Modern Kitchen Cabinets

At their core, modern cabinets are simple in style yet extremely functional. Typically, modern cabinets have neutral colors and lack decoration or ornamentation. A great example of the modern aesthetic is Scandinavian furniture with its clean, sharp lines and clever utility functions. Many sub-styles such as minimalism and mid-century modern take cues from the modern style, building on the plain horizontal, and vertical-heavy designs.

Many of our frameless cabinets work well with a modern design style, as they have clean, straight lines. Less is more with modern cabinets so select a collection without recessed or raised panels. Form and function are essential in modern cabinetry so select base cabinets with rollout shelves or hidden trash compartments to maximize space and add convenience.






Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern cabinets bring the freshness of up-to-date functionality with the timeless vibe of clean lines made famous by such artists as Frank Lloyd Wright. Take your kitchen back to the 20th century with modern cabinets, cabinet organization tools, and the latest color trends.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Colors

  • White
  • Grey
  • Dark
  • Wood

Pick a simple cabinet design in any of the colors above to bring modern flair to breathe new life into your kitchen. Plain, minimalist cabinet doors and drawers paired with neutral colors instantly update your home while also impressing dinner guests.

Design Ideas and Colors for Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen designs rely on the simple benefits of neutral colors, shades, and textures to subtly enhance the modern elegance of your home. Modern kitchen cabinet ideas should follow the guidance that form follows function.

White Modern Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are the original modern cabinet. White is still chic right now in modern kitchens for multiple reasons: it enhances the minimalist aesthetic, allows for a neutral color palette, and brings plenty of light into both large and small kitchens. White is the easiest color to pair with other modern design elements. Countertops, hardware, or appliances in stainless steel play up the ultra-modern aesthetic and provide an interesting contrast against white cabinetry.

For the most high-end kitchen cabinets, the Monte Carlo Gloss White collection is an excellent choice. Its frameless, slab-style door style is the ultra-modern standard. With sleek, PET laminate door and drawer fronts this collection is both stylish and easy to wipe clean. Unlike wood cabinets with grain texture, the Gloss White door fronts are well-suited to a luxe-minimalist kitchen design.

If you’re looking for some natural texture in your kitchen, the Marquis White pine collection also matches the modern aesthetic. With clean straight lines, slab-style doors, and neutral color-scape the White Pine cabinets are perfect for modern kitchen designs.

White also works well in modern-adjacent styles such as contemporary, industrial, and modern farmhouse. Shaker door styles with a simple rectangular frame and panel, are a good way to bring a bit of charm and tradition into a modern kitchen design. The Shaker Dove, Shaker Antique White, and the classic Shaker White are all good design choices for a modern white kitchen.

Grey Modern Kitchen Cabinets

For neutral kitchens, grey shades are a great alternative to stark white cabinetry. Depending on the shade, grey warms or cools the atmosphere bringing personality and a custom look to your modern kitchen. Grey is a popular color due to its neutral flexibility; almost any color or contrast pairs well with grey. Grey also combines with any appliance color from stainless steel to black to white, making it easy to keep your existing appliances or make new purchases for your home remodel.

Vevano’s Shaker Cinder cabinet line is the darkest grey shade and is a unique choice for modern kitchens. When combined with a dark grey stain, the traditional wood grain and Shaker style doors are instantly modernized. The unusual grey color choice adds personality and texture to modern kitchens.

If you prefer lighter tones, the Marquis Grey Wood or Shaker Grey are more conventional grey shades that we also recommend for modern kitchens. The Grey Wood features modern, horizontal grains and the Shaker Grey is best in Farmhouse-Modern kitchen spaces. Looking for a modern minimalist kitchen but white is too light of a shade? Try Shaker Dove which combines a light shade with a simple door for a clean, fresh look that doesn’t whitewash your room.

Dark Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen designs that feature extremely dark cabinets are a current modern trend. On the opposite spectrum of white, dark cabinets hide wear and tear much more easily. Dark cabinets have the benefit of hiding spills, stains, nicks, and cracks. The intense contrast between dark cabinets and lighter flooring, countertops, and wall paint turns any room into a more modern space.

Chrome or stainless-steel appliances are the best color match for dark cabinets. Black appliances clash, and don’t add enough contrast. White appliances add too severe of a contrast. The only caution when using dark cabinets is to not choose a color too dark for the size of your room. If you have a gallery kitchen with tight spaces and very little natural light, dark cabinets can make your kitchen feel smaller and heavier. To offset this, we recommend a bright neutral wall color, light-colored countertops, and under-cabinet lighting to brighten up the space and add contrast.

