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7 Luxury Bathroom Gifts for People Who Love the Spa

October 21, 2021
By Caitlin Bagley


With the holidays approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the gifts you’re going to give to your loved ones. This year we’re not just talking about any gifts—our focus is on luxury bathroom gifts, specifically for those who love the spa and want to bring the feel of the spa to their home. These gifts range anywhere from designer bathroom accessories, gifts for bath lovers, and more.

To make it easy for you, our Vevano Home design consultants have put together a list of their top picks. Consider this your guide to bathroom gifts this holiday season as you search for the perfect present for your loved ones.

1. Luxury Showerhead & Shower System

Whether you’re looking for a multi-functional showerhead or a brand-new shower system complete with body sprays and a stereo system, Vevano Home has all the options you need.

A luxurious new showerhead or enhanced shower system can significantly elevate the style and functionality of a bathroom. Here are our top picks:

The Kohler Moxie doubles as a high-functioning showerhead and Amazon Alexa Bluetooth speaker, held securely in place with magnets. This wireless speaker enhances everyday showering by providing voice controls for music and podcasts. In addition, the waterproof speaker itself can be removed from the showerhead and used throughout the home, making the Kohler Moxie almost two gifts in one.

  • Full-coverage spray
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology allows wireless control from compatible devices
  • Includes built-in microphone for voice activation
  • Speaker includes “Shower” and “Normal” settings
  • Up to 5.5 hours of listening time
  • IPX7-rated waterproof speaker

The sleek Anzzi Kiki shower panel offers all the features you could ask for in a shower. Along with a rain showerhead, the panel is equipped with a free-range hand sprayer and six fully adjustable powerful water jets to massage the body. In addition to decadent functionality, the beautiful mahogany accent and polished chrome stainless steel trimming make this shower panel a sophisticated statement piece for any bathroom it’s installed.

  • Six fully adjustable and directional Acu-Stream body jets in polished chrome
  • Free reign Euro-Grip handheld sprayer with 60” reach
  • Rich mahogany styled finish with polished chrome stainless steel trimming

Kohler Body Spray and Speaker Shower Systems

If you like the idea of shower speakers and body sprays but want something with a low profile, consider gifting Kohler SoundTile speakers and WaterTile square body sprays. These items are installed separately from the showerhead and lie flush against the shower wall. These shower accessories can be purchased in multiple finishes to best match the existing showerhead or shower system. If you prefer a rounded look, the Kohler also offers a circular WaterTile body spray option.

  • Body sprays create a more intense water flow that heightens your sensory experience
  • Low-profile designs
  • Speakers integrate with most audio systems and the Kohler DTV digital interface
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces that also withstand mineral buildup

If you opt for gifting the Kohler body sprays and speakers, bundling them with the compatible Kohler DTV+ digital interface. For a sleek, modern look that provides more convenience and functionality in your bathroom, this digital interface is exactly what you need. The configurable color touch screen allows you to control your speakers, body sprays, and other smart shower and bathroom accessories from one place.

  • Can control shower outlets, audio output, chromatherapy, steam, and lighting
  • Six user-definable presets available for saving your favorite settings
  • Digital interface with easy to read configurable color touch screen
  • Can be used in a bathtub or shower

2. LED Mirror

An LED mirror offers what the name implies—LED bulbs light up the mirror’s surface to provide better lighting. With this sleek, updated look, you can significantly enhance the functionality of any bathroom and make the morning routine more enjoyable. Take a look at our top choice:

The sheer functionality and sophisticated styling of the Kohler Verdera LED mirror make it an ideal luxury bathroom gift. The 2200 lumen LED lights provide optimal, shadowless task lighting and are embedded on adjustable panels on either side of the mirror, allowing the user to change the angle for better visibility. The mirror also includes an integrated stereo system and a built-in microphone for voice activation, so you can play music or adjust the lighting without ever touching the mirror.

  • Amazon Alexa-enabled
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free activation and voice control
  • 2200 lumen brightness
  • Near-perfect color rendering
  • Motion-sensing night light
  • Integrated stereo system
  • Shadowless light

3. Freestanding Vanity

Another excellent bathroom gift is a freestanding vanity. This gift is especially great for smaller bathrooms because it takes up less space than typical vanities while still acting as a beautiful statement piece for the room. If you’re looking to wow your loved one, consider the following two vanity gift options:

The double-basin Wilora Park Navy blue freestanding vanity looks like it belongs in a spa. The large apron sinks and oil-rubbed bronze hardware add a rustic elegance to the space, while the double drawers and abundance of storage space at the base make this piece highly practical.

  • Modern farmhouse style with a pop of navy blue
  • Two ceramic sinks with two spacious drawers nested below
  • Doors made of solid wood
  • Oil-rubbed bronze pulls and knobs

Similar to the vanity listed above, the Wilora North Harbor white freestanding vanity has double sinks, three drawers, and two large cabinets under each sink. The Italian marble countertop and traditional cabinet detailing make this vanity perfect for those trying to add more sophistication to their bathroom design.

  • 61” wide freestanding vanity in white with silver pulls
  • Two white ceramic sinks with three drawers and storage space below
  • Cabinet box made of sturdy plywood with the panel doors made of solid wood
  • Pre-drilled holes for 8” widespread faucet

4. Jetted Soaking Bathtub

You can’t have a luxurious bathroom without having a jetted bathtub. Whether you’ve had a long day and want to soak in the tub with some jets, or you’re trying to relieve some achy muscles, we’ll always advocate for a jetted tub. Take a look at our top three favorites:

The Kohler Archer alcove tub has a depth of 15”, making it perfect for a nice relaxing soak. In addition to its wonderful soaking depth, the tub’s whirlpool capabilities and eight fully adjustable jets make it an excellent option for those looking for a spa-like experience at the end of each day.

