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Flooring Options for Your Home

How much does a new floor cost? What types of floors are there, and which is best? We’ve done the research to uncover the myths, facts, and best types of flooring for various lifestyles and areas in your home. We break down flooring types by price and highlight other cost factors such as installation, trim pieces, and the removal of your old floor.

Flooring types vary in their benefits, styles, and costs. Instead of starting from ground zero, check out our informative guides to choose the right flooring solution for your home. We walk you through typical kitchen flooring costs, obstacles like unique floor plans, and compare the advantages of each material. Vevano Home makes shopping for a new floor simple and fun.

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Flooring Material Options

We’re the experts on hardwood, laminate, tile, and luxury vinyl tile. Some flooring materials, like hardwood, are specifically designed for use in certain rooms or environments. Other materials, like tile, are multifunctional and work well as backsplashes or showers in addition to flooring.

We answer questions about waterproof flooring, different uses of flooring, durable flooring features, and overall costs. Read our flooring guides to find out more. Still have questions or suggestions for topics we should cover? We’d love to hear from you, send us an email at design@vevano.com.

Flooring Resources

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