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Vevano Home carries only the best when it comes to washlets and bidets. Our selection includes everything from luxury bidet-toilet combos, to easy-to-install washlet seats, to cost-effective bidet seat attachments. 


Browse our selection or continue reading for help finding the perfect bidet for your bathroom.


What is a Bidet?

A bidet (pronounced “buh-day”) is a bathroom fixture that, at its most basic level, sprays water on your lower regions for a more thorough (and gentle) cleansing than wiping with toilet paper. Many bidets include bonus features, such as an air-drying function or toilet bowl disinfectant.


Traditional bidets are standalone plumbing fixtures that sit beside the toilet and have their own basin and a water spout. However, many modern bidets are integrated with the toilet or can be installed as a bidet toilet seat. These kinds of bidets rely on a retractable bidet wand (small water nozzle) to spray water from inside the toilet bowl.


Types of Bidets

Bidet Toilets

Toto Neorest RH Bidet Toilet

Average Cost: $1200—$7000

Bidet-toilet combos, or bidet toilets, are one-piece or two-piece toilets with a built-in bidet. The bidet nozzle is controlled by either a remote or side panel. Many bidet toilets offer a variety of customization, so you can choose between rear and front cleanse, adjust the water temperature and pressure, and modify the washlet spray mode.


Often, bidet-toilet combinations include a host of other smart toilet features, including a warm air dryer function and automatic air deodorizers. The popular Neorest collection, for example, are sleek, low-profile Toto bidet-toilet combos with heated seat, automatic open and close lid for hands-free operation, and two user-memory settings so you can save your bidet preferences.


Bidet Toilet Seat

Toto C2 Elongated Bidet Washlet Seat

Average Cost: $350-$500 ; Cost Range: $60-$1000

Bidet toilet seats, also called a bidet seat, are an affordable way to add smart toilet functionality without completely replacing your toilet or installing new plumbing. Bidet toilet seats are installed on top of your existing toilet bowl, replacing standard toilet seats with a more functional (and often more comfortable) seat. Like bidet toilets, bidet toilet seats come with retractable bidet nozzles for cleansing and can include various other built-in features, including a heated seat, warm air dryer, automatic deodorizer, and washlet spray customization.


When shopping for a bidet toilet seat, it is essential you measure your toilet correctly so you can find the right size. Some toilets are designed for easy bidet seat integration. For example, Toto’s popular Washlet+ series are designed to seamlessly install on most Toto toilets—although you can still purchase and install Toto bidet toilet seats even if you don’t have a Toto toilet, as long as you find the right size.


Thankfully, many companies include a toilet seat fit chart and easy measurement instructions for a seamless bidet toilet seat installation.


Bidet Attachment

Brondell  FreshSpa Bidet Toilet Attachment in White

Average Cost: $60-$150

Bidet attachments integrate with your toilet seat and usually provide only one water nozzle and a simple side panel for control. These low-cost washlets are installed between your toilet seat and toilet bowl and can start as low as $60. Brondell’s bidet toilet attachments are a popular example of these kinds of washlets. Though limited, Brondell’s washlet attachment still offers adjustable temperature and pressure controls.


Standalone Bidet

Toto  Piedmont Deck-Mount Flushing Rim Vertical-Spray Bidet in Cotton White

Average Cost: $250-$700

Standalone bidets are plumbing fixtures with their own basin and water faucet for cleaning. They may look like a low sink or a lid-less, tankless toilet. These bidets are separate from the toilet and require additional plumbing that most homes in the U.S. do not already have.


Luxury Bidet Features

Bidets on their own are considered a sophisticated smart toilet feature. Many bidet toilets or washlet seats and attachments come with a host of other bonus comfort and sanitary features. Below are some other features you’re likely to find with your brand-new bidet:

  • Heated Seat Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Multiple Spray Modes
  • Dual Nozzles for Front and Rear Cleanse
  • Self-Cleaning Technology (for the water nozzle or toilet bowl)
  • Air deodorizers
  • Night Lights
  • Automatic Seat


Best Bidet Brands


For over one hundred years, Toto has led the world in innovative, eco-friendly toilet technology. The company, which started in 1912, specializes in developing bidets, toilets, and other bathroom fixtures that combine the best of hygienic performance and luxury, comfortable functionality. Their most popular products include their sleek bidet-toilet Neorest collection, which includes the luxurious Neorest NX1, and their easy-to-install bidet seats ranging from the Toto Washlet C2 to the high-end luxury Toto Washlet s550e.



Kohler is one of the most trusted names in toilet manufacturing. Since their humble beginnings in 1873, the company has put forth products that blend elegance with efficiency. Their striving for excellence is especially apparent with their luxury bidet seats and bidet toilets, which includes the modern Kohler Veil Dual-Flush Bidet Toilet and luxurious Kohler C3-230 Bidet Seat.


Bio Bidet

Though relatively new on the scene—having started in 2008—Bio Bidet has earned their place in the bidet industry for their dedication to advanced bidet technology, eco-friendly functionality, and enhanced bathroom comfort features. Their forward-thinking bidet products include the sleek Bio Bidet Discover DLS Bidet Seat and high-tech Bio Bidet Supreme Round Bidet Seat.


