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White Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets brighten your kitchen and bring clean quality to any style. White isn’t just a beautiful color choice, it’s also incredibly functional. Bright white spaces make rooms seem larger, especially in small kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. White also reflects more light than other colors, so kitchens with white cabinetry feel light and never dim.

Looking to add white cabinets to your farmhouse kitchen? Classic white with a Shaker door frame is an ideal choice for a bright, pure, farmhouse feel. Cabinets with decorative details in off-white colors, such as antique white or dove, add an elegant refinement to your kitchen for traditional or cottage style kitchens.


Selecting the Perfect White Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets are an excellent choice for your kitchen remodel since it’s such a versatile color that it works well with classic, farmhouse, and modern kitchen cabinets. Use white cabinets to create the perfect airy and bright dream kitchen. There are many positive benefits of choosing white for your kitchen, including:

Benefits of White Kitchen Cabinets

  • Make Small Kitchens Feel Bigger
  • Cabinets Feel Clean
  • Neutral Color Palette
  • Reflective Qualities Add Light

If you’re looking for traditional white cabinets, one of the most popular and adaptable styles is the Wilora Hawthorne White Shaker kitchen cabinets. The simple recessed panel design is easy to incorporate with modern, traditional, farmhouse, and other well-liked kitchen styles. Looking for other styles of kitchen cabinet ideas? Vevano carries a range of white and off-white cabinet collections.

White Kitchen Cabinet Benefits

There are numerous advantages to white kitchen cabinets, one of the most popular color choices for kitchen remodels. White cabinets make kitchens feel larger, cleaner, lighter, and provide a blank creative slate for decorating.

Make Small Kitchens Feel Bigger

If your kitchen is tiny, choose white kitchen cabinets to make it feel bigger. White reflects more light which makes small rooms feel larger. Darker colors absorb light so avoid overwhelmingly dark colors in tiny rooms. By adding light, white kitchen cupboards make your room feel larger, airier, and brighter.

In addition to adding light, white cabinets are ideal for the minimalist aesthetic, which also makes small rooms feel bigger by cutting down on extra objects which can feel messy. White cabinets also eliminate the visual clutter of different colors, wood grains, or busy textures. A smooth, bright surface makes a room feel larger than a textured, varied surface. Smooth surfaces create depth and open spaces.

Combining darker accents with white is another good idea to open up your cooking space. The contrast between the color and your white cabinets provides the impression of depth. Choosing hardware, flooring, and décor as part of a larger color palette is a fun way to add personality and harmony to your home. Even an all-white kitchen might still feel too small, so use your space wisely. Smart cabinet organization can make small kitchens feel larger as well.

Cabinets Feel Clean

Since the color white feels spotless, fresh, and sterile it’s ideal for inherently messy spaces like kitchens or bathrooms. Daily cooking and other activities can make your kitchen feel cluttered and messy. White cabinets help mitigate the feeling of uncleanliness. Traditionally the psychology of the color white indicates purity and spotlessness, specifically in hospitals or other medical fields. White is especially popular in minimalist designs such as Scandinavian or modern room plans, which emphasize clean layouts.

Many websites and graphics use white space to highlight and draw attention to text or images, making them easier to read. White kitchen cupboards do the same in your kitchen, acting as a blank space, highlighting more interesting focal points. White allows the eye to glide over the surface of your cabinets and focus on beautiful dishes or decorative appliances instead.

Along with white cabinets, choose light colors for countertops, floors, and backsplash to continue the feeling of cleanliness. A white subway tile is large, easy to clean, and continues the fresh appeal of your new, clean white cabinets.

Neutral Color Palette

White is the easiest color to match with other colors and textures. Starting with such a neutral color gives you greater flexibility in the style, design, and décor in your kitchen. The versatile nature of white looks great in any size kitchen, and on both modern slab-style or traditional framed and beveled cabinetry.

White outlasts popular trends, so you save money by not replacing your cabinets with changing fashions. To stylize your cabinets with today’s current trends: create a farmhouse kitchen with a farmhouse sink and subway tile backsplash, or a modern kitchen with black hardware pulls and a waterfall countertop. White cabinets are also universally popular, which makes selling your home easier. Potential buyers love neutral colors because they can envision their own style and preferences on a clean slate.

Easy to pair with any color palette, white cabinets play well with almost any color of flooring, lighting, backsplash, countertops, hardware, wall colors, and décor. Choose contrasting colors such as black or navy to add bold drama and interest, whereas off-whites, creams, or tans create a calm, simple kitchen.

