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What is LVT? 

Quick Facts About Luxury Vinyl Tile

By Megan Cowen
December 30, 2019
LVT Flooring
LVT Flooring Bedroom

Whether it’s an issue with your space or your budget, Luxury Vinyl Tile (or LVT) is the answer to your flooring problem! 

LVT is composed of PVC vinyl layers, a realistic 3D photo layer, and an extremely durable protective layer. It’s made to look like wood or stone, so there are a lot of options to choose from. Luxury Vinyl Tile is available in both glue-down and click-together options. Glue-down versions are thin, lightweight, and very flexible while click-together versions are thicker and range from flexible to rigid planks. 

An easy solution to uneven surfaces: A click-together LVT floor produces a floating surface that is more forgiving than its glue-down counterpart which is more prone to reveal imperfections in the sub-surface. 

Hardwood look without the hardwood cons: Many people want hardwood in their basement, bathrooms, or laundry room. But because of moisture issues, it’s not recommended to install actual hardwood in these spaces. Both glue-down and click-together LVT options are great alternatives that look like wood and can be installed in any indoor space.

DIY friendly: Installation is much easier with LVT compared to hardwood and tile. You don’t have to deal with nail guns, leveling, spacers, or grout. It’s a great product for the novice DIYer and can save time and money.

Cost: When comparing the cost of LVT to hardwood, LVT is much more economical. It depends on the type and finish, but it can reduce your costs by as much as $3-5 per square foot. The cost is comparable to tile, but after factoring in tools and materials needed for installation, LVT still wins. 

So, if you are looking for a flexible product that looks beautiful and is easy on the budget, LVT is a great option. Check out our selection of LVT flooring products.