Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The natural texture of wood cabinets is a timeless classic. Our collections include both stained and painted wood. Stained varieties like Chocolate, Saddle, or Dark Wood enhance the natural Birch grain. Painted cabinets in white or grey wrap your cabinet in color while keeping the natural feel of organic wood.

Wood is perfect for any kitchen style from classic and traditional, to cutting-edge modern, to trendy farmhouse. Choose beveled wood doors to embellish a classic kitchen or slab style doors with horizontal grain lines for a uniquely modern flair.



The Best Wood Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Wood kitchen cabinets are a classic choice. Wood is available in many different colors, shades, and species (tree type), providing a wide range of wood-grain variations. Since wood is so versatile, wood cabinets are easy to flawlessly match with other design elements in your kitchen.

Styles of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

  • Modern
  • Industrial
  • Traditional
  • Shaker
  • Farmhouse

Each of these kitchen design styles works well with stained and textured wood door varieties. Choose your favorite shade, color, grain direction, material, and door panel design to complete your dream kitchen.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood kitchen cabinetry is a solid choice for any style of kitchen. Some of the many benefits of wood kitchen cabinets include a wide range of color choices, grain textures, and overall durability. Various types of wood are painted or stained to provide you with a wealth of color, surface, and design choices.

Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Unadorned wood cabinetry is an ideal backdrop for the modern kitchen style. Frameless doors and drawer fronts without beveling or panels are best for creating a classic modern kitchen. Neutral colors such as white or grey paired with a wood kitchen cabinet is a great remodeling choice for updating an outdated kitchen. Wood cabinets from the Wilora Marquis line in White Pine, Dark Wood, or Grey Wood are made of engineered wood so they’re more durable and more affordable than real wood cabinets. The unique horizontal wood grains add even more modern flair to your kitchen.

Wood is also fitting for mid-century modern kitchens. Harking back to the ‘60s, tall natural wooden cabinets can bring a vintage vibe to your modern cooking space. The Wilora Cortina cabinet collections in Oyster Shell or Conch Shell feature lighter wood tones for adding warmth and natural texture to your home. The vertical grain is more traditional, but the frameless doors and drawers complete the modern look and feel.

Industrial Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Industrial style kitchens mix man-made textures and raw materials to create thoroughly functional cooking spaces. Metals, brick, and wood are all hallmark elements of industrial kitchens. Wood kitchen cabinets work especially well in industrial spaces when paired with stainless steel appliances, open rafters, exposed duct work, and metal lighting. The raw texture of wood on a simple modern door frame plays well with an all-function kitchen style.

Any of the frameless kitchen cabinet lines at Vevano are great for industrial wood kitchen cabinets. The Wilora Paloma Marquis White Pine, Grey Wood, or Dark Wood collections have clean, modern lines ideal for adding industrial style hardware. The Wilora Paloma Cortina Oyster Shell or Conch Shell collections have textured melamine doors with a vertical wood grain. While fully sealed and finished, the engineered wood of the Cortina line feels more like unfinished kitchen cabinets, which fits well with the industrial aesthetic.

Traditional Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional wood cabinets are a classic kitchen staple. Stained wood in various shades works well in traditional kitchens due to its familiar texture and unique appearance. Since each wood grain is different, no two kitchens are alike. Traditional cabinet door styles feature raised or recessed panels and beveling layers.

The Wilora Hawthorne Wildwood Saddle cabinet collection is Vevano’s most classic and traditional door style. The warm brown wood and with hand-glazed details add well-crafted detail and beauty to any traditional kitchen. The Wilora Hawthorne Shaker Cinder is a slightly more modern-traditional choice that borders on transitional, with clean straight lines and a darker hue. Both solid wood cabinet collections bring style and class to any traditional kitchen.

Shaker Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker wood cabinets are an understated choice, perfect for almost any style kitchen. The rectangular framed door panels are recessed and have no beveling, for straight, clean lines. The simple design of Shaker cabinet doors creates a blank slate for playing up other design aspects without over-cluttering your kitchen. Play up a farmhouse aesthetic with a farmhouse sink or play up a modern ambiance with a waterfall countertop.

The Wilora Hawthorne Shaker Cinder is a dark stained wood kitchen cabinet with the definitive shaker style door frame. With wood grain just barely visible under the grey stain, this collection provides your kitchen with subtle texture and depth.

Farmhouse Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood is a great material for creating the rustic or farmhouse kitchen style. The farmhouse aesthetic is all about mixing natural elements and eclectic décor, so rustic wood cabinets blend especially well. The Wilora Hawthorne Shaker Cinder is a dark wood stained cabinet with grey tones. Its neutral color pairs well with other farmhouse elements such as splashes of color, farmhouse sinks, and large subway tiles. Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are usually white, off-white, or light grey, so choosing a dark grey wood tone is a unique choice that still fits the style very well.

Types of Wood Cabinets

Vevano offers many different types of wood cabinets, here are some of our favorites:

Solid Wood Cabinets: The Wilora Hawthorne Wildwood Saddle is a very traditional wood cabinet. The medium shade of Birch wood is a warm and comforting cabinet style.

