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8 Home Office Desk Ideas to Bring Your Workspace to the Next Level

November 8, 2021
By the Vevano Home Team

When you work from home, the office desk you use can make or break the workday. Pick the wrong one, and you could end up with stacks of paper, clutter, and frustration. Place it in the wrong spot, and you could end up feeling disorganized, distracted, and inefficient. If you want to improve your work environment, we suggest choosing the best desk for your needs from desks like these:

8 Home Office Desk Ideas

  1. Irish Desk in Matte Black
  2. Tucker Desk in Oil Rubbed Bronze
  3. Shadow Desk in Black
  4. Sampson Desk in Antique Brass
  5. Palma Desk in Whitewash
  6. Lifestyle Desk in Sundried Ash
  7. Lauren Desk in Warm Brown
  8. Crockett Desk in White Wash on Acacia

Not only can the right home office desk increase your productivity and workflow, but it can promote the overall feeling of focus, peace, and efficiency. The desk you choose does far more than provide something nice to look at. Your choice of office furniture can be the difference between landing contracts and finishing jobs.

Where to Place Your Home Office Desk

The placement of your home office desk plays a critical role in the look and feel of the room, in addition to your productivity and efficiency. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration when deciding on home office desk ideas. These factors include the size of your room, where you need to face, your tendency to distractibility, and whether others share your office space or whether the room is your workspace alone.

home office desk

Small home office desk ideas include utilizing a minimalist desk and furniture that can serve multiple purposes, such as a shorter filing cabinet that allows you to utilize the open space on top for file organization.

Home office corner desk ideas get a bit trickier if you want to face the rest of the room. If you’re content to face one of the walls that form the corner, then you would benefit greatly from an L shaped desk that provides plenty of storage and organizational space thanks to the room for drawers and desk space adjoining the area where you place your computer.

If you share an office space, then you’ll need to utilize double desk home office ideas. There are a variety of ways to place your double desk setup, from sandwiching them back-to-back if you have limited space or placing them side by side if you need to be close. In larger offices, you might want to place them on opposite sides of the room to give the illusion of a separate workspace.

home office desk

Home office desk setup ideas will vary depending on how much paperwork you have, how organized you like to be, and whether you need space for organization or if you prefer a more minimalist setup. Desk drawers will naturally provide room for paperwork and file organization. A minimalist desk will mean that you either have no hardcopy files floating around or you use a filing system, like a modern filing cabinet.

How you set up your office space is a deeply personal decision based on the space you have, your personal preference for organization and aesthetics, and your need for efficiency. A small desk will naturally fit better in a smaller office space while a corner or L shaped home office desk is more ideal for larger offices. If you’re looking for home office ideas for a unique space, consider drawing out the floor plan of your office and sketching different arrangements to decide which you like the best.

Top 8 Functional and Beautiful Home Office Desks

The Irish Desk in Matte Black is ideal if you need a computer desk that features plenty of room on top and storage space below. For traditional, transitional, or classic spaces, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous, reclaimed wood matte black desk. It features four drawers (two of which are ideal for file storage), two pull-out writing panels, and an inlaid leather top.

If you need a desk idea that provides a good pop of decor, positions you as a power player, and inspires a sense of an established CEO, then this is the desk you’ll want to have at home.

The midcentury modern Tucker Desk in Oil Rubbed Bronze is perfect for a small space, like a converted guest room that now functions as a home office. One of the things we love about this desk is how much storage space it has. It contains a whopping five drawers, providing you with plenty of storage space. Need a secretary desk? Look no further than this piece of modern home office furniture.

If you’re looking for a modern home office idea, this desk design should pair perfectly with your existing mid-century decor. The walnut face and oil rubbed bronze drawer pulls look sleek and sophisticated, while the iron legs add a contemporary floating desk vibe to complete your home office design. Add in a modern office chair, and you’ll have an office furniture pairing that provides you with a writing desk that any work-from-home employee or business owner would love.

