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8 Furniture Pieces to Optimize Your Living Room Storage

May 25, 2021
By the Vevano Home Team

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a new renter, optimizing your living room storage space is a great way to make your home feel more spacious and less cluttered.

As one of the home's premier places for hosting guests and relaxing, the living room is a high-traffic area that can quickly become cluttered and untidy. Thankfully, a few simple, stylish tweaks to your space can help keep your living room organized and clean. Today we’ll cover living room storage ideas and other simple solutions that can help you make the most of your space.

Coffee Tables

Everyone loves a good coffee table. They’re great for displaying decorative pieces, stashing away clutter, providing a home for candles and coasters, and sometimes acting as the room’s statement centerpiece.

living room featuring coffee table, a stylish storage solution for your home

Coffee tables can also pull off double duty by providing a place for storage in their drawers. Take advantage of this space by storing remotes or other small, frequently used items. You may also consider selecting a coffee table with additional storage at the bottom for things like board games and magazines.

Keep in mind that there are thousands of coffee tables that you can choose from. Coffee tables come in several different sizes, materials, makes, and colors, so choose one that matches the rest of your living room. For example, if you already have a modern black sideboard, consider pairing it with a sleek black coffee table.

antique brass coffee table
black coffee table with hidden storage
coffee table with storage

Floating Shelves

If you’re a book or movie lover, a floating shelf may be just the option for you! Instead of placing your books, magazines, or decorative items on a table—which may cause clutter—consider installing floating shelves on your wall.

Floating shelves have become popular because of the ease of installation and their clean, minimalist look. Don’t be afraid to hang up a few floating shelves to optimize your living room space to hold items or display any pictures or cool souvenirs. Floating shelves are a great modern look, so if you’re designing a contemporary feel for your living room, these would be the perfect fit.


Sideboards, also known as buffets, are a classic staple for any living room and provide ample storage space. You can use this versatile piece of furniture to either dress up or dress down the style of your living room. They’re not only a great storage furniture piece to store special-occasion dinnerware, linens, and flatware, but sideboards are perfect for displaying decorative items and adding a “wow” factor to your living room.

living room sideboard, optimal for storage

While you’re in the decision process of selecting a sideboard, consider that it has multiple functions. It can serve as a desk, a decorative piece, a storage unit, and much more. Once you have decided the desired function of your sideboard, you’re ready to determine the more specific details. What height do you want your sideboard to be? What style will best match the rest of your furniture? Do you want it to have shelves inside or storage cabinets?

You can also select from an array of modern sideboards, mid-century modern sideboards, and other styles. Choose the best one that fits the style and feel of your living room.

wood sideboard, a perfect living room storage solution
Modern wood living room sideboard
light wood sideboard for living room storage

TV Stands

If you’re looking for a little more floor space but still want the storage space that a coffee table provides, consider having a TV stand or an entertainment center in your living room. Placing a TV stand against the wall, or wherever you’d like, can help open up the room, while still providing a place for books, magazines, movies, CDs, and other small items.

You can select a TV stand or entertainment center with open or closed shelves, depending on whether or not you want your stored items on display. If you have a small living room, then this is an ideal storage solution for you so that you have more floor space available.


Baskets are all the craze today. Everyone loves baskets to store blankets, kids toys, and games. Baskets are a great storage idea because they are affordable, stylish, and can be placed pretty much anywhere in the room. If you fill it with blankets, consider placing it next to the sofa so that you have easy access to it while watching a movie.

beautiful woven basket for home storage
light woven basket for living room storage

Window Seat

A window seat is often one of the most loved elements of a home; they provide comfort, offer storage space, and are a nice nook to have in your living room. If you’re remodeling or building your home, then you should consider installing a window seat. Here’s why.

Window seats are versatile. With the addition of some pillows or cushions, your window seat can become a comfortable place to read, nap, or hang out. You can also make your window seat a little more functional by adding storage inside. This can be done by adding a cover on top that opens up, or drawers or cabinets toward the bottom of your window seat. Whatever function you choose for your window seat, you can’t go wrong.

Not building or remodeling but still want a window seat in your living room? A window seat can be built for as little as $100 with open storage underneath or $350 for a window seat with cabinets. This can be a fun DIY project, or you can call in the professionals to help you install your new favorite place in your home.

Storage Ottoman

For a little extra storage space that needs to be hidden, try a storage ottoman. Ottomans make great storage units because they provide a dual purpose—a footrest or a place to sit, and also a great place to keep items like pillows and blankets. Many people also like to store magazines or games inside their storage ottoman. This is an ideal piece of storage furniture because no one will know that you are using it to store items, and it still makes the room look nice and comfortable.

large sectional featuring an ottoman, which can be used as living room storage

Additional Furniture Options

We’ve talked about several different furniture pieces that can help you optimize your living room storage. Now we want to talk about what else needs to fit in your living room—basic furniture. While some furniture items don’t offer much in the way of storage, the look and placement of your living room furniture can go a long way in making a room feel inviting and organized.

Living Room Seating

Living room seating can be anything from ottomans that double as coffee tables, to decorative stools and benches, to a simple couch. There are multiple different types of living room seating that can double as a storage unit. As mentioned above, storage ottomans are a great use of space. Ottoman coffee tables provide a great coffee table surface, but also the comfort of an ottoman.

Sofas and Sectionals

Each living room should have an inviting atmosphere, and sofas and sectionals do just that. A room is only as comfortable as its furniture, so you’ll want to pick out the right sofa or sectional for you and your space.

Often, many people select their sofa first, which can set the tone for the rest of the furniture in the room. Because of this, you’ll want to have already decided on a theme or design for the room, or the sofa can help you with that.

living room featuring a large sectional

Sectionals are an amazing piece of furniture for big families or large groups of guests because they provide more space than a basic sofa. However, if you are more limited on space, a sofa would be the way to go. Whatever the case, a sofa or a sectional can provide a polished environment in your living room by adding extra comfort and relaxation.

Make it Yours

Design your room with one coherent style and implement these living room storage ideas to both optimize your space and, ultimately, make it your own. For more help in designing your ideal home office and finding the perfect home office furniture for you, reach out to our Vevano Home designers today!