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8 Easy Steps to Measuring Your Kitchen for New Cabinets

Send us measurements, a few photos, and we’ll do the rest.


By RaShea Drake
Jun 11, 2019


Why is Measuring So Important?

One of the reasons it’s so hard to find pricing for kitchen cabinets is that no one really knows that answer without seeing your kitchen layout first. Add all the options available for cabinets and it gets complicated fast. However, to help make things simple, we have step-by-step instructions on how to measure your cabinets to get a personalized design and assessment.

Measuring Made Easy

What You Need:

  • Pen/Pencil
  • Paper
  • Measuring Tape
  • Camera (or smartphone)


A Quick Note: Before we get started, know that nothing needs to be precise or exact. This is intended to be a basic, quick sketch of your kitchen for our designers to use. Using the combination of measurements and photos, they will have enough information to create a personalized rendering of what your new cabinets would look like in your kitchen.

Getting Started:

  1. Draw an outline of your kitchen layout, or shape of the room, marking where the walls are.
  2. Mark where any windows or doorways are in your kitchen and label them.
  3. Mark your cabinet layout. This could be your current layout, or if you’re looking to change, your desired cabinet layout.
  4. Mark where appliances are/will be and label them.
  5. Now you can take your measuring tape and measure the following. *Note: measurements don’t have to be precise to the 1/10th inch, you can round to the nearest number.
    1. Measure windows and doorways from outer trim to outer trim (instead of just the window opening) and label the measurements.
    2. Measure walls to outer trims of windows/doors, or wall to wall if there are no other wall openings.
    3. Measure floor to ceiling.
  6. In your sketch, mark whether an area has upper cabinets or lower cabinets (or both).
  7. Measure the depth of your counter from edge to wall (this will help us with knowing which cabinets are best).
  8. Take pictures of your current layout. We recommend taking a couple from different angles in the room to help our designers see how everything fits together in conjunction with your measurements.


What Your Measurements Should Look Like When You're Done

When you’re finished with your layout it should look similar to this layout below.

Last Step

Now you’re finished! Send an email, complete with a copy of your measurements along with photos of your layout to We’re also happy to take any questions you might have.