-century or rustic farmhouse to industrial, minimalist, or contemporary spaces, you can put a modern twist on any of these style preferences and create a unique office space that reflects your unique brand of creativity, energy, and work style.