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Offering sustainable products that balance cleanliness, comfort, and environmental responsibility since 1917.

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What are Toto’s most popular products?

Toto’s bestselling items include their entire Neorest toilet bidet collection, particularly the Neorest 700H with its unique skirted design. Each Toto Neorest offers a highly adjustable bidet with multiple spray modes, temperature control, and a warm air dry function. With a heated seat, automatic open and close lid, automatic disinfectant, and unrivaled Tornado flushing system, each Neorest offers unparalleled comfort and efficiency.

The Toto Drake two-piece toilet is another standout item for its high-end Tornado Flush System, which efficiently utilizes 100% of the toilet’s water for a powerful 360-degree clean. The Toto Drake is often paired with another Toto favorite, the Washlet s550e, which offers a luxury bidet clean like no other and comfort features like an automatic deodorizer and heated seat.

Toto’s most recent washlets, the Washlet C2 and Washlet C5, are also popular for their easy-to-install construction and highly customizable bidet technology.

How much are Toto toilets?

The Toto Drake collection ranges anywhere from the $300-$500 range for your traditional toilet design and function. The Toto G400 integrated washlet jumps to a range of $2,500-$3,000 for the luxury features of a washlet added on.

The Neorest collection ranges from $4,000-$8,300 with the most features including the bidet seat plus heated seats, nightlight, and auto open and close.

How can I identify the Toto model number on my toilet?

To find the Toto model number on your toilet, lift the lid off the water tank and turn the lid over. Look on the underside of the tank lid for a black stamp. You should see the letters, “ST”, or “CST” followed by three numbers. This is the model of your TOTO toilet.

If you cannot find the stamp on the tank lid, look inside the toilet tank itself. The model identification stamp is placed on one of the inside walls if you cannot find it on the tank lid.

How can I find the right size Toto toilet or faucet for my space?

In order to find the right size toilet or faucet for your space, you will need to know certain measurements based on the existing plumbing in your space. For the toilet, this measurement is called the toilet rough-in, which is the length from the finished wall (not including any trim) to the center of the toilet bowl’s mounting bolts.

For a faucet, the measurement you’ll need to know is the faucet center. This measurement is based on the length between the two pre-drilled faucet holes. For more help sizing your faucet, check out our guide to purchasing a bathroom sink faucet.

What are the differences between each Toto washlet?

Our comprehensive and comparative guide to Toto washlets provides a detailed overview of all Toto washlets. In general, the more expensive the washlet, the more top-of-the-line and customizable bidet technology becomes.

For example, many of the high-end washlets like the s300e and s500e include an innovative automatic disinfectant called eWater+ and more bidet spray options than other models.

Some washlets, like the Washlet C2 and Washlet C5, offer the exact same functionality but one has a side panel (C2) and one has a remote control (C5).