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Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Grey cabinets add neutral tones to your kitchen, making it easy to incorporate fun colors into your flooring, lighting, and countertops. Grey cabinets are trendy, yet sophisticated and work with many different styles such as modern, transitional, or contemporary.

Light gray tones like dove imbue your kitchen with cool, breezy hues, whereas darker hues like grey wood or cinder add snug warmth. Fall in love with the natural depth of grey-toned cabinets and create a unique kitchen guaranteed to get plenty of complements.


What You Should Know About Gray Kitchen Cabinets - Ideas, Styles, and Inspiration

Grey kitchen cabinets are incredibly versatile because grey is a neutral gradient of black, which doesn’t have a clashing color. So, almost any color fixture, appliance, flooring choice, or wall color pairs well with grey. Grey cabinets fit into various interior design styles and finishes.

Styles of Gray Kitchen Cabinets

  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Stained
  • Painted

Grey allows you to enjoy flexibility in the design of your space. Choose from painted or stained, light or dark, modern or classic.

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Vevano carries many different shades and styles of grey cabinetry for your kitchen remodel. Each has unique appearances so you’re sure to find the perfect pairing for your home.

Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets typically focus on straight lines and very little embellishment. Often, this means a slab-style drawer fronts and doors, which provides a sleek minimalist look so common with modern designs.

Our favorite modern grey collection, the Wilora Paloma Marquis in Grey Wood, is a dark grey with a woodgrain texture, providing variations in the shades of grey. The neutral tone of grey fits extremely well this modern-minimalist aesthetic, making grey and modern cabinets a dream pairing for an elegant kitchen. And the horizontal woodgrain is also particularly suited to modern kitchens, as it’s a fresh spin on traditional vertical woodgrains.

The Paloma Marquis frameless collections at Vevano also feature durable engineered wood doors, and soft-close hinges. These modern cabinets are equal parts function and form.

Rustic Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic and farmhouse style cabinets are extremely popular for their eclectic yet vintage vibe. The style originated when farmers decorated and designed their homes based on what was practical and available such as multitask sinks, easy-to-clean subway tile, and neutral colors like grey. Farmhouse designs today prioritize vintage and antique finishes meant to recreate the nostalgic coziness of farmhouses. It’s also why rustic design elements are often lumped into farmhouse designs.

Many of Vevano’s grey shaker cabinets are ideal for farmhouse or rustic kitchens. The various shades, from charcoal grey to light grey, are excellent colors to support farmhouse and rustic elements like hand-scraped wood flooring and cast-iron light fixtures. And the plain, unadorned door frames are a great backdrop for key design elements such as backsplash tiles and farmhouse sinks. The Wilora Hawthorne Shaker Dove, Shaker Cinder, and Shaker Grey cabinet collections feel earthy and clean but are more contemporary than distressed kitchen cabinets of older farmhouses.

Traditional Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets are ornamental in addition to functional, with beveling and either raised or recessed panels to add beauty and built-in décor. Both the door frame and center panel of Vevano’s traditional kitchen cabinets are made with quality HDF (high-density fiberboard) for long-lasting cabinetry.

Our traditional grey cabinets blend classic door frames with a non-traditional color. By replacing the customary wood tones with grey, our classic grey cabinets bring unconventional flair to traditional and classic door and drawer styles.

Cobbleridge Dove is one of the best grey traditional cabinet styles that Vevano offers. The raised center panels, the smooth painted door frame, and quiet soft-close hinges and drawer slides make it an excellent choice for traditional grey kitchens.

Stained Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Stained cabinets are great for classic or farmhouse style rooms. Stained kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring the look of natural wood into your kitchen. With a stain, the unique textures and patterns of wood grains are visible, even on dark grey kitchen cabinet stains. Stained cabinets also have a durable finish less prone to fading or cracking than painted cabinets. Dark grey stained cabinets are especially adept at hiding dirt and dust.

Our Wilora Hawthorne Shaker Cinder is a wonderful dark grey cabinet. The deep grey color of this cabinet style has subtle tones of brown and grey, kindling a warmth. It’s a versatile choice for modern or farmhouse dream kitchens, and pairs well with other contrasting hues in flooring and wall colors.

Painted Gray Kitchen Cabinets

For consistent color, painted cabinets are a great solution. With a consistent coat of paint, you get a streamlined appearance common in many design styles such as modern or farmhouse. Since the paint covers the unique wood grain of wood cabinets, most painted cabinets are made of HDF (high-density fiberboard) because it makes for a more consistent coat and isn’t as susceptible to warping.

