Classic Kitchen Cabinets

A classic-style kitchen emphasizes symmetry and well-balanced elements. If classic kitchens feature any contrasts, transitions are smooth and minimal. Think of comfortable, consistent colors and accents. Tried and true classic cabinets feel familiar and coordinate effortlessly with antique or polished pieces.

Any of our decorative door styles work well in a classic kitchen. Keep your kitchen design symmetrical and choose curved lines to enhance the relaxed environment. Achieve comfortable elegance with warm wood tones, rich neutrals, and classic silver, gold, or brass hardware.

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Why Classic Kitchen Cabinets Are the Perfect Style of Kitchen Cabinet for You

A classic kitchen design is a time-honored style intended to work for as many layouts and tastes as possible. The classic look features a style-neutral design, the ideal backdrop for your décor and personality. By starting with classic ideas such as a neutral color palette and simple cabinet door design, you can create a dream kitchen that’ll be in style for years.

Benefits of Classic Kitchen Cabinets

  • Improves Resale Value
  • Looks Timeless
  • Uses Neutral Colors

Although seemingly ordinary at first glance, classic kitchens are so much more. There are many advantages to the neutral colors, elegant designs, and well-loved style of a classic kitchen cabinet.

Benefits of Classic Kitchen Cabinet Designs

There are many benefits to choosing a classic cabinet design for your kitchen remodel. The main advantages are flexibility and versatility along with increasing the resale value of your home and creating a style-neutral look that’s easy to personalize and adapt.

Improves Resale Value

Although there’s never a guarantee, a classic kitchen is more likely than other styles to improve the resale value of your home. Classic elements have a wider appeal than unique, atypical styles such as Scandinavian or Industrial. The neutral colors and simplistic designs of classic kitchen cabinets sell well because you (or future homeowners) can easily switch up the style and color palette with furniture, décor, and more.

To increase the odds that your classic kitchen increases the value of your home, follow these tips:

Keep the Costs Low

Since classic styles don’t feature overly ornate or expensive details, you save money by sticking with plainer details. Skip decorative end paneling and custom designs to maintain a budget-friendly classic style kitchen. Keeping the price of your remodel low helps ensure a higher return on your investment as well.

Choose White

Choosing a popular color like white, which goes particularly well in classic kitchens, can help you resell your home. Since classic kitchens rely on popular colors, potential homebuyers are more likely to adore classic kitchen colors over bold, modern colors. While you may love deep orange or purple cabinets, they’re a little too unique and hard to sell.

Looks Timeless

A simple look is a great way to beat the ever-changing trends. Rather than going with a short-lived trendy kitchen, choose classic kitchen cabinets and update with new décor as the styles change instead.

To create the timeless look, go with:

Natural Materials

Natural materials like wood, glass, and metal withstand the changes of time better than materials and textures such as plastic, high gloss surfaces, and stainless steel for cabinets. Glass front cabinets have a classic, traditional look reminiscent of Victorian hutches or china cabinets. Wood is also a staple in kitchens dating back centuries. Soft, less bold wood hues are ideal in classic kitchens as they evoke a cozy, homey atmosphere that’ll last for the life of your home.

Shaker Cabinets

While they’re not strictly a classic design, the straightforward and unfussy build of a Shaker-style cabinet works well in classic kitchens. Shaker cabinets look timeless because of their straight lines and simple build, making them a flexible choice as well. Shaker cabinets work in multiple kitchen styles such as farmhouse, modern, and contemporary designs. Since they exude an understated elegance, Shaker cabinets outlast other cabinet styles, keeping the look of your home even more timeless.

Uses Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are a great backdrop for changeable décor, accent colors, patterns, and textures. By choosing a neutral base color like white, grey, or natural wood you’re able to change up your style so your kitchen is never boring.

Styled Kitchen

Using bold colors might seem more interesting, but a neutral color palette helps your classic home feel very put-together and well-styled. Neutral colors such as eggshell, grey, or antique white feel posh and soften your home, creating a well-developed kitchen.

Colorful Décor

While Neutral tones create a more relaxing environment, décor and accents are ideal for adding splashes of colors and personality to your kitchen. This is also a great cost-saving measure. Use neutral colors for expensive elements like cabinets and flooring, then enhance the space with bold color for elements like artwork, kitchen appliances, and textiles. The neutral backdrop draws your eye to changeable accents, so you can switch up your style over time.

Creating a Classic Kitchen

Start your kitchen remodeling process by selecting classic elements for each aspect of your kitchen. From lighting to backsplash, here are some ways to add more of the classic style into your home without straying too far into conflicting styles.


Cabinets are the most influential elements over the style of your kitchen.

Dos: Good classic kitchen cabinet ideas include using neutral colors for cabinets and countertops, and plain recessed or raised panel doors.

Don’ts: Overly decorative doors with beveling, ornate curves, or flat slab-style doors are not ideal for the standard classic cabinet. Open shelving is also a little too modern and industrial for classic kitchens.


Backsplash and wall colors take up a fair amount of eye-level space so selecting a tile can affect the overall ambiance of your cooking space.  

Dos: Tile backsplash in shapes such as squares or rectangles, work well in classic kitchens. A farmhouse subway tile is equally great for classic kitchens, as its popularity spans centuries.

