Find the Ideal Framed Wall Art and Decor for Your Home with Vevano Art Studio

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an original art print must speak volumes. Discover an original piece of art online, made to order specifically for your home, today. Whether you’re looking for something to decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom, or hallway, we feature art prints that you won’t find anywhere else, online or in a gallery. We also offer lamps, mirrors, and design services.


Where Can I Find Original Art for Sale?

Have you ever looked at that one spot on your wall and wondered what decor would look best? What about a custom-made print? We’ve teamed up with a collective of artists to bring you artwork that you can’t find anywhere else. Each print is made to order, arriving at your home framed and ready to hang. Pick your art, checkout, and we’ll take care of the rest (at least until it arrives at your door).
The beauty of art is how nuanced it is, which is why our artists and collectives each have their own specialty and style. Read their stories, check out their work and see who you connect with. When you find the ideal fit for your home, you’ll have a gorgeous statement piece that is unique, since every print featured here is exclusive to Vevano Art Studio.

Who Are Your Artists?

In Short, the Four Hands Art Collective

Vevano Studio has teamed up with the Four Hands Art Collective to bring you a curated selection of original art prints that you won’t find anywhere else. Each piece is crafted with care, made to order, and shipped to your home within eight weeks. Each print is shipped in a frame to ensure that the art stays in pristine condition

Linda O’Neill

Linda lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she enjoys spending time with her dogs, hiking in the mountains, pistachio ice cream, Indie movies, anything Italian, art museums, a good glass of Chardonnay, and cool autumn days.
Before moving to Colorado 20 years ago, Linda worked as a Digital Painter for Lucasfilm on motion pictures and commercials. She painted color and texture on creatures and objects using Industrial Light + Magic's proprietary software, Viewpaint. Her real passion is her own work, painting abstracts. Linda has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in abstract printmaking.

She considers herself an Abstract Expressionist, as she works intuitively and expressively, bringing transparency to raw emotion. Painting with acrylics on both canvas and paper, she incorporates collage, paint pen, oil pencil, caran d'ache, and ink. Working layer upon layer, always while listening to music, she rotates the canvas as she goes until she is happy with the composition. She makes a point to let go of critical thinking during this process, preferring to let her subconscious run the paintbrush.

Patricia Vargas

Patricia Vargas is an acrylic and digital painter from California who loves the idea of blending traditional techniques with new technology. Patricia started painting when she was about 10 years old and fell in love with the paints, colors, and the messiness of it all.

When she was in her second year at the University of California Santa Barbara, Patricia decided to ditch her sociology major and join the art program. She is deeply influenced by nature scenes such as mountain ranges, lush forests, vibrant rose gardens, and deep rich oceans as well as eclectic and contemporary design. She loves to work with big organic shapes, super saturated blues and greens, mixed in with light pinks, oranges, and topping it off with glittering gold.

The general theme of her work is simply positive energy. She believes that one of the most beautiful things about her abstract art is that it’s all relative. It heavily relies on the viewer. Her paintings invite viewers to escape within the details and create their own stories and conclusions as they experience each piece. For her creative process, she tends to soak in the world, sounds, images, conversations, experiences, and lets them marinate. Patricia also experiments with different mediums, techniques, and color combinations, both digitally and with acrylics.

Erica Singleton

Erica Singleton is a travel photographer who loves the feeling of going to and being in a new place. Erica has taken photos for as long as she can remember. Riding along in the car with her mom as a child, she would look out the window and point out scenes, telling her, "that would be a good picture." In 8th grade, Erica received her first SLR camera and she couldn’t wait to get into a darkroom. Luckily, she was accepted early into a high school photography class.

After spending any free time she had in the dark room, Erica studied photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, earning her B.F.A in Photography. She went on to assist photographers and intern at Vogue magazine, Annie Leibovitz Studio, Jeff Harris Studio, Art + Commerce agency, and Steven Meisel Studio.

After graduation, while working at Domino magazine and later VanityFair.com, she realized her true passion for travel and travel photography. Erica took a 6-week trip to Spain, which she extended a few more weeks to include France, Germany, and Morocco. Erica continues to enjoy her dual passions of travel and photography.

Teague Studios

Teague Studios was formed in Austin, Texas in 2015 by a group of creatives. Brought together by a shared love for art and creativity, each member came with years of experience working in the art and design world. They combined each of their unique styles and tastes with a shared passion for art, providing a dynamic, group voice. Teague Studios brings together a community of global artists including photographers, painters, and mixed media artists resulting in collections of contemporary images curated by experts. They believe that the finished presentation of artwork becomes part of the artwork itself.

Why Original Art?

Centuries of art has demonstrated to us how valuable it is. From paintings to sculptures to photographs, art is woven into the fabric of our culture and history. Where words often fail, art communicates in a beautifully visual way. The displays of color, light, shadow, and composition have the ability to elicit emotion, inspire ideas, and spark conversation. An original piece tells friends and visitors something new, not only artistically, but about your style as well.

Just as the type of furniture, paint, flooring, and lighting affect the ambience of a space, the decor and art are the icing on the cake. The details take a room from great to amazing. There is no doubt that the classic masters of art such Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, and others have left pieces worthy of appreciation. But it’s a unique experience to discover something new from artists who are actively creating today.

On top of stylistic reasons, it’s also beneficial to support living artists. Vevano Art Studio works directly with this collective, ensuring that we’re bringing beautiful works of art to you while providing our artists an additional platform to share their talents and creativity.

What Kind of Mirror Does Your Space Need?

Mirrors are also a great way to add an elegant touch of decor to a room. Styles are available in square, rectangular, and round. For additional lighting, some styles include integrated LED lights, perfect for a bathroom, powder room, or vanity. Colors range from navy blue to bronze, grey to white.

Brighten Up a Space with Lamps

Sometimes a ceiling or wall light doesn’t make sense in a specific area of your home. Perhaps a reading area, home office, desk, or that one corner that seems a bit dimmer than the rest of the room. Add a stylish lamp, with styles ranging from sleek and minimalist to statement-making and contemporary. Models include floor lamps, table lamps, and even some stylish accent tables with integrated LED lighting that add a pleasing glow to any space.

Make Original Art a Part of Your Design

Whether you’re refreshing elements of a room such as lighting, or going for a full-scale renovation, our design team is ready to help. With years of experience spanning a variety of styles and budgets, we’re ready to take in your inspiration to create something uniquely yours. Find out what our experts can do for you with our design services.