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      Create a Workspace that is Inviting and Allows for Creativity

      Everyone deserves a space to focus on their work, no matter the size of the room. When you’re looking for beautiful, contemporary office furniture, focus on long-lasting pieces that inspire. Whether you need a sleek office desk, a side table, or a home office chair, the right furniture will speak to your aesthetic and your needs.

      Does your office have a colorful accent wall? Choose neutral pieces like a white office chair or even a white desk. If you have white walls, add flashes of interest with wall art and an area rug. Place an accent chair in the corner for visitors, and feel free to try unique upholstery textures, like velvet or linen. Drape a soft wool blanket over an armchair for some extra warmth on colder days.

      A small side table serves as a place for important documents or books if you don’t want to clutter up your writing desk. Store ceramics, small art, or even writing utensils on a mounted wall shelf unit above your desk. 

      If your office is just an extension of your living room, choose a computer desk that doubles as a bookshelf and easily fits your swivel desk chair underneath. Prioritize a workstation for your laptop, desktop computer, or whatever setup you prefer, but make room for a small succulent to complete your desk. When you’re working from home, your office may need some comfortable elements, such as a seat cushion, a footstool, and of course, mood lighting. 

      Searching for the best office chair? Start with a comfortable seat upholstered in a high-quality fabric that doesn’t show wear. We like leather, cotton, and linen. Make sure the seat fill is made of a durable, responsive material, like memory or latex foam. And don’t forget back support! With our selection, you never have to sacrifice functionality for beauty with a gorgeous leather office chair or white office desk with built-in drawers.

      Feel at home in your office space with signature details like a rattan chair, a colorful textured area rug, or of course, your office and desk chairs. Going for a mid-century modern vibe? Choose a mix of antiques and modern pieces with a vintage feel. Furniture that spans decades adds some interest to an otherwise drab space.

      When you’re ready to decorate your office, choose art and other quality pieces to create a calm, warm environment. Hang some black and white family photos on the wall or place them on your wall shelf unit. Incorporate stylish throw pillows to accent your corner chair.

      How are you planning on using your office? This all-important question helps you choose everything you need to furnish it (and everything you don’t). If your office is only used a few times a week for writing quick to-dos or answering emails, choose a simple home office desk. You could even make over a corner desk with some thoughtful accents like a wall shelf or potted plant next to the computer space.