Don’ts: When remodeling your kitchen into a classic style, steer clear of bold colors, irregular shapes, and metal materials for your backsplash.


Classic style kitchens work well with standard appliance colors, which is good news if you’re not ready to upgrade your appliances.

Dos: Many colors and surfaces work in classic kitchens, especially white or stainless-steel appliances in either shiny or matte surfaces. Paneled appliances are more expensive but blend seamlessly with classic cabinetry as well.

Don’ts: Black or bold colors are the only real standouts that don’t work as well in classic kitchens.

Sinks & Faucets

Don’t overlook sinks and faucets in your classic kitchen. Some fixture finishes, designs, and shapes work better in classic kitchens than others.

Dos: Many classic kitchens feature the very popular double-basin stainless steel sink. If you want to upgrade your sink but keep to a classic style, go for a single basin sink with a white fireclay or granite composite finish instead.

Don’ts: It’s hard to find a sink that wouldn’t work with a classic kitchen, but unique materials like copper or a finish like black matte don’t match well.


Classic interior designs rely on lighting to continue the influence of the classic style in your kitchen.

Dos: Symmetrical light fixtures in satin, black, bronze, or other standard finishes emphasize a classic look. Pendant lights over islands and functional recessed lighting add both light and ambiance.

Don’ts: Asymmetrical lighting fixtures with materials such as crystal, weathered wood, or acrylic generally don’t fit in a classic kitchen. Irregular shapes and sizes are better suited to modern or transitional kitchens.

Panels & Molding

Panels and molding are more common with traditional kitchen cabinets than for classic kitchen cabinets. Traditional styles are more ornate and generally feature soft curves, beveling, and intricate designs. However, some cabinet accessories still work well in classic kitchens.

Dos: Crown molding, if simple in design, is a great addition in classic kitchens. It makes kitchens feel more finished and polished. Plain end panels also boost the style of your classic kitchen when applied to refrigerators or dishwashers.

Don’ts: Elaborate and decorative molding feels out of place in classic kitchens where simpler features are key. Beadboard panels or ornate crown molding are better suited to farmhouse or cottage kitchens where ornate embellishments are more expected.

FAQs About Classic Kitchen Cabinets

Wondering about the colors and styles of classic kitchen cabinets? We have answers to your design questions.

Are Shaker-style cabinets classic?

While they themselves are not the typical classic cabinet, Shaker panel doors have many of the best elements that classic kitchen designs look for. Since they’re modest in design and extremely versatile, Shaker cabinet door styles are easily swayed towards different interior designs like classic. Shaker cabinets in light colors, like white or dove, create the clean slate-style definitive in classic kitchens. Keep flooring and countertops in neutral, non-contrasting colors to prevent the space from looking too “modern”.

Are classic cabinets out of style in 2020?

Classic cabinets are synonymous with timeless kitchens, spanning through the decades as a popular cabinetry choice. Just because classic kitchen designs aren’t the new “it” thing, doesn’t mean they’re not a great choice. Many homeowners are choosing classic kitchen styles in 2020 to buck fussy style trends, to increase the resale value of their home, or to establish a blank slate for creating style with décor rather than with permanent elements.

Keep classic cabinets on-trend in 2020 by pairing them with subway tile backsplash, choosing a light and natural color palette, and adding storage function with cabinet accessories like pull-out spice racks or lazy-Susans. As a bonus, since classic cabinet doors are so simple, they’re great for mixing and matching with other style trends as they come along.

What are popular classic kitchen cabinet colors?

Classic kitchens rely on neutral colors to convey a clean and classic look. Monochromatic color palettes work as a clean slate for other classical décor elements in flooring, countertops, and lighting. Here are some of the best classic kitchen cabinet colors:


The ultimate blank slate color, white acts as a clean starting point for a classic kitchen. White is a great classic kitchen idea for its ability to blend well with other neutral colors without risk of clashing. It also provides the most contrast in a classic kitchen design without breaking outside of the classical style.

Cream & Off-White

Timeless kitchen cabinetry is often a light color other than white. White is experiencing a surge of popularity right now, but many classic kitchens utilize creamier colors. Creams and off-whites like antique white, beige, dove, ivory, and more provide light and airy tones, without the stark brightness of plain white. Classic kitchens are meant to feel homey and comfortable, and cream is one of the best color choices for an inviting kitchen.


Popular for centuries, wood is still the primary material used in kitchen cabinetry. Natural wood stains work well as they’re a standard look in classic kitchens and more. Light and medium stains are best since they are similar in tone to other classic colors to not create too much contrast (which works better in modern or transitional kitchens).

What is the most popular style of kitchen cabinets?

The most popular style of kitchen cabinets is second only to the most popular color of kitchen cabinets – white. White is the most popular trend for kitchens right now and is available in various door and drawer styles. Shaker kitchen cabinets with recessed panels or traditional raised center panel white cabinets are very popular for 2020 kitchens. Elements such as clean and straight cabinetry lines (rather than decorative and curved) and light colors (especially white) are the style frontrunners. Go for these elements to stay on-trend, or when reselling your home as they appeal to the highest number of house hunters.

Personalized Virtual Classic Kitchen Design

Do you want a classic kitchen but don’t know where to start? Contact our design team to answer your questions. Our team can design a room plan for your home with classic kitchen cabinets from our collection in the color and style of your choice.