Cottage Kitchen Cabinets

Create a comfortable and inviting kitchen with cottage cabinetry. Often incorporating lighter colors, cottage cabinets in whites and off-whites help you create the perfect warm blend of rustic and delicate. The perfect cottage kitchen is fresh, airy, and bright. Choose accent materials made of wood, or polished metals.

Any of our antique white cabinets are ideal for a cottage style. The raised panel and ornate details create a beautiful and inviting cooking space. Stone elements, especially flooring, work well with cottage cabinets. Go for decorative hardware and lighting fixtures to add a sense of understated elegance that the cottage style emulates.

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Using Cottage Kitchen Cabinets in Your Kitchen Remodel

Cottage cabinets are ideal for creating an inviting, warm, and cozy kitchen. The opposite of modern, cottage cabinets are decorative, full of vintage charm and ornate details. To design your own dream cottage kitchen, follow these cottage ideas:

6 Tips for Designing a Cottage Kitchen

  • Opt for Open Shelving
  • Choose Wood Floors
  • Brighten with Vintage Lighting
  • Install a Farmhouse Sink
  • Use Bridge Faucets
  • Natural Materials for Counters & Backsplash

Choose cottage cabinets for your remodel to create a homey environment and to complement the lovely kettle about to steam away on your vintage stove. The cottage style embraces vintage personality paired with refreshing details to breathe life into a dull kitchen.

What Are Cottage Kitchen Cabinets?

Cottage cabinets are reminiscent of early 20th century kitchen cabinet designs from small homes in rural or rustic towns. Many classic cottages are near coast lines, in the countryside, and in quaint small towns. As such, cottage kitchen cabinets utilize details from these charming settings to maximize storage space by using each element as both storage and décor.

Cottage kitchen cabinets are full of old-world charm, with framed doors, glass panels for upper cabinets, and often open shelving. The key is to make your cabinets look built-in by using decorative panels, beadboard, and crown molding to add the old-world elegance of French and English country cottage styles. Mix old and new elements like colorful appliances with under-cabinet lighting to create the eclectic elegance of cottage kitchens.

6 Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas

Cottage kitchen design ideas include using decorative features, natural textures, and vintage elements to create a lived-in, country kitchen with plenty of character. In addition to cottage cabinets, choosing the right finishes, styles, and materials help make cottage style kitchens feel more authentic, casual, and cheerful.

Opt for Open Shelving

In cottage kitchens, open shelving creates space for décor and storage. Since many cottage style kitchens are small, storage space is a premium. Small and quaint, open shelves function as pretty storage, displaying decorative china, unique pieces, and artwork.

Some of the best small country kitchen ideas involve open shelving to store wedding china, antique store finds, and eclectic heirlooms. In other kitchen styles like modern, minimalism, or contemporary, hiding your small appliances and décor is preferred. Not so in cottage kitchens where open shelving is encouraged as an appealing décor idea.

Choose Wood Floors

The classic look of wood floors is ideal for cottage houses. Many original cottages were built with wood flooring because it’s a durable, long-lasting material that adds warmth and character. For extra charm, choose a wood floor that looks worn, distressed, or reclaimed. The old-world style of lived-in flooring feels inviting in cottage kitchens. Painted cottage kitchen cabinetry looks great against wood flooring in any shade.

Brighten with Vintage Lighting

When selecting lights for your cottage kitchen, go for a vintage, antique look. Large pendant lights and chandeliers are ideal for cottage style kitchens. In addition to true cottage styles, eclectic light fixtures offer you the chance to highlight your personality. As long as the light isn’t too modern (straight lines, void of ornamentation, minimalist in design) it’ll look great in a cottage kitchen.

For materials, choose highly decorative light fixtures with wood, glass, or antiqued metal finishes. Geometric designs, or curves with glazed shades or exposed bulbs, lend an old-fashioned vibe. Other styles such as country, farmhouse, and rustic also work well in cottage kitchens.

As for placement, install lighting over islands or dine-in kitchen areas. Since many cottage style kitchens are designed with cozy, family friendly layouts, focus on lighting the common areas rather than the working areas. Decorative, vintage light fixtures add a sense of comfort and hominess to cottage kitchens.

Install a Farmhouse Sink

Cottage and farmhouse kitchens share commonalities when it comes to washing up. Large farmhouse sinks, with deep single basins work well in for cottage aesthetics and add functionality. For a more authentic cottage kitchen, go for a wall mount kitchen sink to add that old-world charm not commonly found in today’s kitchens.

Use Bridge Faucets

As for faucets, finishes and designs that evoke a Victorian, early 20th century, or Venetian vibe work well. The best faucets for cottage styles have graceful, curved spouts, like old-fashioned water pumps with their arched spouts and long, curved levers. Bridge faucets or gooseneck faucets look particularly well in cottage kitchens.

For faucet handles, decorative levers or charming cross knobs have the right look and feel. Finishes in polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze, gold, or brass work well for both faucets and cottage hardware. Match cabinets knobs and drawer pulls with your faucet finish for a cohesive look, or use mismatch your finishes for an eclectic look. Just remember to use the same finishes across all hardware if you go for a different finish than your faucet.

Natural Materials for Counters & Backsplash

For counter and backsplash design ideas in your cottage kitchen, the color and material do much to influence the style of your kitchen. For rustic or farmhouse cottage styles, lean towards country colors and materials like butcher block, concrete, or simple quartz. For a more modern cottage aesthetic, black granite or marble add a contemporary flair. As for tile, choose backsplash tile in traditional materials like porcelain, ceramic, or stone add a natural look and feel, much like cottages of yore.