Add Light

Light-filled kitchens are more comfortable to cook in because it’s easier to see your working areas. White cabinets don’t absorb colors and reflect more light, making white cabinets appear brighter than other popular cabinetry colors. Natural wood, blue, or grey kitchen cabinets absorb light, reflecting their colors respectively, making dim kitchens seem darker. Since cabinets take up so much surface space in your kitchen, choosing white reflects more light than a white floor, white countertop, or in some cases even white wall paint.

In addition to more light fixtures, try installing white cabinets to reflect more light. Bright kitchens that take advantage of natural lighting also save money on energy costs. If you prefer to add color to your space but still to increase the room’s brightness, try white upper cabinets and a color on your base cabinets. Glass-front cabinets are another option to add in more light, as they look especially stunning with inside-cabinet lighting.

White Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Vevano offers a range of white and off-white kitchen cabinet styles, each one gorgeous and designed with longevity in mind. Check out our various collections to see which shade and style best fit your home.

Cobbleridge Dove

For a unique take on a classic, the Cobbleridge Dove cabinet collection is a grey-tinged white option that upgrades any humdrum space into a fun and interesting kitchen. The Cobbleridge cabinet design is a traditional raised panel, with a simple bevel perfect for classic, traditional, or farmhouse kitchens. Use cabinet hardware and décor to enhance the simple style as often as you want.

It’s the off-white hue that makes this collection unique, rather than bright white, or plain grey, this tone is a happy medium between the two. These cabinets are great for adding light to your kitchen without the stark contrast of pure white. The contrast of the cool, white-grey mellow tone and the classic door style is novel yet familiar and comforting.

  • Styles: Traditional, Classic, Farmhouse
  • Panel: Raised
  • Construction: Framed
  • Tone: Cool

Cobbleridge White

The Wilora Cobbleridge White kitchen cabinet collection is a timeless framed-cabinet choice. The raised center panel is surrounded by a wide bevel making this design ideal for classic, traditional, or farmhouse kitchen styles. This collection is constructed with HDF (high-density fiberboard) and has both soft-close hinges and drawer glides.

The painted white cabinets doors conceal wood grains, providing a smooth and silky texture. Cobbleridge White is a light classic white, pure and consistent with the same tone across the bevels. A bright white, this hue reflects light to illuminate dim or small kitchens. This style is also great for pairing with molding, decorative panels, and other cabinet parts and trims.

  • Styles: Traditional, Classic, Farmhouse
  • Panel: Raised
  • Construction: Framed
  • Tone: Warm

Eastland Antique White

The Wilora Eastland Antique White kitchen cabinet collection adds sophisticated elegance to any space. Ideal for classic or traditional kitchens, this collection has a luscious, posh ambiance. Without being overly ornate, or tediously simple, each cabinet is tastefully luxurious with just the right amount of decoration and beveling.

The antique white hue is soft and sweet, adding both warmth and light to your kitchen. The recessed panels on each drawer and drawer are embellished by bevels hand-glazed with a golden hue. Since the design can lean either lavish or simple, you have many hardware options. Play up the lavish feel with ornate cabinet pulls or create a modest kitchen with modern-minimalist hardware.

  • Styles: Traditional, Classic
  • Panel: Recessed
  • Construction: Framed
  • Tone: Warm

Marquis White Pine

The Marquis White Pine collection has a slab-style door frame, great for modern white cabinetry. These cabinets are a slightly muted off-white when compared to bright white and add a lightness to any space. The wood texture is primarily white, but subtle undertones of grey add a cool tone to your kitchen.

Made of engineered wood, the subtle texture of the horizontal wood grain provides unique flair. Doors and drawers have soft-close hinges and drawer slides to protect your cabinetry and add sophistication. Polished nickel or black hardware, faucets, and lighting fixtures pair well with the White Pine collection.

  • Styles: Modern
  • Panel: Slab
  • Construction: Frameless
  • Tone: Cool

Monte Carlo Gloss White

The Monte Carlo Gloss White cabinet collection has a glossy sheen that adds glamor to any kitchen. Light bounces off the reflective cabinet surfaces, adding a brilliant lightness to the space. Unlike other matte surfaces, the Gloss White is incredibly smooth, with no trace of texture or grain.

This bright white collection works best in modern or industrial kitchens with either warm or cool furnishings. Each door front is a single-slab and looks great with modern style hardware, especially long narrow pulls. The sturdy construction includes soft-close doors and drawers to protect against slamming while adding a sense of refinement to your home.