Are you looking for industrial-style office furniture? If so, you don’t want to pass up the Shadow Desk in Black. This desk perfectly combines an eclectic mix of art and design, giving you a workspace with a glass enclosure on top for knickknacks, mementos, awards from the office, drawings from your children, or unique items that create a visual statement. Then, the two drawers provide space for office supplies on the top and file storage on the bottom.

Matte black metal, brass knobs, and a glass shadow top create a one-of-a-kind work space for any small home office.

Pair the Sampson Desk in Antique Brass with offices that are styled with a rustic, farmhouse, modern, or industrial vibe. This desk is functional decor that is as stunning as it is practical. The iron legs feature a diamond design that works well as a modern desk, while the greyed oak desktop can fit in with any office idea from a rustic design to an industrial setting.

Three drawers with antique brass drawer pulls provide enough storage space for office supplies to ensure that you’ll never have a messy desk. If placed against a wall, you’ll have a blank canvas of wall space to accent your work space and finish off your ideal home office setup.

Modern, farmhouse, and rustic-styled office spaces need this beautiful, simple French-inspired Palma Desk in Whitewash. The entire piece, from desk surface to legs, is made from reclaimed elm and whitewashed to provide character. Two pullout leaves, one on either side, create extra room when you need more space or provide you with an additional area for storage, writing, or organizing.

Though this isn’t a completely white desk, it will certainly fit in with an office space that uses white as a dominant theme. The desk surface shows the gorgeous natural lines of the wood, and the whole design inspires a sense of creativity. You’ll also maximize your floor space with this desk, as the sleek X-shaped legs and supporting bar in the back take up very little space.

This gorgeous CEO-style Lifestyle Desk in Sundried Ash would look amazing in any larger room office design. Though not an L shaped desk, its large 69-inch span creates enough desk space for all your corner desk workspace needs.

Six drawers provide ample storage for any needs, with two drawers on each side ideal for office supplies and the bottom drawer on each side deep enough for file storage. A surprise door on the righthand side toward the back provides even more space for documents and items you need to keep near, but rarely access. Two pull-out writing panels on either side of your chair give you even more area for writing or signing documents, and a drawer in the middle is perfect for keeping your favorite pen.

Pair this classic lawyer’s desk style office furniture with a desk lamp, and you’ll be set to spend long days in your office without missing a beat.

If you’re looking for a unique desk idea that can fit in well with a dining room turned office space, look no further than the Lauren Desk in Warm Brown. This mid-century desk is inspired by the classic lawyer’s desk with its storage space, simple build, and mix of wood and metal. Four drawers provide plenty of storage space, with three smaller drawers on the right side and one deep file drawer on the left.

The floating shelf desktop and simple legs give this desk the appearance of being a wall mounted desk when placed against a wall. When placed away from the wall with space around it, it presents a unique appearance with mid-century flair and style. All you need now is a home office chair and you’ll be set.

This is a perfect small desk for bedroom office spaces thanks to its minimalist design and clean look. Farmhouse, rustic, and industrial-styled spaces can all benefit from placing this desk in the home office space.

As opposed to the floating shelf office desk, it’s minimal in form and function, so you’ll need a separate area for file storage. There is plenty of desk space, however, for organizing files, working on your laptop, and keeping notebooks and folders nearby.

While this isn’t a live edge desk, the concrete desktop creates a unique and rustic appearance that is second to none. If you plan on placing this desk in a common room, utilize rustic living room furniture nearby to create a dynamic look and feel.

Creating the Office of Your Dreams

Creating an office that maximizes your space, creates an efficient area for productivity and high output, and encourages creativity doesn’t have to be impossible. Rather, with the right desk, you can achieve all of that and more with added storage and interesting designs.

Before you’re ready to purchase your new office furniture, consider how you need it to function, what style you want the desk to fit in with, and where you want to place it. Desk placement can make or break your ability to concentrate in a home office setting, especially if you need to place it in a common room, like the living room.

With the right placement, the number of drawers for storage space, and the desktop size that provides enough room to spread out or just enough area to maximize a small space, you’ll be cranking out projects, creating new designs, and reaching the top of your game in no time.