Cottage Kitchen Cabinet Characteristics

Need decorating ideas for your cottage kitchen? Each element from the flooring to the color scheme, storage to ornate molding, adds to the charm of your cottage remodel. In addition to choosing country cottage cupboards, choose vintage colors, open storage, and decorative details to play up the cottage appeal.

Cottage Colors

The colors of cottage style kitchens recreate a sense of rural life, with natural textures and clean colors from past eras. Traditional cottage colors include creams, whites, and neutrals in soft hues with natural wood and metal textures. Cottage paint colors for walls are generally light, with more bold colors on appliances, décor, and textiles.

Cottage color schemes aren’t as monotone as modern kitchens, while they may start with classic white and pale yellow, vibrant hues add the coveted vintage vibe. Country kitchen colors like white and blue feel clean yet rustic, evocative of old French or English countryside homes. Red is another great color for lending a nostalgic vibe of retro American cottage kitchens.

In addition to colors, textures go a long way to helping create the right country cottage kitchen atmosphere. Distressed, worn, or reclaimed materials work great for cabinets, ceilings, and furniture. Exposed wood beams and farmhouse tables contribute to the colors and aesthetic of the room. If your appliances are stainless steel, never fear, add hardware with matte or brushed finishes to blend the metals towards a modern country feel.

Cottage Cabinet Organization

Since cottage style kitchens welcome turning your dishes into décor, display them proudly, rather than hiding them inside cabinets. The best small kitchen designs turn every surface into a storage opportunity, especially in cottage kitchens.

Plate Racks

Plate racks are open-door built-ins incorporated into your cabinetry. They display your dishes horizontally as a fun alternative to stacking your dishes vertically inside cabinet doors. Plate racks are a charming way to keep your dishes safe, provide easy access to your plates, and create a sense of vintage appeal.

Wine Racks

Wine racks are a great option for storing beautiful bottles and adding built-in kitchen décor. Criss-cross wine racks seamlessly integrate with your cottage cabinetry, either above the counter or directly on the countertop.


Unlike other styles, cozy cottage kitchens use countertop space for décor and storage. Don’t hide your eclectic or vintage pieces, place them on counters to create personality in your kitchen. Antique cookbooks, colanders, and baskets look right at home in cottage kitchen renovations.

Cottage Molding

Decorative molding fits in perfectly with a cottage style kitchen aesthetic. Create a cottage kitchen with crown molding, a trim used to finish and beautify the space between your cabinets and ceiling. Cozy cottage style kitchens also use toe kicks and base molding at the bottom of cabinets, to decorate the space between your cabinet and floor.

Bevels, curves, and carved details add vintage charm to cottage kitchen remodeling projects. If you don’t love over-the-top ornamental details, molding with straight, plain lines still adds a polished finishing touch to cottage designs.

Mixing Styles

Wanting a cottage kitchen but with a little something extra? Cottage is a style that blends well with others. Here are a few ways you can easily add other elements to cottage style kitchens.

Country Cottage Kitchens: The original country cottage kitchens are full of modest details, soft colors, and the smell of baked goods. For an English country cottage feel, use metal pendant lights, bold colors, and wood furniture. For a French country cottage vibe, decorative molding and scroll work, ornate paneling, and copper fixtures provide a provincial look.

Cottage Farmhouse Kitchens: Farmhouse styles are popular but adding a cottage mood adds a unique twist to your kitchen. Traditional farmhouse style sinks and wood and metal fixtures are a good place to start. To combine the two styles, include a rustic chandelier instead of pendants, or soft colors like green or yellow to transform your space.

Shabby Chic Cottage Kitchens: For a feminine take on the cottage style, add shabby chic elements like lace textures, glass front cabinets, and delicate light fixtures with glass or crystal. Covering a sink base cabinet with a gathered fabric rather than cabinet doors is an inexpensive way to add a shabby chic vibe.

Modern Cottage Kitchens: Bringing a cottage kitchen together with a modern style is a fun way to add charm to a newer home, or modernity to an older home. Moody colors like black and white tiled floors, or dark grey cabinets are modern elements that make cottage kitchens feel cozy, yet vintage. Pot fillers, warm woods contrasted with cool colors, modern metal light fixtures, and hardware in gold or brass are also good ideas.

Cottage Rustic Style Kitchens: Cottage and rustic blend well because both styles suit smaller homes. For a cottage cabin in the woods or a cottage lake house, use natural wood textures everywhere, from flooring, to hardware and lighting. Hang pots and pans as décor, and display dishes on open shelving.

Beach Cottage Kitchens: For a coastal vibe, use nautical colors like yellow, blue, or teal plus white in your kitchen. Add in textures like rope, beachy mosaic backsplash, and industrial metal lights.

How Much Do Cottage Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Since Vevano carries a wide range of different cabinet styles that work for cottage kitchens, there’s a cabinet for every budget. For 10x10 cottage kitchens, cabinets cost $2,000 and up depending on extras such as molding, paneling, and other additional elements. A DIY kitchen can keep your budget low as you save by assembling and installing the cottage cabinets yourself, rather than paying a contractor. However, going with a professional installer can save you time and stress.

For cottage decorating ideas or a price quote, contact our design specialists. We can send you mood boards, a 3D rendering of your kitchen, and an exact quote for your unique kitchen.

Ready to Buy Cottage Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you ready for a cottage kitchen? Our design team can help you select the perfect cottage style cabinetry for your remodel. Send us details like the dimensions of your kitchen or your favorite colors and finishes and our interior designers can provide cottage kitchen ideas for any size home.