  • Styles: Modern, Industrial
  • Panel: Slab
  • Construction: Frameless
  • Tone: Cool

Shaker Antique White

For a warm, bright kitchen, the Shaker Antique White cabinet collection is an excellent choice. Antique white is a creamy version of bright white, which leads to a sense of homey comfort. Warmer than regular white, and lighter than grey-white, the antique white hue is rich and buttery. It pairs well with warm tones such as tan or brown, and pleasantly contrasts cool blue tones, making it a versatile design choice.

The combination of vintage white with the clean lines of a Shaker frame is a popular pick for either modern or farmhouse kitchens. Add contemporary light fixtures to play up a modern vibe or add rustic flooring for a farmhouse aesthetic. The painted, recessed panel doors are constructed with HDF (high-density fiberboard). These sturdy cabinets also have soft-close hinges and drawer glide systems.

  • Styles: Modern, Farmhouse
  • Panel: Recessed
  • Construction: Framed
  • Tone: Warm

Shaker Dove

The Wilora Shaker Dove cabinets are a darker white, borderline grey collection. They’re perfect if you want a lighter kitchen but don’t like stark pure white cabinets. The slightly darker hue reflects light, but in a subdued way which adds interest and a creamy texture to your kitchen.

Dove adds drama that classic white doesn’t, which is great for unique or modern kitchen cabinets. This color also works well in farmhouse kitchens as it’s a clean, gentle shade on a simple cabinet design. The classic Shaker-style cabinets have a framed recessed front panel with very little adornment. Painted door frames hide wood grains, for a velvety texture throughout.

  • Styles: Modern, Farmhouse
  • Panel: Recessed
  • Construction: Framed
  • Tone: Cool

Shaker White

Wilora Shaker White is the most versatile kitchen cabinet collection. White Shaker cabinets brighten up dark, dull kitchens and give your kitchen a fresh, clean feeling. This shade of white is the brightest and purest form of the color; what you commonly think of when you think “white.” The plain, unadorned recessed panel doors are the ideal blank slate for any kitchen design from farmhouse to transitional kitchen cabinets.

Since these simple white doors are so flexible in style, they’re also great for changing up your décor as often as you like. Use cabinet hardware, lighting, and backsplash colors and styles to play up either modern or farmhouse aesthetics. The painted framed doors show no hint of wood grain and have an extremely smooth texture. Never worry about your cabinets going out of fashion, the clean, minimal design is a popular design choice because it lasts.

  • Styles: Modern, Farmhouse, Transitional
  • Panel: Recessed
  • Construction: Framed
  • Tone: Cool

Wildwood Antique White

Some of our more ornate cabinet collections, the Wildwood Antique White cabinets have beautifully decorative details. Ideal for traditional or classic kitchen cabinets, this collection has raised panel doors and multiple layers of beveling. The Wildwood Antique White cabinets pair well with decorative molding, corbels, door panels, and ornamental wine racks.

This collection is made of HDF (high-density fiberboard) and a velvety paint covers the wood grain, for a smooth, silky finish. Antique white is a warm-toned white, perfect for adding a vintage feel to a classic kitchen. A tan glaze is applied to the bevels by hand to add a touch of contrast and luxury.

  • Styles: Traditional, Classic
  • Panel: Raised
  • Construction: Framed
  • Tone: Warm
  • Hardware:

Which Shade is Best for Your Kitchen?

Each shade of white has its own nuances. From warm to cool, each shade in Vevano’s collection has its own charm. Different shades play well with light or dark kitchens, current trends, and your unique style.

Bright White Cabinets

Bright white is the most classic shade of white, and the easiest to match your décor with. It works well with modern, traditional, classic, and farmhouse kitchens. Vevano’s Shaker White and Gloss White are great examples. Shaker white is a classic, clean white, perfect for a neutral and bright kitchen. Gloss white is neutral with a sheen, making it perfect for modern or industrial kitchen cabinet styles.

Bright white can tip towards cool or warm depending on the rest of your color palette, and instantly brightens up a dim or dark kitchen. It can be a bit blinding if the rest of your elements are white too, so choose a different color for your flooring, countertops, or tile backsplash to add pizzazz. Another way to add color and texture at once is to use a natural material such as wood or stone for a fresh touch.

Off-White Cabinets

Off-white is an adaptable hue, perfect for bucking trends to create a custom kitchen. They still read “white” but trend a bit darker into taupe and grey territory. Vevano’s White Dove or Shaker Dove are good examples, both slightly darker, cool-tone neutrals somewhere in between bright white and gray.

Off-white cabinets are moodier than crisp whites, adding a dash more intrigue. They’re perfect for modern, farmhouse, or classic kitchens. Many colors play well with off-white, especially maroon, lavender, blue, gold, or grey.