Painted cabinets provide a smooth texture to juxtapose with other playful textures in flooring, countertops, or backsplash tiles. Painted cabinets are also available in more color options than stained cabinetry and are also more water-resistant. However, painted cabinets tend to chip and peel over time. Take extra care with lighter colors, such as light grey and white kitchen cabinets, as these show damage more than darker colors.

The door styles in Vevano’s painted grey cabinet collections include both raised and recessed door and drawer panels made from the durable HDF. Shaker is an especially popular painted style, available in dark or light grey kitchen cabinets. The Wilora Hawthorne Cobbleridge Dove, Shaker Dove, Shaker Cinder, and Shaker Grey are all popular painted door styles.

Which Shade of Gray is Best for Your Kitchen?

The dominant color of a room registers as warm or cold because we associate colors with temperature. Since grey is a neutral shade of black, the undertone of the shade determines which direction it goes. For example, a light grey cabinet with an undertone of red or yellow reads as warm, but a grey with undertones of blue reads cool.

Sometimes finding the undertone is difficult because the grey has very little color in it. You can find the undertone of a grey by placing multiple color swatches next to it. This can also help you determine what type of trim colors and décor best fit your shade of grey. Find your preference by looking at our design inspiration images or assess the lighting in your kitchen to match hues and tones.

Shades of Grey for Small Kitchens: Light-grey cabinets reflect more light than darker toned greys, making the space feel more open by filling the small space with more natural light.

Shades of Grey for Modern Kitchens: Almost any shade of grey works in a modern kitchen, but darker shades are especially effective because they evoke an elegant minimalism.

Matching Gray Cabinets with Your Walls and Floors

Since grey is such a versatile color, it’s easy to match with other elements in your kitchen or bathroom. Here’s how grey cabinets work other parts of your interior design:

What color countertop goes with gray cabinets?

Almost any countertop color goes well with grey cabinets. For a nice contrasting look, choose a lighter or darker countertop. If you want your kitchen countertops as the focal point of the room, go with a bold color. Classic choices such as granite, quartz, or laminate all work well with grey cabinets. Calcutta Marble with grey veining is a particularly great choice.

Should kitchen cabinets be darker than walls?

Not necessarily. The shade of your walls looks best when contrasted with your cabinets. So rather than always choosing a darker color for your walls, choose a contrasting shade instead. If your cabinets are light, darker walls contrast well. However, if you have a darker grey cabinet, a lighter wall color will keep the room from looking too dim.

Also keep in mind the style and size of your kitchen. If you have a very traditional kitchen, keep the paint colors traditional as well. For modern or contemporary kitchens, dark, bold colors are welcome. The same goes for large kitchens as you have more room to play with daring colors. However, for smaller kitchens lighter colors on walls and cabinets can help the room feel larger and brighter.

What kitchen flooring goes with gray cabinets?

Hardwood and laminate flooring are typically available in wood tones, which vary considerably from light gray to deep dark brown. However, tile provides a wider color and pattern range, opening more options. Pay attention to the shade of your flooring and look to match the flooring color with undertone in the grey cabinets. Then choose dark, medium, or light shades of flooring to match the shade of your grey cabinets.

What lighting goes with gray cabinets?

Just as grey colors have undertones that read as cool or warm, lights also have unique color temperatures that register as either warm or cool. The color temperature of the light either compliments the grey or diminishes it. As such, it’s essential to pair lights with color temperatures between 3100-6500 Kelvins with cool grey cabinets. Likewise, look for lights with color temperatures between 2000-3100 Kelvins to pair with warm grey cabinets.

What color of gray goes with furniture & décor?

When matching grey cabinets with furniture and décor, go for similar tones and contrast rather than specific colors. Lighter grey cabinets look great with brown furniture, or for red and orange kitchen décor, a warmer tone of grey matches well. If you need some expert design ideas for your grey kitchen, contact our design team for advice and renderings of your unique kitchen.

What Cabinet Hardware Goes for Gray Cabinets?

Cabinet hardware isn’t just meant to be functional – knobs and pulls complete the style of your cabinets. Designed to fit easily in your fingertips, knobs come in a variety of shapes, from a classic round shape to modern square design. Pulls are designed to fit in your palm but are longer and provide better leverage. As such, they are ideal for heavy drawers and doors. Pulls also come in a variety of shapes, such as cup, bar, T-shaped, arched, and more.

Most hardware finishes pair well with grey cabinets, especially polished brass, nickel, or matte black. Since pulls and knobs typically only require one to two screws, you can install them yourself, so long as you’re comfortable getting the measurements correct. Otherwise, leave the measuring to a professional installer.

