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12 Ways to Refresh Your Space for Spring

By the Vevano Home Team
March 16, 2021

With spring comes fresh air, greenery growing, shaking off the cold of winter, and, of course, the time for spring cleaning. It’s no secret that spring is the best time to refresh your home. Just as it’s earth’s natural cycle to wake up from the hibernation of winter into the rebirth and new growth of spring, it’s a natural human urge to want to clean up, clear out, and refresh your space every spring to set the tone for the rest of the season, or even the rest of the year.

There are endless possibilities to freshen up your space; it’s not only limited to spring cleaning or even to springtime. However, the move from winter to spring often inspires thoughts of storing up the sweaters, clearing the clutter, and making necessary upgrades. A refreshed home means a fresher mind and attitude to tackle whatever needs to be done.

Here are twelve different ways you can spruce up and revitalize your home. See how you feel inspired to freshen up your home this spring!

Making a Statement

Change the Furniture Layout

If you want to change the energy of a room, moving your furniture around is a quick way to adjust the flow of activity in the room. Changing up the layout of your furniture offers a new perspective and a new way of being in the space, which is perfectly paired for a spring spruce-up! Nothing beats the rejuvenating sense of accomplishment to sit and relax in a room after everything has been moved into a new supportive arrangement.

sectional couch

Furniture Upgrades

Upgrading your existing furniture is a premium way to elevate your home for the new season, especially if your previous furniture has seen better days. Whether it’s a sofa sectional, dining table, coffee table, or even a bed frame, new furniture will automatically make your space feel brand new.

See our shopping guides for choosing the right dining table and sectional or sofa for your home.

coffee table

Lighten Up

Spring means more daylight hours, so why not reflect that fresh light in your home by replacing or adding new lighting fixtures? You can change up the look and feel of a room entirely with your lighting choices, and it may be a fun opportunity to play with layered lighting to create an updated look in your home. To update your kitchen lighting, for example, you may opt for task lighting, such as under-the-cabinet lighting to light up your countertops, or a new pendant light over your dining room table.

Another way to play with light in your home is to rearrange your spaces so you can optimize and use the natural light from your windows, like placing your home office desk facing a window overlooking your yard instead of facing a wall.

dining and kitchen lighting

Update Your Walls

A quick and easy way to spruce up a room is to give it a fresh coat of paint, particularly in a new color. An updated color on even one wall is sure to transform a room, adding depth, dimension, and personality. Blues and greens are quite popular as statement wall colors at the moment as they contribute to a calming or natural vibe. You can go as subtle or as bold as you want with painting updates!

Another way to update your walls this spring is a newer option of vinyl or removable wallpaper that’s easy to apply onto your existing walls (if your walls are textured, you may want to opt for paint instead). They often come in patterns (like marble) or other imagery to liven up the room in an exciting new way.

Add Life With Plants

Incorporating plant life within your home is a great way to add a breath of fresh air and a dose of happiness to any room. Plants are natural air purifiers and provide a soothing, natural feel to any space. Adding a plant can be hugely revitalizing and enriching, promoting well-being and health. Even a low-maintenance plant, such as a succulent, can elevate the room. Even a faux plant has been said to still provide benefits (if you don’t want the upkeep). Plus, nothing says spring like a new flower or plant!

Even adding artwork depicting plant life can be restorative, so even if you can’t get a real plant, this is another option to add a “natural” life touch to your home.

sofa and sectional couch

Elevate With Art

Whether photographs of family, trinkets from your travels, or decor art pieces, changing up the positioning or even the framing of art in your home is a simple and affordable way to switch up the look of your home. You can update the frames, change the arrangement on the wall to a new configuration, or add a deco art painting as a statement piece in a room or two.

wall art

The Fine Touches

Adjust the Hardware

Changing out the knob and pull handles for drawers and cabinets or updating your faucet in the kitchen are quick, easy, and affordable ways to update your home for spring. Whether it’s your kitchen cabinet hardware or your bathroom hardware, you can coordinate finishes to match a new style, or personalize it by mixing and matching finishes as you like. There are endless possibilities to customize the look and feel of a room by simply adjusting or updating the hardware.

kitchen cabinet hardware

Change Your Curtains

Long curtains, short curtains, blinds; window treatments frame how the sun enters your home. In spring you can expect a lot more sun, so why not accentuate it by updating your window treatments to a fresh new look? Changing out the curtains or window treatment is an easy and affordable way to transform your windows and the overall room.

Redefine with a Rug

Rugs are a wonderful way to add an updated and cozy feel in your home, no matter the room or space. Rugs often act as a great distinguishing feature between sections of a room, especially if your home is open concept (ie: a rug under your home office area or a rug under your dining room table). For added character, laying a rug at an unexpected angle can add dimension and intrigue to a room as well. A new rug, or rugs, can truly redefine a space which makes it a great springtime addition to your home.

area rug

Fluff Up the Pillows

Simply adding pillows of a bright or pastel color can add pops of personality to your living areas or bedrooms for a fresh spring look. Depending on your chosen aesthetic, updated pillows (or pillowcases) can soften up and add comfort to any room while adding a dose of color to match your mood or desired style.

Overall, adding rugs, pillows, or other textured touches like throw blankets are a simple and budget-friendly way to spruce up your space and add texture and warmth. These are also easy to switch up with each season or whenever you feel like it.

throw pillows

Cleaning House

Organization Reigns

Of course, spring cleaning would not be complete without going through the different sections of your home, taking everything out, deciding what goes and what stays, and then organizing in a more functional way. Time to declutter those closets and cabinets, and everything in between!

Springtime is a great time to clear out the clutter by removing the unnecessary and taking the time to intentionally store your necessities for easier use. Clearing out clutter can be so refreshing and often leads to more focus since you don’t have messes distracting you from what’s most important to you.

Consider how you are storing your day-to-day items and how accessible they are in rooms such as your bathroom or kitchen. If you have the space, adding cabinets can be a way to add more storage space, especially in your bathroom. To organize your cabinets, we have a collection of cabinet organizational tools available here. There are ways to get creative by storing items, like hanging hats or purses on wall hooks, or utilizing floating shelves throughout your home for books, art, and other items.

Don’t Forget the Deep Clean

To remove the collected snow, or dust from winter, a deep cleaning of your home is a welcomed way to freshen everything up early in the year. Taking the time to deep clean each room, including organizing where needed, will positively rejuvenate your home, without requiring additional updates.

Deep cleaning can involve dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, wiping down all accessible surfaces (don’t forget the baseboards), cleaning out the interiors of furnishings (cabinets, refrigerator, etc.), polishing, and other specialty treatments to make your home sparkle in a new way.

When was the last time you deep cleaned your bathroom vanity? Or do you need to brush up on how to care for your stone countertops or even your faucets to ensure their beauty and longevity? Take the time to make sure you care for your home’s features appropriately to avoid damaging them with harsh materials or cleaners. Spring can be a time to polish everything up so they shine like the sun.

bar stools

How does spring cleaning look to you?

When it comes to a spring refresh, it may feel like a chore but it doesn’t have to be. You can absolutely make it fun! Focus on cleaning or updating the aspects of your home that would make you feel lighter and better overall. Then, break projects or tasks down and spread them out rather than trying to do everything in a short period of time. Spread tasks out over a couple of weekends, and your newly spruced up home will thank you, and you’ll be thanking yourself for getting organized and renewing your home.

Turn on some music, open those windows to let fresh air in, get your loved ones involved, and let’s get your home spruced up for spring!

For further inspiration and guidance in updating your home, talk to one of Vevano Home’s designers today.