The Marquis Dark Wood cabinet collection is a great example of dark slab-style cabinets for modern kitchen designs. A horizontal wood grain adds a hint of natural texture, but the dark stain keeps the surface feeling clean and uniform. This collection allows you to create focal points in your kitchen with artwork, décor, cabinet hardware, or lighting details. The Shaker Cinder cabinet collection is a cool-toned grey wood that works in both modern and farmhouse style kitchens. The Shaker door frame is clean and undecorated with straight, sharp lines so it mixes well with other modern design elements like cabinet pulls and metal-heavy lighting fixtures.

Wood Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Wood is a classic choice for other kitchen styles, but paired with the right door style and stain, can look surprisingly chic in modern kitchens. Together with engineered wood, modern slab-style doors mix functionality and fashion for the ultimate modern experience. Engineered wood is more water resistant than natural wood and is available in more colors and styles. The Wilora Marquis line of cabinets are all made with engineered wood doors, horizontal wood grains, and a variety of stains from wispy White Pine, to warm Grey Wood, to sumptuous Dark Wood.

Birch wood is also a great selection for modern kitchen designs. The vertical grains of the Cortina Oyster Shell or Cortina Conch Shell collections add a slightly coarser texture to your kitchen cabinetry. The uninterrupted single-panel door frame is incredibly modern, but the wood grain also lends a more natural feel.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern is its own very distinct style, but it overlaps with many other modern-esque kitchen styles. Pairing the exact same cabinet with completely different lighting, flooring, and countertops can totally change the style of your overall kitchen. Here are some design tips for swaying your kitchen’s aesthetic toward similar styles.


Modern kitchens feature design elements from the 20th century. Neutral colors palettes, straight lines, and uncluttered surfaces and textures underscore modern styles. For a pure-modern kitchen, here are some kitchen design ideas:

  • Hardware: Fixture finishes in metals such as chrome or steel are ideal for modern kitchens. Pulls and knobs are both welcome but use industrial-inspired hardware to keep to the modern aesthetic.
  • Lighting: Bring in as much natural light as possible before adding other lighting fixtures. Wood, glass, and metals are all welcome finishes for lighting in a modern kitchen design.
  • Countertop: Marble countertops and other materials in neutral colors enhance modern kitchens. Keep function as the main point of the countertop, so avoid unique colors or over-the-top veining patterns.
  • Flooring: Natural elements work well in modern flooring. Natural wood tones are best, as they preserve the neutral palette for other focal points.
  • Cabinet Organization: Don’t hold back with cabinet organization, functionality is king among modern design styles. Maximize in-cabinet storage space with lazy-susans, pull out shelves, and more.

Mid-Century Modern

Slightly more eclectic than modern kitchen cabinetry, the mid-century style focuses on slab-style doors, wood elements, and bold color choices for décor and walls. Similarities between the two modern designs include clean lines, minimalism, and sleek textures.

  • Hardware: Cabinet hardware in mid-century kitchens is simple and plain. Understated hardware pieces keep the focus on the cabinetry and décor elements. Unadorned metal pulls work well in mid-century spaces.
  • Lighting: Vintage or eclectic lighting pieces are ideal for mid-century kitchens. Pendants, especially those with circular curves or frosted glass shades, are popular choices.
  • Countertop: For authenticity, pair a laminate countertop with your cabinets to create the mid-century modern aesthetic. For laminate or other counter material, use low contrasts such as white and grey or cream and wood emphasize smooth transitions and clean, but not harsh lines.
  • Flooring: Wood planks or large tiles are great for mid-century spaces. Wood in any shade pairs well with neutral color cabinets. If your cabinets are wood, go for a contrasting wood flooring shade, or a tile instead.
  • Cabinet Organization: Traditional mid-century kitchen designs aren’t known for clever storage techniques like modern kitchen layouts are. To modernize a mid-century kitchen using a space-saving lazy-Susan is a great way to increase the usage of corner cabinets.


Contemporary kitchens are more up to date than modern kitchens, and the aesthetic is ever-changing. Clean lines and sleek textures are hallmarks of the current contemporary style. Contemporary cabinets may not be all the different from modern cabinetry, but other kitchen design ideas and elements help define the style.

  • Hardware: Where modern prefers form over function, contemporary designs treat both equally. Contemporary hardware has both straight and curved lines and is just as beautiful as it is functional. Both pull and knob style hardware choices thrive in contemporary kitchens.
  • Lighting: Contemporary lighting is made up of eclectic and delicate fixtures. Lighting is treated like art and is often the focal point of the room. A mixture of chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendants each with their own individuality mix well in contemporary rooms.
  • Countertop: High gloss white is a great contemporary choice for countertops. Subtle veining is also present in many counter options, where neutral colors and clean lines are essential. Marble countertops are a good choice for either contemporary or modern kitchens.
  • Flooring: A variety of shades and wood grains look great in contemporary kitchens. Non-wood tile is also a contemporary option. Keep the flooring is simple and neutral, to emphasize art, décor, and other focal points in your room.
  • Cabinet Organization: In addition to contemporary cabinets, cabinet organization is key for building the latest kitchen. Pull-out and pull-down shelves, hidden pull-out spice racks, and trash compartments add luxurious functionality.

