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How to Choose the Perfect Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Looking for a simple kitchen upgrade? Updating your sink’s faucet is an excellent way to improve both the function and aesthetic of your kitchen. And if you’re looking for an eye-catching vintage style with modern functionality, look no further than bridge faucets!


What is a Bridge Style Faucet?

A bridge faucet has two handles, one hot and one cold, that are connected by a horizontal pipe that also holds up the spout.

Unlike a single handle faucet that automatically adjusts temperature for you, a bridge faucet mixes hot and cold water together as you adjust each handle to your temperature preference.

The great thing about bridge faucets is that they are all one piece, only require two holes to install it instead of three, and don’t require a deck plate to cover your counter. Overall, these faucets are narrower, making them a great space saver for smaller kitchens.


Types of Bridge Kitchen Faucets

You will find a variety of bridge kitchen faucets out there that differ in design, colors, finishes, and features. When looking at faucets, you’ll want to consider the faucet mount, the style, and other add-on features.


Faucet Mounts

Bridge faucets are usually mounted one of two ways—to the deck or to the wall. When looking at these two mounts, make sure they match your new or existing sink before you purchase.


Deck Mount Bridge Faucets

A deck mount is the most common type of mount for kitchen faucets. This type is mounted through holes in your countertop or sink. Deck mounts are more popular because they are easy to install and can be fixed by accessing the hardware from both above and below the sink.


Wall Mount Bridge Faucets

A wall mount bridge faucet is certainly a great option when you’re looking to save space. Plus, they add a unique design element.


However, they are a little trickier to install. First, the water lines have to be run up behind the wall before you begin installation, which is not always recommended as a DIY project.


Before you move any plumbing or drill holes into your wall, you need to carefully measure your placement to ensure the faucet can be installed high enough to allow enough room for washing dishes and other tasks. Then you also need to measure to ensure that water will dispense in about the middle of your sink.


Bridge Faucet Styles

Though bridge style kitchen faucets are known for their more traditional look, today you can find bridge faucets in a variety of modern styles and finishes. Here’s a quick look at different bridge faucet styles.


Modern—Polished chrome or vibrant stainless steel both offer a modernized look to the bridge look. Look for options with seamless, minimalist design with no extra details or raised designs like you find with traditional bridge faucets. Many modern designs also come in gold or black matte finishes.


Traditional—Bridge kitchen faucets have been an idea since the times of the Romans. Traditional styles are derived from those earlier designs. They usually have beveled details and curves and are often oil-rubbed bronze.


Transitional—Many bridge kitchen faucets take a blended approach between modern and traditional styles. Transitional styles have a combination of the clean lines you’ll see in modern designs and the curves from traditional designs. These designs are a popular choice.


Industrial—Industrial styles have clean lines mixed with curves like traditional, but rely on angular silhouettes to define the style. This style offers a hard-working look that adds a rugged touch but still feels modern.


Other Bridge Faucet Features and Add Ons

Bridge kitchen faucets offer show-stopping style in any kitchen, and many offer additional functionalities that make cleaning dishes easier than ever! Some are directly attached to the faucet while others will be an add-on installed close to the bridge.


Side Spray—Yes, your bridge kitchen faucet can come with a side sprayer! Sprayers are great for helping clean sticky and dried-on messes from dishes or cleaning out the harder-to-reach corner of your kitchen sink.


Pull Down Spout—Instead of installing a separate sprayer to the side of your faucet, bridge faucets can include a spout with a pull down sprayer. . It’s usually attached to the faucet with a magnet for easy use. But don’t worry! Your bridge faucet with a pull-down sprayer can still look traditional, even if it has modern magnetic, high-powered spray functionality.


Spout Rotation—One of the most important functions in any faucet is the spout rotation. You want the water to reach any part of the sink you’re going to use! Luckily, nearly every modern-day bridget faucet has a high-degree spout rotation to help you with any task.


FAQs About Bridge Faucets

How Much Do Bridge Kitchen Faucets Cost?

You can find bridge kitchen faucets that are just over $200, but most are in the $600 to $1,100 range. More expensive options don’t always mean they are the better choice because everything depends on the style, design, and functionality you are looking for.


Can I Put Bridge Kitchen Faucets in Other Rooms?

Yes! You can put these types of faucets at any sink in any room in your home. Just make sure to decide on deck or wall mounting first, and measure everything to make sure they will fit!


Why Do Some Bridge Faucets Cost Much More than Others?

Bridge faucets vary in price due to finishes, materials, and other add-ons (like a side spray) that they include. You may find budget options for bridge faucets, but often either the entire faucet is made from plastic or added sprayers are made from plastic instead of the metal used in the rest of the faucet. Over time, these won’t hold up.


Bridge faucets in the $1,000 range can be handmade and are usually made with higher-quality materials like copper, solid brass, and bronze. They often use durable ceramic valve pieces and some even have additional design technology and materials to prevent common leaks and increase fluidity and control.


These options will last you for years, which is exactly what you want when you're investing in home upgrades.


Choose the Best One For You!

Now you have everything you need to know about bridge kitchen faucets! We hope the information we’ve provided helps you select the perfect faucet.


If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our designers. You can consult with our virtual interior designers by calling 855.483.2629 or filling out our contact form. We’d love to hear from you!