Explore 2021 Tile Designs and Styles

Tiles are incredibly adaptable to design, and incredibly practical. With styles that range from solid colors to natural stone to the look of wood, tile has a reputation for lasting for years and looking great while doing it. Shop our 2021 collection of tiles to find the perfect pattern and style for your home today. 


Where to Use Tile in Your Home

Thanks to its durability and the pleasing patterns it creates, tile is incredibly versatile. For bathrooms, add tile to the floors, walls, or showers. Change it up and use different tiles for the floor than the wall to create a different look and style. 

For the kitchen, use porcelain or ceramic tile on the floor for durability and style. Glass tile works well for backsplashes, offering easy cleanup when it comes to dust and grease splashes. Peel and stick tile also works well to add an easy-to-clean backsplash that’s easy to install. 

Add tile to a fireplace or mantel to add decorative elements to turn a functional element of your home into a beautiful statement piece.  

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