Alpha Bidet

Alpha Bidet is dedicated to making the bidet accessible to all countries, including the United States. The company specializes in creating products that are easy to install and have all the bells and whistles of high-end, luxury standalone bidets or bidet toilets. Their bidet toilet seats have a clean, seamless appearance. Their Alpha JX Elongated Bidet Seat is particularly sought after, although the Alpha GX Wave Bidet Seat is quickly rising in rank on best bidet lists.


Benefits of Using a Bidet

Bidets Are More Hygienic

Bidets provide a better cleansing experience than wiping with toilet paper. Additionally, bidets reduce and help prevent hemorrhoids, rashes, and other infections that can be caused by toilet paper. Bidets are especially helpful for people who lack range of motion.


Bidets Are More Eco-Friendly

Though seemingly counter-intuitive, bidets save water, using about ⅛ of a gallon per use. This is in part because it can take up to 20,000 gallons of water and 17 trees to make one ton of toilet paper. Switching to bidets can help reduce toilet paper production, in effect saving more water (and more money) in the long run.


Additionally, many bidets include eco-friendly toilet cleaning features, such as premisting the bowl to reduce waste build-up or sanitizing the bowl after each use with gentle cleaning agents. These cleaning technologies help reduce the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.


Bidets Enhance Your Comfort

Not only is the bidet’s cleaning method gentler and more effective than toilet paper, but many bidets include a host of other luxury comfort features. It’s not uncommon to find bidets with built-in ambient nightlights, heated seats, automatic deodorizers, and automatic seats.


How to Use a Bidet

Although your experience may vary if you own a standalone bidet, the following how-to applies to most bidet toilets and bidet seats or attachments. Our guide covers the basics, but keep in mind that some bidets include more spray and luxury customization than others.

  1. Begin your bathroom business as usual. Enter the bathroom and sit on your toilet as you would at the start of any restroom visit.
  2. Remain seated. Once you have finished eliminating waste from your body, remain seated on the toilet. Note: This only applies to bidets with retractable water nozzles that are located in the toilet. If you own a standalone bidet, you will need to relocate to the small wash basin beside your toilet to complete your cleanse.
  3. Activate the water nozzle. Using either the side panel or bidet remote control, identify and press the “wash” button. Most bidet controls indicate the wash function by depicting water in the form of small dotted lines (wavy lines usually refer to the air drying function, if the bidet includes one).
  4. Adjust the bidet spray. Your bidet likely has an option to adjust the water pressure. You may need to adjust your body as well for optimal effect. Depending on the bidet, you may be able to select between front or rear spray and various spray modes, including a pulsating and oscillating mode. While remaining seated, consider testing the various bidet spray modes until you reach your ideal comfort level.
  5. Dry yourself. Your bidet may include an air drying function, usually indicated by an image of wavy lines. You can use this to dry or instead gently pat the wet areas with toilet paper until dry.
  6. Turn off your bidet and flush the toilet. At this point, you have successfully used a bidet! Ensure that all bidet settings are off, including the air dry function, heated seat function, or otherwise.



How do I install a bidet?

Your bidet installation depends on what kind of bidet you plan to use. All bidets require access to water, whether it’s the existing water hookup your toilet uses or an additional water supply hook-up beside it. Your bidet may also require a nearby electrical outlet and a specific type of valve to allow for warm water temperature control.


Before purchasing a new bidet, ensure you understand the installation requirements so you can use your bidet to the utmost potential.


How much is a bidet?

Bidet seat attachments start at around $60. Bidet toilet seats can range from $60 to over $1000, but most bidet seats fall between $350-$500. Bidet toilets start at around $1000 and can go as high as $7000 or more, depending on the luxury and hygienic features you desire.


Are bidets worth it?

Bidets are a win-win-win for you, your bathroom’s cleanliness, and the planet as a whole. Not only do bidets streamline your bathroom experience and provide a more sanitary and comfortable clean, but bidets help reduce toilet paper waste and overall water usage.


Are bidet toilets sanitary?

In many ways, bidet toilets are more sanitary than the average toilet. Not only do bidets provide a more thorough and gentle clean than wiping with toilet paper, but many bidets include innovative self-cleaning technologies and other features that facilitate a better bathroom experience.


For example, some bidets include a premisting feature that sprays the bowl with water before use to help reduce waste build-up. After each use, some Toto washlets even mist the bowl with an eco-friendly disinfectant called eWater+. Various luxury bidets also have automatic seats or remote controls, minimizing your overall contact with the toilet by encouraging touch-free operation.


Do you still have to wipe with a bidet?

Many washlets or bidets come with an air drying function, preventing the need for toilet paper to wipe dry. However, many still use a small amount of toilet paper to pat dry after using a bidet.


Which bidet brand is best?

Toto has a remarkable reputation for bidet and toilet technology, having started in Japan where bidets are incredibly common. Kohler is another well-established brand with sophisticated, luxury bidet technology. However, many newer companies, including Bio Bidet and Alpha Bidet, offer just as innovative technology as some of the leading toilet brands in the industry.