FAQs About Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Wondering how to create the perfect modern kitchen? We have answers on how much modern kitchens cost, the benefits of different cabinet wood types, and what colors look best with modern aesthetics.

What are modern kitchen cabinet colors?

Modern and contemporary kitchens rely primarily on neutral colors, but occasionally, a very bold color also works well in a modern kitchen. Contrasting the colors of your cabinets with floors, wall paint, and décor is another great way to add modern flair to your cooking space.

Neutral colors include:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Natural wood
  • Dark Brown
  • Black
  • Cream, Taupe or Off-white

Bold colors include:

  • Navy Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • High Contrasts

Pairing white cabinets with a navy-blue kitchen island, or dark grey cabinets with a white countertop are two modern design ideas for easily adding the right look and feel. The contrast between the light and dark colors is a modern technique to bring attention, interest, and flavor to a monotone kitchen.

Mid-century modern kitchens rely more heavily on natural wood and straight lines. Frameless cabinets with a natural tone and simple hardware carry the mid-century ambiance. Pops of color on appliances, lighting, or décor play up the groovy vibe.

For a minimalist modern kitchen, verging on a Scandinavian, choose lighter colors and as few colors and textures as possible. White is ideal for cabinets, but light grey is also a good Scandinavian design choice. The lack of color makes your kitchen feel clean, light, and uncluttered.

How much are modern kitchen cabinets?

Modern kitchen cabinet styles at Vevano are on average $2,000 for a 10x10 kitchen. The style of the door influences the price more than the style of the overall cabinet. Shaker door styles are more expensive than slab-door styles. The cabinet finish can also impact the price. Textured melamine is a budget friendly option, whereas laminate doors are the most luxurious and the most expensive.

For planning your kitchen remodel budget, note that slab style frameless doors are a low-cost choice. They’re also the most popular cabinet door style for modern kitchens. Since frameless cabinet doors are made with a single piece of material, they’re easier and cheaper to manufacture. Framed doors are also available in modern styles but cost a little bit extra as their doors are manufactured with two pieces – one center panel, and one door frame.

The cost difference between framed and frameless doors at Vevano is minimal, each are more cost-effective than fully custom cabinetry. Looking for a kitchen remodel price quote? Talk to our design team about starting a budget-friendly and modern update for your kitchen.

What are modern kitchen cabinets made of?

The modern kitchen cabinetry collections at Vevano come in a variety of materials from real wood to engineered wood like HDF (high-density fiberboard). Each is a strong and stable material, designed to bring elegance and durability to any modern kitchen design.

Solid Wood: Woods like Birch or Maple provide authentic wood grain patterns. Choosing solid wood adds a custom feel, without the custom price tag. Varying wood grain textures are better at hiding nicks and scratches than other cabinet materials. Wood is extremely dense and durable, but it can warp when wet or during rapid humidity changes.

Engineered Wood: Like real wood, engineered wood has the classic wood grain texture, but with added endurance. Engineered wood is better at resisting moisture and cracking since it’s less likely to warp than real wood which expands with the seasons. The lack of true grains makes cabinet doors easier to customize as the smooth texture is ideal for diverse paint colors and finishes. HDF and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) are two of the most popular engineered woods for cabinet doors.

What types of cabinet hardware work well for modern kitchens?

Modern kitchens lean more heavily toward pulls than knobs when it comes to cabinet hardware. The straight, angular lines tend to match the style better than the soft curves of cabinet knobs. Some knobs, however, look great in modern kitchens, especially those that veer closer to the farmhouse style. Modern shaker style cabinets pair well with circular or square knobs while still imbuing a modern atmosphere.

Modern style hardware finishes rely on metals such as stainless steel, bronze, nickel, or zinc. Textures such as brushed, polished, matte, or satin are very popular with modern kitchen cabinet designs. Choose pulls without ornamentation or swirling decorations; the modern style lives for clean, minimalist lines. Angular rectangle pulls add purpose-driven style to your cabinets and drawers. The main rule of thumb for modern kitchen hardware is form over function. Easy-to-grab pulls with simple designs are best for continuing the modern aesthetic of your kitchen.

Interested in a Professional Modern Kitchen Design Plan?

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Need more modern kitchen ideas? Check out our blog where we delve into the varieties and characteristics of the most popular kitchen designs. Our modern style, contemporary style, or minimalist design blogs are a great place to start.