HDF Cabinets: Many of the Wilora Hawthrone Shaker cabinets are made with HDF, and have lighter, painted door frames to withstand moisture and warping. White kitchen cabinets with a Shaker design are great for farmhouse or transitional style spaces.

Engineered Wood Cabinets: With Melamine textured door frames, the natural-looking grains of the Marquis collection add style and sophistication to any modern kitchen. The Grey Wood collection is perfect for grey kitchen cabinets, and the Dark Wood collection is ideal for dark kitchen cabinets.

Picking a Wood Cabinet Shade

Unstained natural wood typically has a light to medium shade but finished wood affects the shade in various ways to bring out the colors and wood grain. Stains on finished wood vary greatly between light and dark depending on the species and original shade of wood.

You can choose a light-wood cabinet with a dark stain, or a dark-wood cabinet with a dark stain for an even deeper shade. Darker shades are great for camouflaging uninteresting wood grains, whereas lighter shades highlight the natural contours of beautiful grains, making them stand out more. No matter your shade, wood cabinets are a stunning addition to any kitchen design.

Matching Countertops and Floors with Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets of various colors and shades are easy to match with other elements of your kitchen, such as countertops and appliances. Some of the most important choices are:

Flooring: When choosing a new kitchen floor, keep the shade of your cabinets in mind. A hardwood floor in the same shade and species as your cabinetry blends a little too well and lacks interest. However, a contrasting wood color does the opposite – causing both the cabinets and flooring to stand out in interesting ways. To add more depth to your kitchen, luxury vinyl tile or mosaic ceramic tile with an attractive pattern is a good option.

Countertops: All types of countertop materials coordinate well with wood cabinets, from laminate to granite. Choose a contrasting color for a nice pop or go with a neutral countertop color for a more traditional kitchen. Same advice goes for backsplash, keep the look neutral with a similar color or go for a big bold pattern or hue to add personality to your wood cabinets.

Wall Colors: Contrast is key when matching cabinets to wall paint. If your cabinets are a dark shade, a light beige or white pairs well. Light colors such as white or pastels look great with lighter cabinets too. If you’re looking for something less traditional, a darker statement wall in a fun color is an exciting pairing for lighter or medium shade cabinets.

Lighting: Dark cabinets can make a room seem dim, so consider adding more lighting fixtures to counterbalance and make your kitchen brighter. All light finishes from polished nickel to brass complement wood cabinetry. Under cabinet lightings also adds drama and brightness to your kitchen.

Appliances: Stainless steel is a particularly safe choice for wood cabinets of any color. Traditional white or black appliances also pair well with wood cabinets, depending on the contrast you prefer.

Best Hardware for Wood Cabinets

Whether you’re choosing knobs, pulls or a combination of both, cabinet hardware completes both the look and function of your cabinets. Pulls are generally larger than knobs and come in cup, T-shape, bar, and many other styles. Knobs are typically smaller and come in a variety of shapes such as round, square, or oval. Both knobs and pulls are available in many different finishes, and all pair well with wood cabinets. Wood cabinets at Vevano also come with quality drawer glides, soft-close hinges, and European style hinges.

FAQs About Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Want to add wood cabinets but need to know the pros and cons first? We can answer some of your most pressing wood cabinetry questions so you can choose the best wood cabinetry for your kitchen remodel.

How much do wood kitchen cabinets cost?

The easiest way to assess the price of your wood kitchen cabinets is to see how much a 10x10 kitchen costs. The cost of 10x10 wood kitchen cabinet collections at Vevano start at about $2,000. For a cost per square foot breakdown, check out our kitchen cabinet costs blog. Generally, 10x10 kitchens cabinet costs include about five or six wall cabinets, and five or six base cabinets. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, the price can fluctuate.

Interested in a price quote? Contact our design team to receive a kitchen design complete with a price list breaking down each cabinet and accessory by type, size, and price. When you love your new kitchen design and you’re ready to buy, our designers can help you order your cabinets. Since the price list is part of your design packet, there are no surprises. With our straightforward design process, it’s easy to turn your dream kitchen into reality.

Here are some general guidelines for increasing or decreasing the cost of your wood kitchen cabinets:

Budget Guide:

  • Vevano’s frameless cabinets are generally less expensive than framed cabinets.
  • RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets are a great DIY option as you’re not paying the factory to assemble the cabinets for you or paying increased shipping costs.
  • Engineered wood, like many of the cabinets in Vevano’s collection, is a stronger yet inexpensive alternative to real wood.

Splurge Guide:

  • Framed cabinets are generally more durable than frameless cabinets.
  • Completely custom cabinetry is the most expensive and splurge-worthy remodel choice.
  • A scratch-resistant, laminate door frame is a chic option for adding refinement to your kitchen.

What is the best wood to use for kitchen cabinets?

