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6 Stylish (and Comfortable!) Desk Chairs for Your Home Office

November 8, 2021
By Mikael Short

Ready to work in style? A chic ergonomic desk chair is one of the best ways to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of a home office.

When it comes to working from home, an office desk chair should properly support your body. Naturally, you want your office to look and feel good too! You should be able to enjoy your home office, and styling it your way will make all the difference in creating an inspirational environment for you to do your best work.

Many office chairs these days also come with ergonomic features meant to support your spine, arms, and wrists so you can avoid straining your body while you work. A stylish ergonomic desk chair is a great addition to any home office to ensure your comfort in the long term.

Picking a comfortable and stylish desk chair is achievable! In fact, our Vevano Home designers Michael and Andrea have a few ideas for you to style up your office with luxurious and chic desk chairs from Four Hands.

6 Designer-Recommended Home Office Desk Chairs

The following are Vevano Home designers’ picks for comfortable and stylish office chairs:

1. Best Desk Chair for Comfort: The Malibu

One look at the Malibu desk chair and you know it’s comfortable. The plush top-grain leather in the Malibu is for the ultimate comfort in a desk chair. The steel casters also allow for easy movement around your desk.

The Malibu is available in three different shades: Washed Mushroom, Rider Black, and Antique Whiskey. Our designer Andrea favors the Antique Whiskey for its beautiful red tones.

One drawback for the Malibu may be the maintenance because it’s made with genuine leather. “Because it’s leather, it will need to be conditioned,” Andrea says. Another caveat is that it doesn’t have an adjustable height.

With its classic, reinvented look, the Malibu would pair well with the modern yet classic Four Hands Irish Desk in Matte Black or the classically rustic Four Hands Lifestyle Desk in Sundried Ash. Both sit high enough to allow comfortable seating with a set-height office chair.

The luxurious and comfy Malibu desk chair works well in mid-century, modern, or industrial-style offices.

2. Best Desk Chair for a Mid-Century Modern Office: The Alexa

Vevano Home designers Andrea and Michael both love the mixture of textures in the Alexa desk chair, from the natural wood to the durable high-performance linen seat, but especially the rattan back. Rattan is very breathable, allowing your back to stay cool as you work.

Michael also sees Japanese influences in the Alexa desk chair. “In Japanese design you see more colors and textures,” Michael says. “It’s mostly natural finishes.”

The retro-style Alexa Desk Chair is available in two different color schemes and materials: natural cane and black iron.

The swivel base and adjustable height in the Alexa desk chair allows for ease of movement and the ability to set an ergonomic seat height so you can comfortably sit at your home office desk. The low back allows for freedom of movement so you can easily stretch back when you need, while the armrests allow for just enough support for your elbows.

The Alexa desk chair in natural cane pairs especially well with the Palma Desk in Whitewash to complete a modern cottage office look. The Alexa is also versatile enough to also work in farmhouse and transitional designs.

3. Best Desk Chair for Organic Spaces: The Tyler in Modern Vilvet Loden

The Tyler desk chair comes in two color and material schemes: green velvet and chaps ebony genuine leather. Designer Michael loves both colors but largely prefers the green velvet for its organic coloring and lush material.

For a more natural feel, Vevano Home designers recommend the Modern Vilvet Loden option to add a soft, organic element to the space through the lovely olive green velvet.

Our designers also suggest the Chaps Ebony option will provide a more dramatic, monochromatic, and modern look while still incorporating natural elements through the solid wood armrests.

Both styles of the Tyler would work in a modern, industrial, minimalist, or mid-century office design.

In design, the Tyler desk chair has a deep seat and padded low-slung back for comfort and lower back support. The height is not adjustable so, again, finding a desk that allows you to sit and work comfortably with this chair will help.

4. Best Executive “Boss” Chair: The Bryson

“I like this chair in any of the colors. I love the profile of it. It looks like a boss chair—like when I sit in it, I’m going to be taking care of business.” — Andrea, Vevano Home Designer

Taking care of business and want to show it? Then the Bryson office chair is for you. It’s a modern spin on the traditional executive desk chairs with a high back, streamlined profile, and more elegant appearance. The contemporary styled Bryson offers an interesting contrast to the traditional deep-set and puffy “boss chairs” that Vevano Home designers can’t get enough of.

In terms of color and material, the Bryson comes in burnt auburnharvest brown velvet, or chaps ebony leather seating. Thin oak arms frame the plush velvet back, creating a sense of comfort and support. The swivel bottom also allows added functionality.

According to Michael, the Bryson in chaps ebony is “the chair you get when you need to have an important conversation with employees. It’s a power chair.”

The burnt auburn nettlewood version reminds Andrea and Michael of “a warm cup of tea,” offering a softer professional feel. The sculpted seat and back cushions offer an ergonomic touch to the Bryson desk chair, allowing for support for your whole back.

The Bryson office chair is the ultimate chic boss chair, offering power, elegance, and luxury to your work space.

Our designers recommend the Bryson be paired with a power executive desk with natural elements, such as the Four Hands Lauren Desk in Warm Brown Acacia or the Lifestyle Desk in Sundried Ash.

5. Best Desk Chair in a Family Home: The Inman 

For a durable and modern desk chair for your home office, the Inman desk chair offers the most forgiving material along with a beautifully simple design. It’s a great work-from-home chair since it’s both pet and child-friendly. The neutral grey upholstery will hide stains and other blemishes really well.

Vevano Home designers love the balanced design of the Inman, with Michael highlighting the straight, masculine legs but more feminine silhouette at the top with the straight back and slightly curved armrests.

With an updated spin on the mid-century modern swan chair, the Inman fits right in with modern, mid-century, and minimalist office designs.

To complete a mid-century modern styled home office, the Inman pairs well with the Tucker Desk in Oil-rubbed Bronze.

6. Most Versatile Desk Chair: The Braden

“This is a very transitional chair because it's so versatile. It has a slight arch at the very top of the chair, so it's not super squared off. There are a lot of curves to it so you could put it in a more traditional space, but you could also put this in a more modern space because of its arms.” - Michael, Vevano Home Designer

For a desk chair that can transcend multiple styles, Vevano Home designers say the Braden desk chair is a great way to go. It has a classic mid-century style that’s very versatile.

The solid nettlewood arms frame a deep cushioned seat made from smoke-black top-grain leather. The seamless leather provides a smooth appearance, offering it a beautiful transitional appearance. The stainless steel base provides a swivel function, in addition to casters.

Designer Andrea also suggests that the curved chair makes the Braden desk chair quite comfortable.

For a desk pairing, the Braden works well with the modern yet industrial Four Hands Shadow Desk in Black. For a more classic or traditional look, pair the Braden with the Irish Desk in Matte Black.

Style Your Home Office for Your Comfort

No longer does your home office have to be stale and simply functional. Now with the right modern home office furniture, like a stylish and comfy desk chair, your home office can go from drab to fab.

Your home office should reflect your personality and support your creativity, energy, and work style. We hope the suggestions from our Vevano Home designers help you to find a desk chair that speaks to you and offers comfy and chic support while you work.