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Have you ever wondered exactly what a bidet is and what type of features it has? What about how to design a bathroom? What’s the best type of flooring to use in a bathroom and why? When looking to update your bathroom, these are a few of the questions you may have. We cover topics ranging from bathroom interior design basics to the best types of materials to use.

Whether you’re looking for a complete remodel or looking for some minor updates, we’ve got you covered. Discover new information about style trends, toilets, faucets, lighting, and flooring to make your bathroom the best it can be.

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Simplify Your Bathroom Renovations

When is it time to consider new flooring? How can you update your bathroom on a budget? What’s trending this year when it comes to color palettes, hardware finishes, and overall design styles? Those are the questions we answer with each article, from brief posts that cover trends to in-depth guides that dive into the specifics and FAQs of each topic. As you read, feel free to send over questions to our team at design@vevano.com.

Bathroom Resources

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