Cabinet materials are available in many different wood species and types. The best woods are both sturdy and beautiful. The most durable woods for kitchen cabinets have higher densities to ensure long-lasting cabinets. Here’s a comparison of different wood types, and which are best for your kitchen remodel.

Solid wood vs Engineered wood

Solid wood cabinets are the gold standard for dream kitchens. Wood is a single natural material, known for its traditional strength, unique wood grains, and beautiful texture. Real wood is the heaviest, most expensive option for kitchen cabinetry. Popular wood species include Cherry, Hickory, Oak, and Birch.

As an inexpensive kitchen cabinet alternative to real wood, engineered wood has many advantages. Engineered wood is man-made, often combining real wood with other composites. While not pure wood, engineered varieties (like HDF, MDF, veneer, etc.) are just as strong, more waterproof, lighter, less expensive, and more resistant to warping over time.

Winner: Both have unique qualities, it’s mostly a matter of your personal preference

HDF (high-density fiberboard) vs MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

HDF and MDF are used in door panels and frames and are less expensive than solid wood. Both are also better for creative and decorative door styles, as their materials are easier to miter than real wood. HDF is a more common cabinet building material, as it’s the higher-density fiberboard, and its strength is comparable to real wood.

Winner: HDF

Particle board vs Plywood

Used for cabinet and drawer boxes, particle board and plywood are less expensive and lighter than using solid wood, which is ideal for hanging wall cabinets. Plywood is better at holding its weight without warping, taking screws, and is lighter than particle board, making it the better material for kitchen cabinet construction. Cabinets made with particle board are the least durable. While particle board is denser and less expensive, it’s also less water resistant than plywood.

Winner: Plywood

Wood Cabinet Alternatives

Veneer and laminate cabinets are wood-adjacent materials. Veneer is a real wood layer on top of plywood or another composite variety. Laminate is a plastic surface applied to a wood composite made to look like real wood, similar to laminate flooring in strength and detail.

Winner: Both have desirable qualities, it’s a matter of personal preference

Are kitchen cabinets solid wood?

Kitchen cabinets made only of solid wood are less common than cabinets constructed with multiple materials. Solid wood is commonly used for frames and door panels, and it’s more expensive than engineered wood, MDF, or HDF. Each piece of the cabinet generally has a different material, so here’s a breakdown of cabinet parts and their common wood types:

Face Frame material: On framed cabinets, face frames (the front of the cabinet) are often made with solid wood. Face frames made from HDF (high-density fiberboard) are also a solid choice. Both materials are dense, strong, and able to outlast door slams, bumps, and normal or excessive wear and tear.

Door frame material: On framed cabinets, door and drawer fronts have two pieces: a door frame and center panel. On frameless cabinets, the door is all one piece, without a center panel. At Vevano, these door pieces are commonly either HDF (high-density fiberboard), engineered wood, or solid birch.

Center panel material: Occasionally, the center panels of doors and drawers are made with MDF (medium-density fiberboard), for a lighter door style. More often though, recessed or raised panels are made from the same material as the door frame, real wood, HDF, or engineered wood.

Box material: Cabinet boxes (the back, left and right sides, top, bottom) are not generally made of solid wood. Since they’re hidden from view by door frames and panels, they’re usually made of plywood. Lighter materials also make upper kitchen cabinets easier to wall mount as well.

Drawer Material: Drawer fronts and drawer boxes are made with the same materials as door fronts and door boxes. The framed cabinets at Vevano all have dovetail joint drawer boxes, which are sturdy and less likely to break than those with other construction methods.

What is the best way to keep wood cabinets clean?

Whether you’re a professional chef or a fan of take-out, your kitchen cupboards need periodic cleaning. Airborne grease and dust in addition to kitchen spills and messes can make your kitchen cabinets feel grimy and dirty.

The best way to keep wood cabinets clean is to use:

  1. A Soft Cloth: A soft cloth or sponge is an inexpensive, reusable solution that doesn’t damage your cabinetry. A harsher cleaning tool like a brush or scrubber might scratch or damage your cabinet’s surface.
  2. Warm Water: Just like when cleaning your dishes, a warmer water temperature is better for removing stubborn stains, washing away dirt, and ridding your surfaces of germs.
  3. Mild Soap: A small dollop of dish soap mixed with your warm water is a great solution. Either spray your cabinets with your mixture or dip the cloth into your soapy solution before gently scrubbing your cabinets. Mild soaps are gentle on all surfaces, so they’re safer than harsh cleaning materials that could eat away at paint or accidentally stain your cabinets.

It’s especially easy to see dirt on light wood kitchen cabinets, so we recommend wiping down your cabinets on a regular basis. Also, don’t forget to clean your upper cabinets just because they’re outside of the splash zone.

Expert Virtual Design Service for Wood Cabinets

Need help choosing the right wood cabinets for your kitchen remodel? Let our design team help. We’re here to help you plan your kitchen and choose products you’ll love. Contact our room planners now, for personalized design services or help, to learn more about our affordable kitchen cabinets.