FAQs About Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing grey kitchen cabinets is a fun way to add personality to your cooking area. Since there are so many choices for shade, style, and design, we’ve answered some of your top questions to help you select the best grey cabinetry for your home.

What colors go with gray cabinets?

The neutral quality of grey means it doesn’t have a clashing color. Choosing grey kitchen cabinets is a great starting point for styling any kitchen because it’s easy to match with other colors for your décor, flooring, appliances, countertops, and more. Since it’s so versatile, practically any color goes with grey, but here are a few of our favorite pairings:

  • White: White is a classic grey color pairing. No matter the shade light, medium, or dark gray, white looks great with all hues. White and grey are also hallmarks of modern minimalist kitchens, as they’re both neutrals. This combination allows for color creativity in other areas.
  • Wood: A lovely way to use wood and grey together is with wood flooring and grey cabinetry. Pair a lighter wood floor with darker grey cabinets for a modern look. A dark wood floor and a very light grey cabinet is also a classic style pairing. Warm wood tones keep your kitchen design from feeling too neutral, whereas neutral cool wood tones leave room for colors elsewhere, such as a fun backslash or wall color. Change things up with a wood cabinet on your island, or just on base cabinets with grey wall cabinets to create a truly unique kitchen.
  • Antiqued brass: For cabinet hardware, a nice antiqued brass is great for grey cabinets. It works especially well in transitional kitchen styles. The warmth and vibrancy of the brass tone plays well against the grey.
  • Polished nickel: While nickel itself is a grey color, polished nickel adds a shiny flair to flat matte grey cabinets. Mixing the finishes and textures in your kitchen adds interest and charm. Polished nickel is also a great way to go if you don’t want such a stark contrast between your cabinets and your pulls and knobs.
  • Any color: The truth is, almost any color pairs well with grey. From navy blue to pink or yellow, grey complements both bold and soft colors. When mixing and matching tones, note that some warm tones don’t pair as well with cool tones. Contrast is always a good rule, especially if matching grey with another grey or neutral hue.

Are gray cabinets in style?

Yes, grey cabinets are currently experiencing an uptick in popularity. The reason grey cabinets are in style is the flexibility of the neutral tone. While grey is not as popular as white kitchen cabinets (currently the trendiest color), grey cabinets stand out amongst all the other standard colors and it’s easy to pair with other colors.

Grey works well in various styles of kitchens as well, from modern to farmhouse to classic traditional. Go for a dark gray cabinet in contemporary or industrial kitchens, or a lighter off-white grey in farmhouse or classic rooms.

Vevano offers a variety of grey cabinets in different door frames including decorative and beveled, or modern slab to appease various styles and design needs.

What shade of gray makes a room look bigger?

Lighter shades of grey make small rooms seem bigger. Light colors reflect more light, making them especially welcome in small kitchens and bathrooms. Darker shades of grey like cinder or traditional grey make rooms feel cozy, but they can make small areas feel dim and crowded.

If you just love darker shades, try to contrast medium grey cabinets with lighter wall colors to increase light in your kitchen design. Want to make the room feel extra airy and light? White or a light wall color with light grey cabinets opens the space and provides a comforting monotone perfect for splashes of color.

Some of Vevano’s best grey cabinets for small rooms are:

  • Wilora Hawthorne Shaker Dove
  • Wilora Hawthorne Cobbleridge Dove
  • Wilora Paloma Marquis Grey Wood
  • Wilora Paloma Cortina Oyster Shell

No matter your style preference, there’s a shade for you. Our Dove grey and Oyster Shell collections are such a light shade of grey, they are arguably more off-white. Each Paloma collection has a modern slab-style door with visible wood grain. Contact our design team to find the right combination for your tiny kitchen.

Why are gray kitchen cabinets so popular?

Grey kitchen cabinets are so popular right now because grey is such a versatile neutral color, easy to match with kitchen decor. Other neutral colors such as white and black (and sometimes beige and brown) can feel too bright, too dated, or too boring. Grey can add warmth or cool a room down, depending on the undertones, adding a unique quality white and black can’t achieve.

Grey is also great at subtly hiding nicks and dings that white can’t and is lighter than natural stained woods, adding a light and airier feeling to small kitchens. Cabinets in grey shades evoke a feeling of luxury, making your kitchen feel like high-end elegance.

Expert Cabinet Design Service

Not sure what style of gray cabinet to go with? Our team of design experts can help. We can guide you to the right shade of grey to upgrade your home, from dark gray to charcoal gray to light gray. Need more classic or modern gray kitchen cabinet ideas? Contact our designers today and we can answer your questions, provide you with suggestions, or design a full kitchen with your favorite grey cabinet style.