  • Curved bases that offer a clean and sophisticated style
  • Single-speed whirlpool offers performance and value with eight fully adjustable jets
  • Hydromassage flow and direction can be controlled at each jet
  • Integral lumbar support

Enjoy the spacious Kohler Riverbath drop-in tub not only with its four Riverjets and eight hydromassage jets but also its color light therapy. This drop-in tub would make the perfect gift for bath lovers.

  • Mood-enhancing color light therapy
  • Graceful rounded lines, oval shape, and smooth, glossy surface
  • Jets can be individually adjusted for water flow and direction
  • Built-in heater
  • Two variable-speed pumps for adjusting massage intensity
  • Lighted keypad control

In addition to creating a striking focal point for your bathing area, the expertly designed Kohler Sunstruck freestanding jetted tub takes relaxation to a whole other level. Along with over one hundred air jets, the tub includes integrated blower jets that allow you to adjust the massage intensity up to 18 levels.

  • 118–122 air jets release thousands of heated bubbles
  • Blower jets with 18 massage intensity levels
  • Automatic cycles to remove residual water after each use

5. Integrated Bidets & Toilets

For a quick upgrade that will still add to the luxury of a bathroom, consider giving the gift of a bidet or a new toilet. We’ve hand-selected our three favorites:

The Toto Neorest is almost the gold standard for a 2-in-1 bidet seat and toilet combo. The integrated washlet offers varying temperature and pressure controls for maximum, personalized comfort. To add more convenience, this product provides an automatic toilet seat that can be opened and closed by remote or sensor operation.

  • Made of plastic and vitreous China
  • Comes in cotton white
  • Air deodorizer
  • Night light
  • Warm air dryer function

Another popular toilet and bidet combo is the Toto Washlet G400. The conveniently built-in bidet provides front and rear warm water with heated seat temperature control. Additionally, the one-piece toilet’s low-profile design works wonderfully in small bathrooms or large bathrooms with a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

  • Compact design
  • 3D Tornado Flush system
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Auto open/close lid
  • 12" Rough-in
  • Mounting and connection hardware included
  • Remote control and hanger included

The Toto Washlet C5 is slightly less expensive but just as functional bathroom accessory that can be added to any toilet. Along with all the temperature and pressure controls you could ever want in a bidet, the Washlet C5 also includes a wireless remote and innovative cleaning technologies for a more convenient and sanitary bathroom experience.

  • Heated seat
  • Easy-to-use remote control with an illuminated touchpad
  • Sprays bowl before each use to keep clean
  • Gentle, aerated warm water sprays
  • Adjustable water temperature and volume
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Convenient slim wireless remote, with illuminated touchpad

6. Showroom Vanity Faucets

If you’re looking for a smaller project as a luxury bathroom gift, a vanity faucet is a wonderful option. You can upgrade the look of your bathroom by swapping out an old faucet for these showroom bathroom faucets below:

This faucet was designed to beautify your bathroom and simplify your life. The wall mount offers an upscale look, streamlining more vanity space. The Delta Trinsic wall mount bathroom faucet, in particular, is known for its sophisticated modern design.

  • Matte black finish
  • Two-hole installation
  • ADA Compliant
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Adds to any style—from classic to rustic

Along with the Delta Trinsic collection, the Kohler Purist widespread vanity faucet offers a modern, streamlined aesthetic with its rectangular gooseneck spout and minimalistic lever handles. For a little more personality, you can replace the lever handles with cross handles.

  • Minimalist, modern styling
  • Two levers for optimal temperature and water pressure control
  • Easy to install

7. Designer Bathroom Hardware

If you’re looking for a bath accessory to enhance the overall look and feel of the bathroom, consider gifting new bathroom hardware. Though often overlooked, bathroom hardware can go a long way in elevating a bathroom’s overall style. Here are our favorite bathroom hardware collections:

Kohler Purist Hardware Collection

It’s hard to go wrong with the Kohler Purist collection with its sleek, modern styling and simple but effective design. For the spa-lover, we recommend the Kohler Purist robe hook and the accompanying towel ring and towel bar. If you love the look of this collection, consider pairing these bathroom hardware items with the widespread vanity faucet, showerhead, and Roman tub filler of the same collection.

  • Ideal for a modern style bathroom
  • Simple silhouette
  • Premium metal construction for durability and reliability
  • Installation template and tools included
  • Finish resists corrosion and tarnishing

Pfister Tisbury Hardware Collection

For a more traditional or rustic look, consider bathroom hardware from the Pfister Tisbury collection. Each item in this collection displays gorgeous detailing in the form of intricate bevels and rounded profiles. We recommend Tisbury round towel rack and J-hook robe hook in a Tuscan Bronze finish. To complete the look, consider the Tisbury widespread bathroom faucet and shower and tub faucet combo.

  • Durable metal construction
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for classic or traditional-style bathrooms

Happy Shopping!

When it comes to gift shopping for luxury bathroom gifts this holiday season, we hope you find this all-inclusive guide helpful. If you need help designing a bathroom or selecting the best bath gift, contact our designers, and they can help you with any questions you may have. Happy shopping this holiday season!