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14 Easy Bathroom Projects You Can Do In a Weekend

By the Vevano Home Team
September 14, 2020

You don’t need to completely renovate your bathroom in order to jazz it up. When it comes to updating your bathroom, the smallest things can make a world of difference. Your bathroom is usually a more compact space than other rooms, so little changes can stand out. And there are lots of quick and easy renovations you can do with your bathroom.

See how you can change up your bathroom over the course of a weekend with our easy and affordable bathroom projects below.

Updates For Your Toilet

Replace the toilet seat. Is your toilet seat getting a little old or does it clang and bang too much for your liking? An easy way to update your toilet is to replace your toilet seat. We recommend one with SoftClose to prevent slamming toilet seats and pinched fingers. Another option is a thicker toilet seat to add a more comfortable height to your toilet. A popular option would be to add a Kohler toilet seat to your bathroom.

Experience that extra-clean feeling with a bidet seat attachment. Another toilet seat addition that might literally tickle your fancy is a bidet seat attachment. So long as there’s an electric hookup close by, a bidet seat attachment (like a Toto washlet) can enhance your experience on the porcelain throne with features like heated seats, adjustable bidet jet streams for near-toilet-paper-free cleaning, air freshener, automatic drying, MP3 player, self-cleaning, pre-misting, and more. Other bidet attachments might include a handheld spray attachment.

Add a toilet seat cushion. To add some style and comfort, consider a toilet seat cushion to add a pop of color or a softer spot to sit in the bathroom when needed.

How to Enhance Your Shower or Bath

Update the faucet. The easiest thing for you to renovate in the shower or bathtub is the faucet, which can range from $15 to $250 high-end options. Updating this essential feature can change the aesthetic of your shower or bath and also change your bathing experience. You can change up the water pressure by upgrading your shower faucet, which can include the showerhead, the handles, and the water temperature mixing valve. Or you can add a dose of flair to your bath by choosing a bathtub faucet in a new style or finish.

Tips to Renew Your Vanity

As the multifunctional center of your bathroom, the vanity has a multitude of quick and affordable DIY renovations you can make. For more inspiration, see our ultimate guide to bathroom vanities.

Switch up the vanity sink and faucet. Whether your bathroom faucet and sink have seen better days or you desire a more cohesive style in your bathroom, updating your faucet and sink in your bathroom vanity is a simple way to renovate your bathroom on a budget or a time-crunch. Explore how to find the perfect bathroom sink and faucet with this guide here.

Refinish the cabinets. With a new paint or stain job, you can quickly and easily update the look and feel of your vanity cabinets.

New handles for vanity cabinets. Updating the hardware for your bathroom cabinets, whether you like knobs or pulls, is a quick and affordable update you can do yourself. Even updating hinges might be helpful for more seamless cabinet opening and closing if they are creaky or old.

Light up your vanity. The vanity center of your bathroom needs good lighting, so what better way to renovate your bathroom than to add some task or layered lighting to your vanity? Bar lights can light the top of your vanity mirror and sit just above eye level. Or you can change it up to add parallel sconce lighting at eye level on either side of your vanity to add further style and lighting to your bathroom. It may even be doable to update the general lighting of your bathroom with a pendant light. 

Makeover your mirror. A vanity mirror is a simple thing to update. Bathroom mirrors and medicine cabinets with lights are very popular. We have LED mirrors that can help provide even and focused lighting for your face and personal care routines, such as skincare, shaving, or makeup. Just make sure you properly measure the space to fit a new mirror between or below your chosen vanity lighting.

Organize the cabinets and drawers. To maximize the cabinet space in your vanity, or even any wall cabinets you have in your bathroom, we offer different cabinet organization tools and add-ons to amp up the capacity for organizing the personal items for each person using the bathroom. An easy way to update your bathroom is to supply more options for organization so you can find what you need when you need it.

How to Enhance the Edges

Firm up the floor with new flooring. Whether your bathroom floor needs updating because of water damage, if it's out of date, or you just feel like changing it up, you can absolutely update your bathroom flooring within a weekend--provided that you choose optimal flooring for DIY purposes and don't have tile, wood or stone flooring. The best flooring options for your bathroom that you can install yourself and have the most water-resistant properties are luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and laminate flooring. Both LVT and laminate can have the appearance of wood or stone, depending on what look you want to achieve, and they come in tile form, which makes it easy to install. For more information on flooring types, see our bathroom flooring guide here.

A new shade on the wall. Add a coat of paint to the walls or the ceiling to refresh and transform your bathroom. Aim for a satin or semi-gloss finish for your walls to prevent bathroom moisture from affecting your walls.

Could you use caulking or sealant? Resealing or adding an edge of caulking to your bath, shower, tiles, grout, or vanity can help prevent unwanted moisture absorption that can damage these materials and bathroom features. If you already have tile on the floor or throughout your bathroom, you need to reseal the grout lines every year.

Adding Extra Touches

Other bathroom accessories and hardware can be added to your bathroom to add more function to the space or even help you match the aesthetic you want. This could include:

  • Toilet paper holder
  • Towel ring or towel bar mounted to the wall
  • Plunger
  • Toilet brush and container
  • Pleasantry holders - toothbrush holders, soap dishes/dispensers, etc.
  • Rugs
  • Photographs or paintings (framed with a glass front is ideal for humid bathrooms)
  • Curtains or figurines that match your bathroom’s theme (classic, modern, seascape, rustic, etc.)

We hope these ideas for revamping your bathroom offer some ideas and inspiration to quickly and easily renovate your bathroom on a low budget. Perhaps you can pull off one, two, or even more of these easy bathroom updates this weekend! If you’d like more personal help for updating your abode, feel free to reach out to our designers here.