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Shop high quality one-piece toilets, including tankless toilets, luxury bidet toilets, and high-efficiency, low-profile one-piece designs. We offer one-piece toilets from various reputable and award-winning brands, including Kohler, Toto, American Standard, and Duravit.


What is a One-Piece Toilet?

Toto one piece toilet

A one-piece toilet integrates bowl, tank, and trapway into one continuous ceramic toilet fixture, rather than having separate parts that you put together like the two-piece toilet. One-piece toilets are generally easier to clean because there are fewer crevices for grime to build up. The seamless, sleek appearance makes one-piece toilets ideal for modern style bathrooms.


One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilets

Two-piece toilets are made of two separate parts, the bowl and the tank, that are joined together by bolts. One-piece toilets combine the bowl and tank into one unit. One-piece toilets are generally easier to clean, more durable, and more contemporary in appearance. Two-piece toilets offer more style options and are typically less expensive than one-piece toilets.


Benefits of One-Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets come with a variety of perks:


Easy to Clean

One-piece toilets eliminate the gap between the tank and toilet bowl, making it much easier to wipe away dust and grime and maintain a sparkling clean toilet. Many one-piece toilets also have a skirted design to hide the trapway and provide a smooth surface to clean.


Modern Design

The one-piece toilet’s streamlined appearance and seamless silhouette make it the ideal choice for contemporary bathrooms—especially those with minimalist, clean lines.


Low Profile Options

You’re more likely to find low-profile, compact designs with a one-piece toilet. Some one-piece toilets eliminate the tank altogether, using advanced, powerful flush technology in its place.



The bolts and connection between the tank and bowl in a two-piece toilet are more susceptible to wear and tear. One-piece toilets have an integrated tank and bowl, so you don’t have to worry about the coupling between your tank and bowl wearing away over time.

With all that said, one-piece toilets do come with some drawbacks. For one, they’re typically more expensive and heavier than two-piece toilets. In addition, if a one-piece toilet is cracked or damaged, you have to replace the whole toilet, whereas for a two-piece toilet you might be able to simply replace the tank or bowl.


Maximize Your Toilet

Smart toilets come in all shapes and sizes, including one-piece designs. When shopping for a new toilet, keep an eye out for the following comfort and high-efficiency features:


Dual Flush

Dual flush toilets provide two flush options depending on how much water you want to save. For example, many Toto one-piece toilets allow users to choose between 0.8 gpf or 1 gpf. These eco-friendly toilets prevent clogging, save you money on water utilities, and help preserve the earth’s natural resources.


Chair (Comfort) Height

One-piece toilets with a chair height (about 17 to 19 inches) are designed to be more comfortable to sit in, especially for those who are taller or have a difficult time rising from a low seat. “Comfort height” is the branded term Kohler uses to describe chair height. Toilets with chair height are also ADA approved.


Integrated Toilet Bidet

TOTO Neorest Bidet

Your all-in-one one-piece toilet can even include a built-in bidet for maximum hygiene and comfort! Many of the top-rated toilet bidets on the market, including the Toto Neorest RH and the Toto G400 Washlet, are low-profile, one-piece designs.


Concealed Trapway

Skirted toilets conceal the trapway of your toilet, making for a cleaner outline and more accessible surface to clean.



Many toilets now include convenient self-cleaning technologies, such as an automatic cleaning solution that releases after each flush or a unique ceramic glaze that prevents waste build-up in your toilet bowl.


One-Piece Toilet Styles

One-piece toilets come in a surprising variety of styles and functionality. As you browse for a new toilet, you may recognize one or more of these designs:



A standard one-piece toilet has a similar profile and size as a two-piece toilet by including a tall or average-height tank.



Low-boy toilets are one-piece designs with a shorter tank than average toilets. The toilet seats are as tall as the average toilet, but the tank is lower to the ground.



Tankless one-piece toilets remove the tank altogether for a space-saving, minimalist profile. These types of toilets operate with high-efficiency flush technologies that eliminate the need for a tank.


Bidet Toilet

Bidet toilets come with built-in water nozzles (called a bidet or washlet) that cleanse your lower regions, offering a more hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience. Many one-piece bidet toilets include bonus luxury features, such as a heated seat, automatic open and close lid, nightlight, warm air dry function, and automatic deodorizer.


Best One-Piece Toilet Brands

Kohler Kathryn One Piece Toilet


Since its humble beginning in 1873, Kohler has consistently demonstrated excellence and innovation with every one of its products, including its collection of one-piece toilets. Unlike many other manufacturers, Kohler one-piece toilets come in a variety of traditional styled designs with elegant details and bevels, as seen in their one-piece Memoirs and one-piece Kathryn toilet collections.



Toto toilets are renowned for their innovative flush technologies, luxury bidet integration, and sleek contemporary aesthetic. The best-selling Neorest collection features several Toto one-piece toilets with luxury bidet capabilities and ultra-high efficiency self-cleaning features, including a powerful cyclonic flush and eco-friendly eWater+ disinfectant. The Toto Ultramax is another popular collection that features the exceptional E-Max flushing technology and bidet integration if desired.


American Standard

True to its name, this brand sets the standard for toilet design. American Standard one-piece toilets come in various styles and designs, from the traditional Town Square one-piece toilet to the top-rated contemporary one-piece Champion toilet.



Duravit one-piece toilets boast a narrow, space-saving profile and unique toilet seat shape, which features a sophisticated symmetrical curve and modern, clean lines. Their contemporary styling complements the forward-thinking high-pressure siphonic jet flushing technology.