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Choose the Perfect Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet for Your Home

When it comes to shopping for a new kitchen faucet, sprayer capabilities are top-of-mind for most homeowners. Pull-down kitchen faucets are great for that! The all-in-one spout and sprayer combination provides ease and accessibility when washing dishes, filling pots and pitchers, and more!


What Is a Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet?

Pull-down faucets have a built-in sprayer that you pull down to detach from the faucet spout. The ergonomic design makes pull-down faucets easy and intuitive for the entire family to use! Pull-down faucets feature an extendable hose that helps you reach all the corners of your sink and can even be long enough to reach adjacent countertops.


Key Features of Pull-Down Faucets

Pull-Down Spray Head—The star of the pull-down faucet is the sprayer! These sprayers are easy to use and can be maneuvered with just one hand. Multiple flow settings are changed with the simple push of a button on the sprayer head itself, helping you tackle a variety of messes with fluid motion.


Gooseneck Style—Most pull-down faucets are designed with a gooseneck spout—a high arching spout with steep downward curve. This type of spout stands higher above the sink than other faucets, giving adequate space for pulling down on the faucet head. This also allows room for power cleaning large pots and pans.


Pull-Down Hose—Pull-down faucets include a long, retractable hose to help you reach all the corners of your sink. Most automatically retract using a magnetic weight and natural gravity to slowly pull the hose back into place when you let go. When purchasing your pull-down faucet, check the hose length to make sure it will meet the needs for the space of your sink.


Magnetic Docking—Most pull-down faucets today use magnetic docking to keep the sprayer head in place while not in use. Magnetic docking is very reliable and resists warping and other damage that could happen over time.


Touchless Activation—Any busy home chef knows the value of touchless activation! Many pull-down faucets feature motion-activated sensors to automatically turn on your faucet.


Single Tap Activation—Another great feature available in pull-down faucets is single tap activation! This allows you to switch between flow settings and sprayer features by tapping your hand or wrist on the spout.


Pre-Rinse—Pull-down faucets with pre-rinse features are becoming increasingly popular. Pre-rinse faucets borrow a functionality previously only seen in restaurant kitchens or gourmet kitchens—an aerated, high-pressure stream. Usually, you can switch to this mode with the push of a button or a tap on the spout. This is great for washing off stuck-on food or quickly filling pots or pitchers.


Soap Dispenser—With many pull-down faucets, you can install a soap dispenser next to the faucet to add convenience to dishwashing.


Coil Spout—One unique feature you can find in pull-down kitchen faucets is the coil spout. This spout houses the pull-down hose in a flexible coil, allowing the entire spout to stretch and move anywhere you need it. Coils are usually removable for cleaning.


Pull-Down Faucet Styles

Though pull-down faucets are a modern functionality for kitchen sinks, you can find them in nearly any style. Here’s a quick look at the styles you will find while shopping for a pull-down faucet.


Modern—Sleeker, straightforward designs indicate modern styles. Most modern styled faucets have high arcs and clean curves, free from intricate details or embellishments. Modern style focuses on function and offers seamless functionalities, perfect for the minimalist look. Modern pull-down faucets usually have a chrome or matte black finish.


Industrial—Industrial styles share attributes with modern styles, like matte black and chrome finishes, but also are made with nickel and gunmetal. Rather than a sleek gooseneck curve, industrial faucets have a square shape and mimic the look of exposed pipes you might see in a factory or older industrial buildings. Wall-mounted faucets are often industrial.


Traditional—You will find more curves, bevels, and intricate details in traditional styles. This style of pull-down faucet adds a warmer tone to the style of your kitchen. Most traditional faucets are finished in rubbed bronze.


Note: Coil faucets are a unique mix of industrial and modern design.


Pull-Down Faucets vs. Pull-Out Faucets

The biggest similarity between pull-down faucets and pull-out faucets is that they both feature an all-in-one spout and sprayer combination. While pull-down faucets have a sprayer head that pulls straight down, pull-out faucets have a full handle that pulls out from the spout to be used as a sprayer. Pull-out faucets don’t have a gooseneck spout but can still reach all areas of your sink and switch between spray modes with a push of a button.


FAQs About Bridge Faucets


How Much Do Pull-Down Faucets Cost?

You can find bargain pull-down faucets for as low as $89, but they won’t be as durable as more expensive options. You’ll get the most quality for your money by choosing pull-down faucets in the $300 to $600 range.


Which Is Better: a Pull-out or Pull-down Kitchen Faucet?

Both pull-down and pull-out kitchen faucets are great options for any kitchen. While the downward motion for using a pull-down faucet is easier for some homeowners to use, others like the benefit of having a full handle of a pull-out faucet to hold onto. Pull-down and pull-out faucets offer many of the same features like touchless and automatic activation, magnetic docking, and pre-rinse capabilities.


Do Pull-Down Faucets Break Easily?

High-quality pull-down faucets are durable and worth your investment. However, like other kitchen fixtures, you will experience normal wear and tear that will prevent your faucet from working at optimal capacity. Here are a few maintenance tips for common problems you may run into.


Problem: Hose doesn’t retract properly

Solution: Most sprayer hoses are weighted on one end, so gravity helps them automatically retract. If you find it requires significant effort to retract the hose manually, check to make sure the weight hasn’t fallen off. You can replace it if it has fallen off.


Problem: Leaky pull-out hose

Solution: Wear and tear on hose most commonly results in cracks in the hose at connection points on either end. Rather than replacing your entire faucet, you can replace just the hose. Replacement kits are available at most hardware stores.


Problem: Leaky spray head

Solution: If you find your faucet leaking, sometimes the culprit is the faucet head rather than the hose. This can also be replaced on its own instead of replacing the entire faucet.


Problem: Low water pressure

Solution: Most commonly, low water pressure will happen with hard water build-up. Usually, scrubbing with a toothbrush is all you need to do to clean it. With more intense build-up, you can boil the aerator in vinegar for half an hour. If hard water build-up isn’t the culprit, you may need to replace your diverter valve.


Choose the Best One For You!

Those are the basics of pull-out kitchen faucets! We hope the information we’ve provided helps you select the perfect faucet. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our designers. You can get help from our design consultants by calling 855.483.2629. We’d love to hear from you!