Antique White Cabinets

If you prefer warm tones, antique white is a great choice. Antique white is creamy in nature and works well in traditional or classic kitchens. This version of white is less crisp than bright white, and beige or yellow tones add warmth and cheerfulness to any kitchen.

Cottage, and farmhouse style kitchens often have cabinets that feature antique hues such as the Shaker Antique White collection or the Wildwood Antique White collection. Antique white is a great base for playing around with hardware styles and finishes, especially for cottage kitchen cabinets.

Matching White Kitchen Cabinets to Your Floors and Walls

The most important factors to take into consideration for your kitchen are:

  • Flooring: Tile, wood, laminate, and Luxury Vinyl Tile each have different textures and hues. Dark floors provide contrast and anchor the room. Lighter floors contribute to a brighter aesthetic.
  • Wall Colors: Walls influence how your cabinets look, especially combined with lighting. Most colors look great, so be creative. If your walls are white, it’s best to match the color shades exactly.
  • Lighting: Light has different temperatures, ranging from cool to warm, which affects how your cabinets look. If your lighting is warm, you may prefer antique white or dove. If it’s closer to daylight or cooler hues, shaker white works best.
  • Countertops: The material doesn’t matter as much as what color or pattern you choose. Choose black countertops for a pleasant contrast or opt for a complimentary tone for consistency.
  • Appliances: Since appliances are flush with cabinets, their finish greatly influences how cabinets look. Dark appliances provide more contrast than white appliances and are more likely to compliment.
  • Faucets: While not as influential as the previous factors, faucets still are a focal point in the kitchen. No matter your preference, practically any finish works.
  • Hardware: Any finish and style of hardware works well with white kitchen cabinets. Match your hardware to the style of your kitchen, rather than the white tone of your cabinetry. For a modern slab-style cabinet, choose modern pulls. For classic, beveled cabinets, choose an ornate knob or pull.

With those variables in mind, request a door sample so you can see which white looks best in your kitchen.

FAQs About White Kitchen Cabinets

Not sure which white cabinets are best for your remodel? Check out our comprehensive list of answers to your top questions.

What countertop looks best with white cabinets?

Since white is so versatile, many countertops look great with white cabinets. Use your countertops to add style and texture to your kitchen. For most styles, choose a light or medium-toned countertop to keep the colors close and comfortable. For modern or dramatic styles, choose a darker toned countertop for a stark look.

To add texture, contrast your countertops against other elements in your kitchen. If your flooring, backsplash, or other elements are patterned or busy, choose a countertop with a more subtle design. If your kitchen is very plain with few patterns and designs, contrast with a heavily veined or speckled countertop.

Here are a few of our favorite countertop materials:

  • Quartz Countertops: Quartz is great for pairing with white because it’s available in a wide variety of tones and vein patterns. Like natural quartzite, quartz is an engineered material with beautiful specks, veins, and stone pieces.
  • Marble Countertops: Mable is generally available in lighter colors and pairs well with white. Wide and dramatic veins add texture and beauty to your kitchen. The lighter quality of marble adds a light and airy quality that helps make small spaces seem larger.
  • Quartzite Countertops: Quartzite is a natural material and has qualities similar to engineered quartz. Since it’s a natural stone, quartzite is available in fewer colors, but each countertop is unique. It pairs well with white cabinets as the real and natural veining adds calm texture, perfect for clean, simple cabinets.
  • Granite Countertops: Granite countertops are ideal for adding texture to your home. Granite has speckles and veins that are great for contrasting against smooth textures like white cabinets and subway tile backsplashes. Granite is available in a range of colors and unique designs.
  • Laminate Countertops: Perfect for budget kitchen remodels, laminate is one of the cheapest countertop options. Laminate looks lovely with white kitchen cabinets because it's available in a range of colors, textures, and designs that imitate real stones styles.

Do white appliances look good with white cabinets?

How well your white cabinets match white appliances depends on the size and color shade of your appliances, and exact colors are hard to match. Small appliances like a white mixer or toaster in any shade of white will look great with your new white cabinets. Larger appliances such as an off-white fridge or a creamy white dishwasher might clash with your cabinetry.

Pair cool colors together or warm colors together for a monochromatic look. If you want to keep your existing appliances, try ordering a door sample to see how your current appliances will match your new cabinet color. If you’re ready for new appliances, try stainless steel for a bit of contrast which adds interest and depth to your kitchen.

Are white cabinets in style in 2020?

Yes, white cabinets are very in style for 2020 kitchen remodels. White is dominating the 2010s and 2020s as the most popular kitchen cabinet color choice, which makes it a readily available, inexpensive choice for your new kitchen. White is compatible with 2020 trends like minimalist, farmhouse, and modern kitchens.

