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Find the Perfect Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet for Your Home

A must-have feature for most faucet upgrades is a sprayer! Pull-out faucets are the perfect choice. The all-in-one spout and sprayer combination adds ease to dishwashing, cleaning your sink, filling large pots, and more!


What Is a Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet?

A pull-out kitchen sink faucet has an all-in-one sprayer-spout combination where the sprayer pulls up and out from the spout to be used as a functional sprayer. It has a full handle, making it easy to grip and maneuver.


How to Choose a Pull-Out Faucet

Modern pull-out faucets include all sorts of functionality beyond a convenient pull-out spray. From magnetic docking to touchless activation, here are the features to watch out for in the best pull-out kitchen faucets:


The Sprayer—When upgrading your kitchen faucet, one of the most important things homeowners look for is sprayer capabilities. A pull-out faucet saves space on your sink because it doesn’t require a sprayer to be installed next to the spout and handle. Usually, pull-out faucets have a button on the top or side to switch between the normal stream of water and the sprayer flow.


Pull-Out Hose—The pull-out hose is just as important as the sprayer itself! This hose allows you to detach the sprayer from the spout to move it all around your sink. Before purchasing, remember to check the hose measurements to ensure it will reach as far as you need them.


Magnetic Docking—Most pull-out faucets keep the sprayer handle attached to the faucet spout when the sprayer is not in use. A spout with magnetic docking works better than other docking mechanisms because it resists warping and further damage over time.


Touchless Activation—Look for touchless activation with your pull-out faucet! Motion-activated sensors detect movement to automatically turn your faucet on and off.


Single Tap Activation—Add convenience to your kitchen with single tap activation! Simply tap your hand or wrist on the spout to switch between flow settings and sprayer features.


Soap Dispenser—Forget separate soap bottles that can be knocked over or topple into your kitchen sink! Installing a soap dispenser to the side of your pull-out faucet adds more convenience as you wash dishes.


Pull-Out Faucet Styles

Though pull-out faucets are a more modern faucet type, they are available in a range of styles and finishes. Check out this quick guide on faucet styles as you choose your new faucet.


Modern—Look for high arcs and clean curves that indicate modern-style faucets. Contemporary styles have sleeker, more straightforward designs without intricate details or embellishments—making them perfect for the minimalist look. Modern style puts function at the forefront, keeping things seamless and easy to use. They are usually finished in matte black and chrome.


Industrial—Modern and industrial styles have similar attributes, like matte black and chrome finishes, but you can also find them made with nickel and gunmetal. Industrial faucets mimic the square shapes and designs you would find with exposed pipes in factories or industrial buildings. Many of these styles are also wall mounted.


TraditionalTraditional styles bring more details and embellishments to faucet designs. Curves, bevels, and intricate details dominate this style. With finishes like silver, brass, gold, or oil-rubbed bronze, the traditional style adds warmth to the tone of your kitchen.


Pull-Out Faucets vs. Pull-Down Faucets

Both pull-out and pull-down faucets are an all-in-one spout and sprayer combination. While pull-out faucets have a full handle that detaches from the spout to turn into a sprayer, pull-down faucets have a single faucet head that pulls straight down.


Nearly all pull-down faucets have a high arched gooseneck spout that provides ample room for you to pull down the spout and use it to clean out your sink or rinse stubborn messes from dishes. Pull-out and pull-down faucets are both popular choices for the modern kitchen.


FAQs Pull-Out Faucets


How Much Do Pull-Down Faucets Cost?

Pull-out faucets aren’t expensive. You can find some for as little as $50, but you sacrifice quality and durability at that price. Quality pull-out faucets are more commonly in the $100 to $400 range.


Which Is Better: a Pull-Out or Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet?

Pull-out and pull-down faucets are two equally great options for any kitchen. Pull-out faucets have the advantage of a full handle as you use the sprayer function, but some homeowners prefer the simplicity of pulling straight down to use the pull-down faucet. Both faucet types offer multiple features like touchless and automatic activation and magnetic docking.


Do Pull-Out Faucets Break Easily?

High-quality pull-out faucets are durable and long-lasting, but they aren’t indestructible. With use, they are likely to show evidence of wear and tear. Here are a few maintenance tips for problems you may run into.


Problem: Hose doesn’t retract properly.

Solution: Sprayer hoses rely on gravity to automatically retract. A weight is attached to the end to pull the hose down, so if your hose needs to be manually pushed back in, the weight may be missing. If it has fallen off, you can replace it.


Problem: Leaky pull-out hose

Solution: Cracks in the connection points on the hose are the most common cause of leaks. Luckily, instead of replacing the entire faucet, you can replace just the hose. Most local hardware stores will have replacement kits.


Problem: Leaky spray head

Solution: If you find your faucet leaking, sometimes the culprit is the faucet head rather than the hose. This can also be replaced on its own instead of replacing the entire faucet.


Choose the Best One For You!

Those are the basics of pull-out kitchen faucets! We hope the information we’ve provided helps you select the perfect faucet. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our designers. You can consult with our virtual design consultants by calling 855.483.2629. We’d love to hear from you!