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A Fresh Take on Modern Decor

After you furnish a room, it’s time to make it truly yours with decor that speaks to your style. Choose heirloom-quality art, lamps, and mirrors to add modern elegance to your space. 

Use Accessories to Heighten Interest

Brighten up your space with decorative pillows in a variety of materials, like wool, linen, or cotton. Try throw pillows with a modern take on a vintage design, such as a mudcloth or embroidered pattern. The perfect couch pillow or throw blanket provides just the right amount of elegance for every room.

Choose eye-catching round mirrors inlaid with brass, or area rugs, and wooden baskets. You could even experiment with different mirror shapes, like square, circular, or the traditional rectangular. Try a backlit mirror if the room is naturally dark. Not sure where to hang your new mirror? Give it a place on your gallery wall, above the fireplace, or in the entryway for moments of reflection.

Staying True to Your Decor Style

Minimalism is just one of the latest trends, but if different shades of beige aren’t for you, try experimenting with pops of color and high-quality art. Maybe you want to add to your eclectic painting collection, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect original piece to round out your gallery wall. Either way, Vevano Art Studio has pieces that complement your existing decor and make you feel right at home.

Art as the Centerpiece

Vevano Home has partnered with Four Hands Art Collective to deliver a collection of curated pieces for every taste. After you order a piece of art from this heirloom collection, it comes shipped to your door matted, framed, and ready to hang. Each artist is masterfully trained in styles ranging from abstract to modern. If you’re trying to shy away from bolder colors, the collection also includes striking black and white photography as well.

Lighting Up Your Space

The glow of ambient light adds the intimate touch every room needs to make it complete. Choose from LED table lamps, flexible desk lamps for easy reading, or lovely floor lamps to illuminate your living room. Choose a bulb that casts a complementary glow on your large area rug or pillow set. 

Contemporary Storage Solutions

We all need places to store our things, but storing them in a way that blends in seamlessly with the decor isn’t always easy. Try decorative baskets with or without lids, or even a wall shelf unit for a stack of books. Don’t have a wine cellar? Use a wall wine rack to display your collection and keep it close for easy access.

Are you running out of space for your many subscriptions? Try a sleek magazine rack in the corner next to your woven baskets or reading lamp. Magazine storage doesn’t have to be clunky or cluttered.