Since white is a classic color, it’s compatible with both new and old trends. Each decade had its own color trends, but white is present in each, making it especially timeless.

  • 2010s: White is forecasted to dominate the next decade as well since white is easy to match with other new trends.
  • 2000s: Antique white shabby chic cabinets were popular at the turn of the century. The distressed trend continues today in cottage and farmhouse kitchen cabinets.
  • 1990s: Black granite countertops and white cabinets were a hallmark of the 1990s. White cabinets with dark counters or backsplashes is still a current trend.
  • 1980s: While not as popular, white was still present in the 1980s kitchen when minimalism was a new rage. White enhanced a clutter-free look and feel, as it does today in modern kitchens.
  • 1970s: In the wood-heavy kitchens of the 1970s, white-dominated wall colors, countertops, and even appliances.

To add a new twist to your kitchen in 2020 that won’t look outdated in a couple of years, go for white cabinets.

I have kids and pets, are white kitchen cabinets a good idea?

White cabinets are a good idea because even when they’re messy, they lend a sense of cleanliness to your kitchen. White is traditionally a hygienic color, so spills look less threatening then on a wood kitchen cabinet or similarly toned surface. Choosing white might seem counterintuitive, but it does make cleaning up messes easier. You can see stickiness better on white than on other colors, so no mess goes unnoticed and it’s easy to wipe quickly.

Do white cabinets get dirty easily?

White cabinets get dirty just as easily as with other cabinet colors. The only difference with white is you can see the dirt more clearly. While white highlights messes better than other colors, this is also a benefit. It's easier to see you’ve cleaned up dirt and grime on white than on wood or dark kitchen cabinets. Spills and stains hide more easily on non-white cabinets, so they may take longer for you to find and clean.

A spotlessly white cabinet surface is a shining beacon of cleanliness. Whereas, other cabinet colors can look dirty even when they’re spotlessly clean. If you like white but want to hide the dirt, try a white wood such as Vevano’s Marquis White Pine cabinet collection which has a wood grain surface that adds texture.

Should your kitchen island match your cabinets?

Matching your island to the rest of your cabinets adds a sense of uniformity and class to your kitchen. However, choosing a different cabinet color for your island is a popular trend and a great way to enhance the personality of your kitchen. Either option works well with multiple styles but ultimately relies on your personal preference.

When going with different colors, choose two that complement and add interest, like blue and white or dark green and light grey. In addition to color, you can also vary the style of cabinets throughout your kitchen. Use a slab style on your island and a shaker style for your wall cabinets to add flavor and unique flair. Not matching your island and cabinets is a budget-friendly way to create a custom kitchen.

What are the pros and cons of white kitchen cabinets?

Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, white cabinets have many pros and cons.

Pros of white kitchen cabinets: White is such a popular color that it instantly makes your home more marketable. White cabinets provide a clean slate that potential home buyers love. It’s easier to envision buying a home with flexible white cabinets than buying a home with an extremely custom color such as red or blue painted cabinets. White is also a clutter-free color. White cabinets are the perfect backdrop for other elements like lighting, hardware, and décor that are easier to switch out and replace with passing style trends.

Cons of white kitchen cabinets: Any damage on your cabinets shows up more on white since its such a light color. While the texture of wood is nuanced enough to hide nicks and scratches, white is pure and lacks texture, so the damage is even more visible. You’ll also end up cleaning white cabinets more often, as dirt and grime are more apparent.

How do you keep your white cabinets white?

White cabinets portray a feeling of cleanliness, but they need a different level of care than many other colors and textures.

Prevent Sun Damage: White cabinets exposed to direct sunlight can yellow or fade. Protect your cabinets with window drapes or blinds. If your kitchen is extremely sunny, track the direction of the sunlight in your kitchen throughout the day, and take detailed measurements. This can help you prepare to protect your cabinets or can help your designer plan your kitchen around the sunlight.

Prevent Fading: Grease or other kitchen oils can also cause white cabinets to discolor. Washing them on a regular basis can keep harmful substances from ruining your cabinets. Instead of harsh cleaning chemicals, use gentle cleaners like dish soap to clean your cabinets at least once a month, or more frequently if you love to cook or have children.

Ready to buy your white kitchen cabinets?

Now that you love white kitchen cabinets, Vevano can help you choose the right style for your kitchen. Whether you’re interested in DIY kitchen cabinets or want collaboration for your remodel, our designers can help. Receive a rendering and design packet to see how white cabinets will look in your home. Contact our virtual design team for a room design plan.